Absinthe Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Updated to 0.1.2-2 to Address Load Issue

greenpois0n absinthe

If you’re having problem using Absinthe to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2, then try using Absinthe 0.1.2-2, which was just been released by Chronic Dev team.

pod2G announced the available of the updated version on his blog:

Chronic Dev Team has released a new build that’ll point the web clip to greenpois0n.com instead of the absinthe dedicated page.

This will handle better the workload.

greenpois0n Absinthe support the following iOS devices and firmwares:

  • iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406)
  • iPad 2 Wifi/GSM/CDMA running iOS 5.0.1

You can download greenpois0n Absinthe from this link. greenpois0n Absinthe is currently available only for Mac users, but the Windows version should be released shortly. We’ll let you know as soon as the Windows version of Absinthe is released so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you need any help in jailbreaking your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 using Absinthe then checkout our step-by-step guides, which includes troubleshooting tips if you get stuck based on issues hit by our readers with the Mac version.

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

[via pod2g’s blog]

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  • Alex Ryan

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    • Scott

      ….and what’s your deal exactly?

      • dude why did you even reply to him? HE’S AN IDIOT! -_-

      • Alex Ryan

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    • VISubie

      Sorry to say that .4 causes iPod tracks and functions to not work. The new update might work but I’ve done this 3 times only to have a lot of things not work. Like making calls or using iPod. Didn’t try anything else in fear of bricking it. Anyways when one does come out let us know. Also if ur phone was jail broken before. Seems like it leaves an imbedded code to resume settings from previous jailbreak. Forgot the app. But when this works the 4s will be king.

  • OGT

    Still waiting for Windows…..!

  • simon

    having issues with corrupted graphics on my pad2 using this jailbreak 🙁

    • simon

      and cant restore via itunes :/

      • really?

        • simon

          http://i.imgur.com/pztlj.jpg this too. Funny header and reloading data animation is just playing through random other icons. I think winterboard broke it.

          • Adam

            I’m seeing exactly the same issue. Any fixes?

  • Erik

    Please release windows version today 🙂

    • Red_Death

      No please don’t, i would be happy for it to be released once it’s ready and all the issues have been ironed out!

      • Joe

        issues?? isnt that what the fun part is? C’mon… wheres your sense of adventure

        • Red_Death

          That’s true actually didn’t think of it in that way! lol

  • lol

    jb working great for me LOL it’s half baked for the technincally non-inclined lol

    • dablo

      haha I agree, mine is flawless, best day of my life this year so far. I think ive charged my phone 3 times since the jailbreak, so much catching up to do.

      • Jason

        Best day of your life is the day u jailbreak a phone?

        • Ed

          he said best day this year bro and i think i’ll agree

    • Duhhh

      bravo! they’re still looking for the “any” key. Id10T errors everywhere

      • at&tH4t3r

        Yea I think the problem may be between the seat and the keyboard

        • TaZ

          Yes, the desk

  • pepsi

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  • a.d

    thanxs for hard work

  • Noob

    Well well fantastic news 🙂 thank you, donation me thinks

  • Lewis

    My one loaded up the Absinthe app, restarted but then still had the Absinthe app. What do I do?

    • dalogan72

      Don’t ask so many questions and try to figure it out by yourself, punk. If you are scare to play with your iphone maybe you should play just with your hand.

    • Tammie

      Same thing happened to me, i had to plug in again and re-jailbreak it…it will prompted to you open the “Absithe” app, and voila it restored by itself and the cydia icon appear…….my suggestion is just re-jailbreak it and give it several attempts…don’t give up

    • Duhhh

      Return you iPhone to Apple, you’re not smart enough to hack it.

  • Medie999

    Having problems with wifi connection after

    • gaurdjatixa

      Try hard reset 😀
      hold the sleep and home button till the apple logo appears.

    • Jason

      I had problems before the jailbreak

  • Josh

    White screen, both ipad and iphone.

    • gaurdjatixa

      try to open absinthe and jailbreak it again 🙂

  • Mike

    I am having issues with the iPod app on 2 4s’s and on ipad2 . not really sure what is going on.

  • Capt sledge

    Great work on the jailbreak!! Now waiting patiently for the windows release.

    • Scott

      Same, GREAT colab work here guys, can’t wait to get my hands on the windows version so I can start tweaking!

  • Brian

    Now I know why Windows version wasn’t released. Iron out the wrinkles with Mac so Windows will work right

    • Wiilt

      thats not the reason >.>

  • any ideas when windows version will be released,ive been sat at computer all day refreshing page just hoping to see windows release..

