Tweaked iOS 5.0.1 (9A406) Fixes “Invalid SIM”, “No SIM Card Installed” Errors On iPhone 4S

Apple surprised us by quietly releasing a tweaked version of iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S users. Though the build number (build number of original iOS 5.0.1 was 9A405) suggested that Apple may have fixed some minor bugs, the details were not available.

MacRumors has just reported that according to a new support document, Apple has fixed the annoying SIM card issues that has plagued iPhone 4S users.

Some iPhone 4S users have reported that they receive an error message stating “No SIM Card installed” or “Invalid SIM” on their shiny new iPhone.

MacRumors reports:

With the update affecting a relatively small portion of users, Apple may have elected not to push it out to all users in the form of an iOS 5.0.2 software update, and instead rely on those users who are having problems following Apple’s advice and obtaining the new build through the restore process outlined as a solution for the issue.  

The new Apple support document provides details about the issue:

In certain situations, iPhone 4S may have difficulty recognizing a micro-SIM card, resulting in the following behaviors:

– “Invalid SIM” or “No SIM Card installed” alert appears intermittently.
– Status bar displays “No Service” or “Searching” in a location with good network coverage.

The support document goes on to explain how iPhone 4S users facing the SIM card issues can fix the problem:

1. Back up your user content and settings using iTunes or iCloud. See this article for more information.
2. Restore your iPhone 4S using iTunes.
3. After the process is complete, restore your user content and settings from your backup.
4. To confirm that you’ve successfully restored, verify that the version is now iOS 5.0.1 (9A406) in Settings > General > About.

MacRumors reports that some users have reported that the tweaked version of iOS 5.0.1 fixes the SIM card issues, while others have reported that they’re still facing the problem.

If you’re facing the problem, let us know how it goes.

[Apple via MacRumors]

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  • waakkaka


    • Shhead

      Copycat, morron

      • fas

        You two..

  • Snake Eyes

    Sounds like a pain in the ass. I’ve had my 4S for a week thankfully no problems with the sim or battery… the battery is about the same as my 4
    But why make this update such a pain to get why not just release it as 5.0.2 like they were originally going too. Why make it more difficult for new iPhone users and even existing ones to update to this version.

  • Reeeally

    Only if they had this fixed in the 1st release they would not have to do this agian, apple may be a big company but they sure do fail in some places

  • 4s Owner

    Strange had the issue myself though it turned out to be hardware or so I thought as a replacement sim sorted it out! Apple sorts poorly designed sim tray with software update?

    • Wiilt

      No, its a software issue where the phone can not read it :/

    • SK

      Well, they may try to work around the hardware issue in software. For instance, maybe the SIM card disconnects intermittently, they may have increased the timeout for detecting a missing SIM card to alleviate this. They may also cache some information from the SIM card in software.

  • mickj

    Seems like Apple coded to good SIM Lock… even regular carrirer SIM is not supported 🙂

  • Dee

    Updated, and solved the activate require issue very time changing the SIM.

  • Lol

    I have this on a 3GS but permenantly 🙁 only happened since updating to IOS5. Anyone else had this? Or can suggest anything? Tried jb, hacktivating, restore.. Stuck, six

    • Helder

      I have the same problem. Im stuck in activation process (Without jailbreak and factory unlocked). Can someone help?

  • Big rich

    Man I had that issue brand new factory unlocked 64gb out the box but I just turned automatic off then bacc on and it worked fine

  • Humair

    Hi i have iphone 4s 16 gb just baugh from canada last week it was working fine but 3 days ago i updated to 5.0.1 now my phone isnt working cannot call or sms as i try to send sms or call in both condition signal bar will go for searching or if try to call it shows call fail i try to restore atleast 10 times but same prob ple help me out

  • Marcos

    Already restored, but I’m still facing this crap problem once in a while.

  • J-God

    Is it me or is apple not releasing these updates without double checking every aspect. It’s not acceptable to me to do update every few weeks to fix something that was good in the other iOS software update and not in the newer version. But my feelings is that it’s a war with dev team releasing a jailbreak and unlock for every update and embrassing apple software staff with there internationally known hacking scheme and making it work almost perfect.

  • peterf

    I just got my phone replaced for the 4th time, and it started to do it again within hours. 3 SIM cards, 4 phones, same problem. I’ve realized I’m on my own now, so I am slowing re-installing any apps that have web access, and will see if one of them seems to start problems.

  • jerry

    i have a 3gs 32GB, recently updated IOS 5.0.1 now am facing sim card problem

    what should i do?? pls help me

  • jerry

    Is Build 9A406 support 3gs??

  • Hike mack

    Your way off your head apple

  • jhusky

    had the sim issue after activating, my new iphone4s right out of the box, hopefully since i just updated with this itll work now, im praying

  • Alicia

    I’m an iPhone 4S user. The invalid SIM issue started end of last year – changed my SIM card, updated to iOS5.0.1 (9A406), restored my settings; but am still facing the same “Invalid SIM” and “No Service” issue up til now. This is frustrating! Appreciate if anyone with an answer to share what else could be done.

    • gry

      I had 2 problems in my iphone 4s: NO SIM , and after i fixed that issue, my 3g network didn´t work. I solved the first problem adding a small piece of tape in the top of my sim card. The for the 3g problem, i created an APN profile with my carrier APN settings….. hope to help someone, it took me like 8 hours to find this solutions.

  • Shawn

    Had problem one day after getting new iPhone 4S 32GB. Tried Apple’s steps: restore etc. Problem didn’t go away. Rang Apple and they sent replacement phone. En route. Will report back.

  • finally i had the same problem. now installed cstom ipsw from snowbreeze made on customozed ipsw and seems to be working .. wth… lol…

  • tc

    Have a 3Gs – after updating to 5.0.1 (9A405) – and activating > every now and then keep getting :
    No SIM Installed
    No Service

    *A NEW SIM from T-Mobile/Family Mobile did not help
    A Network Reset seems to help it for a few days, weeks randomly – then it degrades again in-time and I have to do above again and loose all my WiFi passwords.

    Does 9A406 work for the 3Gs – Anyone???

  • Rd

    Me having 9B179 IOS 5.1 but still facing this issue of Invalid SIM

  • NC

    I also have version 5.1 9B179. However after havig my iphone for around 3 months, suddenly experienced the problem of ‘invalid sim’ after leaving my phone for around half an hour. When I returned the error message had appeared. No one seems to be able to help with this problem. Already tried reboot, aeroplane mode turn off and reboot, and network settings reset with no luck.