Zephyr: Jailbreak Tweak Brings Multitasking Gestures to The iPhone And iPod Touch

Apple introduced some cool four or five finger multitasking gestures for the iPad in iOS 5 (in iOS 5.0.1 for iPad 1).

Though it is possible to enable them on the iPhone while jailbreaking, it is quite ackward to use four-five fingers on iPhone’s smaller screen.

chpwn – iOS developer and hacker, who recently released Spire – the legal Siri port to non-iPhone 4S has released a new jailbreak tweak called Zephyr, which brings these cool multitasking gestures to the iPhone and iPod touch thatcan be used with just one finger, which is a lot more practical.

Zephyr is multitasking gestures for iPhone and iPod touch. From swiping up to show the multitasking switcher or quickly swiping to a different app, Zephyr is all you need to quickly and easily control multitasking.

While it is possible to swipe up to show the app switcher using tweaks like Activator, Zephyr allows you to also swipe between apps.

You can checkout the video of the jailbreak app below:

Zephr is available on Cydia for $2.99.


If you can’t find Zephyr in Cydia, kill Cydia running in the background. Launch Cydia again and you should be able to find the jailbreak tweak this time.

As always, please don’t forget to let us know what you think about the jailbreak app in the comments.

[via @chpwn]

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  • alex

    can’t find it in cydia.

    • Wucash

      Same for me

      • Same

        Same Here :((

        • If you’re having a problem finding Zephyr, kill Cydia that is running in the background and then try to launch it again. You should find the jailbreak tweak this time.

          • Wiilt

            lol…. its in the article :p

  • Danny

    Can’t find it either.

  • SK

    It’s in Cydia now, but it’s $2.99. That’s a little step for something where you can do 75% already for free with activator. Lower it to 99c and maybe I think about it.

    • Kimk69

      Are you kiddin. $2.99. What a joke.
      I’m all for helping out all the devs but damn!

  • Lg1

    Works well activator!!! Thanks for the tip

  • fas

    How to enable multitasking gesture on iPhone 4S?

  • Nephariouz

    The multitasking switcher gesture (that could already be done for free) works well, but the app switching gesture causes to springboard crash every time. 🙁

    • Krcmik

      I got same problem, mate. Did you figured it out? Thanks.

    • Theone01

      Same here. Had to remove it.

  • j3z

    works great, thanks 😉 muhahahaha