  • i want it to have a few bugs,thats the fun of it.lol

  • Stefan

    Thanks so much guys!!!! 🙂

  • Win user

    errr.. no yet?… Zzzz..

  • Carlos

    Having problems with the JB. Absinthe gets stuck on “Beginning jailbreak”. I’ve waited for 40 minutes, tried to restore, hard reset… but every time I retry not progress. Any suggestions guys?

  • Johnny

    i downloaded absinthe but when i try to open it nothing happens what am i doing wrong

    • youreoveryourhead

      …trying to operate a computer, that’s what you are doing wrong!

    • Johnny

      Look u don’t have to be an ass about it I’ve done this before it’s not a problem with me it’s a problem with the link that thefile was attached to.So all I was asking is if any one (THAT KNOWS PROGRAMMING) could help me .

      • Paradox

        oddly Johnny I am having the same problem. Absinthe open , plugging iPad in over and over, iTunes and iPhoto keeps popping open, but the absinthe program does nothing, won’t even allow the jailbreak button to be pressed. Its like its not seeing it… very odd.

        • Bryce

          Did you get this figured out? I’m having the same issue. Opens, but doesn’t give me an active button to jailbreak.

      • Wiilt

        this is no programming problem >.> here..
        1: Did you download it yet?
        If so… continue to 2.
        If not… keep trying >.>
        Go to pod2g’s blog itself to download it.
        2: You cannot open it? Did you unzip it yet? If so, go to 3
        3: Right click Absinthe Show Package Contents.
        Click Contents MacOS, and then the Unix Script.
        Pardon my english, I’m from Hong Kong.

        • Johnny

          ok i downloaded it unziped it and still it dosent respond nothing happens when i click on it it asks me if i want to open it i click yes and nothing not even a jailbreak button

          • Wiilt

            Do no. 3 >.>

          • Johnny

            i did when i click on it unix is not there

        • Paradox

          I appreciate your attempt at english. Its very good. I appreciate your help too.

          I get this error after executing the absinthe executable

          setting working directory to /Users/ravenx2012/Desktop/Absinthe/Contents/MacOS
          usbmuxd_get_device_list: Unexpected message 1
          get_next_event: Unexpected message type 1 length 20 received!

          Still unable to click on the jailbreak button.

    • redeye

      are you using a newer version of osx, because it wouldnt run on my 10.5.8, but will work on my lion os.

      • Johnny

        im on 10.5.8 and nothing happens i still havent found a solution to this problem if anyone knows where i can download lion for free it would be appreciated

  • Jet

    Worked great with my hackatosh. iPhone 4s and iPad 2, no problems at all. Thanks a lot Chronic Dev team.

  • Frank

    Anybody else having problems with their music on the iPad 2 after the jailbreak??? I can only play certain songs, and it seems that I can’t play songs I purchased through iTunes. Also noticed some ringtones disappeared on my iPhone 4s after the jailbreak, any help? Thanks!

    • Lucas

      Same here on my 4s. I’ve had this problem this morning and ended up doing a full restore. Just run Absinthe again and now none of the songs play at all! Bummer!

    • Andrés

      I have the same issue 🙁

      • Andrew

        This really sucks. I wish I could listen to my purchased music from iTunes! Is this happening to everyone else? Can anyone listen to their purchased music? Does anyone have a fix at all???

        • Josh

          I’m having the same problem…any thoughts from the devs?

        • Just

          Just delete a song and the re-download it from the cloud. ie your purchased items and it will play fine. At least that worked for me. The had to attempt to play it a second time after the download and it worked. I’ve done it with 4 songs now.

  • eladio

    i have an iPad 2 on 4.3.3 and of course jail broke.. I’m trying to update to 5.0.1 so i can jail brake it with this program but iTunes its not letting me, i get an erro 21 ..does anybody know how to fix this issue???

    • Jandial

      Easiest way is to backup and then just do a restore thru iTunes. Worked for me.

      • eladio

        i already did that but it didn’t worked :/

        • Brando212

          try putting it into DFU mode and restore (I had to do that with my 4g iTouch to get it to update to iOS5)

    • Doobs

      I think in the past I have run Tiny Umbrella and from the advanced tab set hosts to cydia checkbox to off (unchecked)

  • Ipseeker

    can’t wait for the windows version ………………..

  • James

    Well they did say that the jailbreak would be made very soon… so this must mean in like 2 days right?

  • Nitin

    When I try to start absinthe, it gives me this error
    The attached device has a backup password set. You need to disable the backup password in iTunes before you can continue.
    Start iTunes, remove the backup password and start this Program again.

    can someone help me in getting rid of this.

