Update On iPhone 4S Unlock: Baseband Bootrom Dumped


Few days back, MuscleNerd – the most vocal member of the iPhone Dev team revealed that they’re working on a promising unlocking solution for iPhone 4S.

MuscleNerd has just posted an update on the progress on Twitter.

MuscleNerd tweets:

iPhone4S baseband bootrom now dumped 🙂

Here’s a tiny snippet: http://twitpic.com/7mg5hp …but we’ll be digging into the rest of it too! 🙂

iPhone 4S teardown had revealed that it comes with Qualcomm MDM6610 chipset, which is confirmed in the tiny snippet below:

The baseband bootrom (called “SecureROM” by Apple) is the first code that runs on the baseband processor in the internal ROM. It is read-only. It looks like Dev team has found an bootrom exploit, which is a huge achievement as Apple won’t be able to fix it without a hardware revision.

The last time Apple had to do it was with iPhone 3GS. Back in October 2009, three months after iPhone 3GS was launched, Apple started shipping iPhone 3GS with new bootrom to prevent jailbreaking, which is the reason we keep talking about iPhone 3GS with old bootrom.

Since users will first need to jailbreak the iPhone to unlock it, it looks like Dev team is gearing up to launch a jailbreak and unlock for iPhone 4S. Let’s hope that while the unlock will only be available for iPhone 4S users, it will at least support an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS along with the iPads and iPod touches.

Dev team haven’t provided an ETA on when it will be released but as always, we’ll keep you posted if there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via @MuscleNerd]

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  • Ken

    Surely good news for ppls on 3GS & 4S!

  • Prckybgd

    Good Job Dev-Team! Go for It! F***k the Apple and USA Networks Monopol!

  • The reality is that, it still remain to be seen if this awesome dream will eventually turn out to be true. Let’s not forget that such promising progress had in the past turn out to be nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I still remain optimistic but I’m only been cautious.

    It will be nice not to completely abandon iOS 4.3.3 unlock project for 3GS/iPad.

  • Pete

    Man this is awesome 🙂 . Can’t wait !
    Thumbs up dev team ,you guys are awesome.

  • Axe

    A tiny leap forward, a huge relief for us. Thank you.

  • Kitty

    It’s look like joke. Only worlds no facts, no program.
    Dev Team made something or go out of hacking scene.

    • OGT

      I think they doing a good job…! ‘Cause they have their own live (Family, School, Girlfriends, friends) an not living only for jailbreaking iPhones…! And you not paying anything for it…!

      • Lg1

        2nd that!

      • Kitty

        I m doing many things perfect for free and I’m not crying.
        If this ppl have no time, no motivation; IMHO they should pass and made something for cash.
        Real fan groups have always time for loving job.

        • John

          Fine…then you pick up the slack and crank it out yourself of STFU.

          • Usfromoutside

            You’re a douche. Just thought if let ou know that

      • YoYo

        Not too sure about the girlfriend part… lol

    • Chris

      Learn some proper grammar. Be greatful for the Dev team. Your a piss of sh$t for complaining when you haven’t done anything.

      • Grammar huh?

        • Joe

          Seriously – OGT clearly sounds like English is not his first language so I applaud the effort. Chris sounds like your typical ignorant English speaker.

  • Sound good Dev Team hard working, I hope its will be Release before I’m go travel to oversea. Thank you.

  • JDM773

    Sucks for me i have an iphone4 as an very expensive ipod touch

    • DoctorTim

      Just use Gevey. I’ve been using my 4 in China with Gevey for quite a while.

  • Jack Black

    Very Nice would be perfect having my iPad 2 and 4S jailbroken and an Untethered Jailbreak for the 3GS new bootrom. Don’t need unlock. All iPhone’s in the Netherlands are factory unlocked

    • DiabloZoe

      Untethered JB for new BR has been out for a long time just not 5.0

  • fas

    4 is ignored yet again!

  • Jason

    I picked up the iPhond Hackers guide book just out of curiosity and couldn’t make heads or tales of it. Coudos to those genius who provide jailbreaks and unlocks out of the kindness of their hearts and egoistical bragging rights. Had it been me i would have sold out and become an apple security consultant intern long ago. So to those that think you can do better i suggest you get a degree in advance computer/networking/cellular programing so some 13yrld in his mothers basement can outwit your every turn.

  • joe

    ffs what about the unlock for the iphone 4 that sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  • Crow

    Let’s hope they don’t get to cocky and release info they shouldn’t, remember, Comex is on Apples side.

    • Wiilt

      its a bootrom jailbreak. Anybody who already has the 4s is safe 😀

  • Anthony Spina

    I think we should be grareful for what the dev team is doing, considering they could go and charge us 10-100 dollars for a jailbreak, but instead, they give it to us for free.

  • Wiilt

    where did you get this said book?

  • Mak

    Hi, Guys, I have Iphone 4S as my first Iphone. When i search history dev team is the best one. I am waiting to get jailbreak my Iphone 4S. These people are doing great work, if you can not appreciate them, keep your mouth shut and put your finger in your ass.

  • Axe

    Don’t be too happy about it yet. They still have BB Monster to solve. No updates about how it’ll be handled. Very important for future downgrades.

  • JayeDee369

    Um, I don’t want to be a spoiler but aren’t the iphone 4S that shipped out in November already unlocked? I mean, if you guys are gonna tell me that was all smoke and mirrors on Apple’s part, please let me know. I’m about to buy an iphone 4S under the impression that it was going to be unlocked. Thanks

    • I think you’re an alien! You definitely don’t belong to this planet.

    • Actually Apple sells two types of iPhones – one that is subsidized by carriers and one that is factory unlocked.

      The subsidized is a lot cheaper but is locked to the carrier’s network. We are referring to this carrier locked iPhone in this article. The factory unlocked iPhone is a lot more expensive, but can be used with any GSM carrier.

      Hope it clarifies.

      • JayeDee369

        Greatly, thanks.

  • Kipperuk

    Will this bootrom include the iPad 2?? As the world is still waiting for anything for the iPad since comex. Best of luck on the bootrom can wait to se it.

  • iRock

    It won’t get done without comex or geohot, let’s be real.

  • Riddik

    Unfortunately we’ll never see unlock.
    Apple changed modem encryption. It will take over 300 years to find it…