xCon: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You To Bypass Jailbreak Detection By Apps

Ever since Apple introduced an API in iOS to detect jailbroken iOS devices, developers have been using it to prevent users who have jailbroken their iOS devices from using their apps. They’re typically greeted with the following error message: “Jailbreak detected. App cannot run on a jailbroken device” when they launch such apps.

We’ve seen the jailbreak detection in apps such as Bloomberg Anywhere, Cablevision, Cisco M-Learning, DirecTV for iPad, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Time Warner Cable, Verizon On Demand /FlexView etc.

Cable companies like Cablevision, Time Warner etc. that allow their apps to be used only over home Wi-Fi network are paranoid that users who have jailbroken their iOS device could use jailbreak tweaks such as My3G that enable 3G for “Wi-Fi Only” apps and thus use their apps while on the go, so they have taken the extreme step of preventing jailbroken iOS device users from using their apps. It is now going to get even more difficult for such companies to stop that from happening.

Hacker n00neimp0rtant has created a jailbreak tweak, which bypasses jailbreak detection in apps, so you can use apps that currently prevent jailbroken iOS device users. According to Redmond Pie, the tweak works by sandboxing the apps into its own memory space allowing you to use them without a jailbreak being detected.

The jailbreak tweak currently supports the following apps:

  • Bloomberg Anywhere
  • Cablevision
  • Cisco M-Learning
  • DirecTV for iPad
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon On Demand /FlexView
If you want any other app to be supported then send an email to the developer at the following email address: n00neimp0rtant@me.com.
The jailbreak tweak is available in Cydia for free. As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.
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  • Kimk69

    Cool. 😉

  • I never knew, Apple had an API for developers to detect jailbroken phones

    • Brouski

      I’ve seen apps give warnings on a jailbroken device about the “security risk”, but they still worked. Blizzard’s battle.net Remote Authenticator, for one.

  • Jaylou180

    Thanks once again to the jailbreak community. It works great for the optimum app.

  • yo mama

    Umm… care to tell us the name of the tweek and/or repository used?

    • The name of the jailbreak tweak is xCon. We’ve mentioned it in the title of the post.

      We’ve also updated the post to include the name of the tweak.

      • Kevin Soto

        Although not intentional of you guys, seemed sneaky and took a while to figure it out lol

    • John

      R u serious lol

  • Saif

    Whats next? An update tweak that detects tweaks that detects jail broken apps?

  • srs913

    What’s the point of Jailbreak tweaks without a untethered 4S Jailbreak?

    • Elim

      that is for those iphone users other than 4S which is currently bigger in numbers than 4S. that is why…….

  • Hendrix

    Are all of you that much of a tight ass to not buy apps, what if the whole world paid for no apps, well there would be no apps then you would have a jail broken phone with no apps. I hate that we live in such a world that people don’t want to pay there way and complain about why is there no jail break, winge cry cry just man up and pay for what you use then there is no problem everything works and then app developers like me can continue to do what we do best, and also try to make a living after all people who steel and pirate apps are really hurting the people who spen hours making them, think about it what if you turn up to work and your boss says what are you doing here there is a robot doing your job for free, now how do you pay your bills. Just a small thought.

    • vesig

      everything was given to people for free from mother nature, why devils like u want to make money from anything,why don’t u pay me for breathing the air and using the sun light,freak GET LOST white nose hendrix ghost

      • Facwaggin

        I know many people that jailbreak their phone not for piracy but for freedom of customizing their iPhone as they see fit or for apps that have awesome features that Apple hasn’t or won’t approve or implement.

        Not right that an app you purchase won’t work just because you’ve jailbroken your iPhone for legit reasons like unlock or customization.

    • This app in no way helps users to use pirated apps. This only helps users to use Wi-Fi Only apps over 3G. We’re against piracy of apps and completely agree with your point of view.