    • Try disabling the password

    • Really

      You cant be serious…

    • Trolol

      Start iTunes, remove the backup password and start this Program again.

  • OGT

    AHHHHHHHHHH! Cant wait for PC

  • Bigsl0ppy

    Jailbreak went through with VPN switch, however I can’t install or update through AppStore.

    • OGT

      Are You kidding? Right!….. You cant use appstore????? WTF?

      • Bigsl0ppy

        Disregard it took forever but the AppStore is working now.

  • kev22

    when are windows geting jb!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WillN

    Hi, Thanks to pod2G for there brilliant work.
    Jailbreak went through without error and faster than expected on iPad2. But 2 issues here,
    1. 2 white icons: Game Center and Reminder, but able to launched the apps. (Doesn’t really matter as long as apps launched.)
    2. iBook app launched but all books disappeared. iTunes stated book synched.
    Anyone experienced these issues?

    • Michele

      I have Phone and Safari icons turned white, but they are working.. anyone having the same problem?

      • yeah I’ve got the same problem. did a rebuild and exactly the same happened again

    • Tokay

      Photo icon is white but app works just fine. Any way to fix? Dream team: thank you for an awesome job releasing this jb. You guys rock!

    • WillN

      Was having the issue described above, which has been fixed by added a source and installed a apps on Cydia. Believe this action has fixed the problem. The ebooks in iBooks app displayed and white icons displayed as normal and launched without error. Hope this help.

  • Chris

    We’ve waited this long Ill wait for a stable windows update to come out

    • Jason

      Any known side effects with this jailbreak ie no iBooks or no mms?

  • amanda

    Good job!

    BUT when it comes to tap the jailbreak icon to finish. white screen shows up with cannot open absinthe because the server stopped responding.

    even if i switched the vpn on i will have the same message.

    any hint??

    • Wiilt

      keep doing it

  • at&tH4t3r

    I had a few white icons as well but it seems was a cache issue. Try to reboot… see if that helps

    • WillN

      I did reboot but no luck in the first place. After added a source and install an app in Cydia. After Respring, the icons back to normal and my iBooks not displaying ebooks within is fixed. Hope this help.

  • lol

    Worked on iPad2 without issue. I did a clean restore, btw.

  • Pandaa xo

    To all the beefs telling people, go return your phone. That they aren’t smart enough. You sound RETARDED. Obviously If they are releasing patches, then there is defiantly something wrong it isn’t the “Technologically challenged” plus half of you spelled things wrong making fun of them. -.- we were all at there stage once, and if we weren’t it because you just watched a YouTube video. WOOPITY DOO

  • Waleed Safi

    Does anyone know how to fix the white Icons my Mail and Notes app are white

  • Chuck

    question.. i have iphone 4s to 5.0.1 and itunes updated. i downloaded absinthe but it will not read my iphone.. i am unable to click on “Jailbreak” please help!!

    • xzoras

      im having the same issue. by any chance are you on sprint?

  • Kam

    When’s the windows version out?

    • Scott

      God, I hope soon. I know these guys are coding MONSTERS and I will praise and praise, I just can’t lie and say I’m not anxious as hell for the PC version…

  • bubba

    when i try to open absinthe it says “the application Absinthe quit unexpectedly”. is this meant to happen? help?

    • Scott

      same here, running leopard 10.5.8, It would be awesome if the next release addressed this 🙂

      • bubba

        i’m running the same OS, do you reckon that is the reason?

  • Ryflipped

    This worked for my ipad 2:

    1. Reset all network settings
    2. Delete absinthe from your springboard
    3. Download absinthe version absinthe-mac-0.1.2-2
    4. Instal absinthe-mac-0.1.2-2
    5. Run the jailbreak process
    6. It should restart your ipad 2 automatically, If not then do the VPN trick
    7. Once restarted you’ll get the Cydia Icon instead of absinthe.

    I hope this can help you guys. =)
    Like Reply

    • Justin

      Thanks Ryflipped, This worked for me, seems to be the network settings! Thanks again 🙂

  • Darnell

    Dont Do it Jeremy!!!!!!!

  • It Worked!!!

    It worked!!!!! Awesome…So happy I bought that MacAir for Christmas. Sorry to all my Pc brothers and sisters…soon!!! Time to donate!

  • fas

    Multitasking gestures?

  • I’ve got an interesting one, having done the jailbreak, I now have a plain white square instead of the safari icon? the app still works but an anoying one

    • Ben

      Try installing iWipe Cache from Cydia. Worked on my new iPad to restore the Safari icon. You can uninstall it afterwards if you like.

  • CharlieC

    Hi please can someone confirm if this untether breaks the Skype app? you should get a message that it’s not supported on unmodified os. Can’t wait for PC version to break my iPad 2. Thanks guys for all your hard work!

  • amanda

    In troubleshooting: before clicking vpn on make sure that you choose the jailbreak configuration in vpn not your own costumed VPN.

    Hope this will help.

  • lordkramuk

    “The windows version should be released shortly” the question is how shortly? As this has been said since last night!

  • WAIT

    Dont be hilarious people!! The win version hasnt been released since they are trying to fix bugs found in the mac version..let them have another day or so..i can wait and in exchange for that im sure i will get more buggy version out.

    • WAIT

      *less buggy version ;))

  • Pegger

    There are some positives on a later windows release 🙂
    – Not everybody want to jailbreak there iDevice on 1 day (Less Cydia problems)
    – Even Windows users looking out to somebody the know with a Mac now (United we will conquer the world)
    – Bugs that come up now (cause of the massive testing by all Mac users with an iPhone 4S / iPad 2 will hopefully be fixed in the windows version
    – I have time to backup my iPad2 3G and make a list of Cydia apps i want on it (using my older iPad 1 3G)

    • WAIT

      Finally, some sense in someone..

  • joe

    where is the unlockkkkkkkkkk for iphone 4 ffs been waiting months now.

    • Jason

      It wont b released. iPhone’s come pre unlocked now. Go out and get a new one.

  • iPad2HappyUser

    I ran the jailbreak on my PC (Windows 7) using VMware and it got stuck in the middle of the installation, I rebooted os x, deleted the absinthe icon from spring board (iPad2) and tried again. This time the process went well. I used the VPN solution and got the cydia icon.
    Ever since then, everything works like a dream!!!

    Thak you guys, you are the BEST!!!

  • Elvis

    Here is how you unlock you iphone 4 fart one time berrrrp 2 times sounds nasty but it works

  • RJ

    This worked for me no problem, thanks for the info.
    Ryflipped says:
    1. Reset all network settings
    2. Delete absinthe from your springboard
    3. Download absinthe version absinthe-mac-0.1.2-2
    4. Instal absinthe-mac-0.1.2-2
    5. Run the jailbreak process
    6. It should restart your ipad 2 automatically, If not then do the VPN trick
    7. Once restarted you’ll get the Cydia Icon instead of absinthe.

  • spades656

    so i did the absinthe jb last nite.. everything worked gr8.. no issues or anything… but i woke up this morning and i thought everything was fine bcuz i was txting and what not.. but then i realized that my phone was working over the wifi, but my signal said no service.. can any1 tell me wat the issue is?? i am forced 2reboot to original settings from a back up, but i do plan on sucessfully doing the jb later.

  • ftlum

    My reminders icon turned white. Not sure if it mattered that it was on the first page or not. Any fixes?

  • Rod

    jailbroken my ipad 2 3g…eveything went well. thanks chronic dev team…

  • nataly

    I want to unlock my iPhone!!!!!! Please somebody say something

    • Paradox


      • nataly

        haha so funny
        I need a solution 🙁

  • moodi

    DreamTeam you are the best and the greatest .
    All iPad2 and iPhone 4gs are working like a charm.
    Thank you for your hard work and GOD plus you.

  • Robert

    You guys are just great! Thank you so much for this incredible untehered Jailbreak!

  • Has anything before or disadvantages between CINJECT or Absinthe?

  • Andrew

    The jailbreak worked perfectly but I cannot listen to my purchased music from iTunes at all! This is a big problem to me. Has anyone found a fix? I hope the team is aware of this problem.

    • znutar

      i got the same issue with my 4s.. no more music playing at all. the counter stays at 0:00 and is blocked. hope there is a fix for it soon.

  • Don

    Need some help. Jailbroke my iPad 2 using windows vers of Absinthe with no problems . after doing a reboot later it is now stuck at the apple logo. How should I fix this so I don’t loose all the apps downloaded?

  • ong

    Thank so much … 5 min only all done no error

  • freelancingbliss

    My 4s has not been used because its locked. Tried to JB – successful because i saw the cydia icon in the homescreen, inserted my sim it says needs activation. Tried re-JB but gave me the error: “Already jail broken, detected stash”. What do i do?

    Any help would be appreciated. I might not be as techie but i could easily follow instructions.


  • skydog26

    upon opening Absinthe I receive an error saying I need to disable the backup password in iTunes. In iTunes on my phones summery page the button to deselect “encrypt iPhone backup” is greyed out. I know my password and have tried resetting it, but I still don’t have the option to deselect this option. Any solutions?
    iPhone 4s