      Here’s a note from the developer of the jailbreak tweak who is of the same view:
      xCon will NOT patch crack detection, only jailbreak detection. ModMyI (as well as me, personally) are strongly against app piracy, and as such we will not promote usage of stolen apps by disabling crack detection.

    • John

      Why are u on this website if your complaining about people who use hacked apps lmao. The optimum app is free people with jb phones can’t access it so we need this tweak this has nothing to do with buying apps and people jb there iPhones for customization not only for free apps u loser

  • Dipen


    • Dipen

      Please add the good email app to this program as you can’t use it on a jailbroken iPhone and it would show all those corporates that pay loads for this rubbish app that it’s not that secure

  • OGT

    Thanks you so much…! I was unable to use Skype… It gives me a WARNING (This App can not use in Jailbreak device) Now I can use it…

    • Dipen

      Skype works on jailbroken iPhones update your version

      • Kaliman

        It doesn’t I got the latest version and it wont work

  • srs913

    In means of today being the digital age, everything digital music, movies, apps, games deserves to be free and shall continue to be pirated because its greener that way. Think about it, i could go to the store and buy a cd or just download it. Downloading is greener and helps the enviroment brcause now i dont have to throw away a useless cd after ripping it to itunes. I am going to continue being the greener pirate and do my part in saving the earth.

    • HUH?

      Are you kidding me? you can buy the music, movies, apps, and games online without a hard copy so what are you talking about? don’t act like your doing it for some altruistic reason, ass hole.

  • Works 100% now I can finally watch my nfl while “away” from tv 😉

  • Pete

    All I want for Christmas is an untethered jailbreak.

  • Mickey

    This tweak worked perfect with the Optimum app! Since I’m with T-mobile I have to jailbreak my iPhone 4 to be able to unlock it via ultras 0w. BTW I have baseband 1.59 the only unlockable baseband available for the 4

  • stevie

    we have a online cinema booking app over here which display the JB app issue but the app still works. But sadly PayPal option had been disable due to that. But C/C option still available.

  • Sam

    I am unable to find the hack. Where am I not looking?

  • fas

    The App development comm is really progressing.

  • TONY

    Dear n00neimp0rtant,
    This app saved me a lot of headaches!!
    please keep up the good work!!

  • Luke

    Does not work with the latest Directv app update or possibly just doesn’t work on my iPad 2. Either way I cannot open app, still get not supported with jailbreak.

  • sisi

    This worked perfectly for my iphone 3gs with ios 5.0 last night, but today i upgraded it to 5.0.1 using the recently published untethered jailbreak. now i cannot open the optimum app at all with it. the logo appears, and then it crashes. when i remove xcon the app opens, but i get the ‘unauthorized version’ error message. what do i do??

  • buffybear

    Me too! Fix??????

  • Ch0sen

    Any info on apps not opening after installing xcon? Specifically the optimum / cablevision app and Skype?

  • Mkd

    Yes , Skype, directv app, will not work now with xcon. I emailed dev but no response. Hopefully he’s working on it.

    • John

      Works fine for me

  • Jason

    Optik TV app still does not work even when this is installed 🙁

  • Jason

    Email the programmer so he can add Optik TV to the list of apps that the jailbreak tweak would work on.

    • Kits Kid

      Anyone know if Optik TV has been added yet? Please let me know. Thanks

  • Dave

    This doesn’t work with the Optimum app. It keeps closing immediately after opening.

  • Joe

    whether xCon is installed or not installed on my jailbroken iphone, i still cannot open skype. anyone knows please help. thanks

  • suaveyatrevido

    any news about the update of XCON??? still can open my optimum app

  • Kbdbloak

    I hear that xCon v17 is available that fixes the dtv problem but Cydia has v14

  • Mrmet

    New update works with Optimum!,

  • DirecTV App is not working. “Jailbroken Device” Please Update

  • Nick

    Sign me up as another Telus Optik HD user who hasn’t found any joy using this.

    I tweeted the author asking for his help. I’ll post back if he replies.