Apple Announces New Discount Program For Employees; $500 Off Macs, $250 Off iPads

Apple held a company-wide town hall meeting today for employees to discuss “exciting new things going on at Apple.”

9 to 5 Mac reports that during today’s town hall meeting, Tim Cook announced that Apple employees will get $500 off on Macs and $250 off on iPads from June this year.

Cook announced that Apple employees will soon be given $500 discounts on purchases of new Macs and $250 discounts on purchases of a new iPad.

The new discount program will officially kickoff at some point during June 2012. A major caveat is that Apple employees may only utilize the opportunity every three years and employees must have been working for Apple for at least 90 days. 

9 to 5 Mac reports that the $500 Mac discount is not applicable to Mac Minis. Currently Apple employees are entitled to 25% discount on Macs and we’re hearing that the discounts announced today will be on top of the 25% discount.

With more than $97 billion in the bank and posting record revenues and profits last quarter, Apple can afford to be generous to their employees who have worked hard to make it one of the most successful companies in the world.

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  • Zang

    I want to work there now more than ever….

  • fas

    I want to work At Apple.

  • Paradox

    they can use it only once every three years? But, can they buy lets say 200 iPads in one order? I’d be reselling these like a bat outta hell if apple let you do this. Then again I would have to be an apple employee first.

    • John

      You know there are rules for buying at a discount. You can’t just sell them. Otherwise Apple won’t be so generous after all. In fact, you won’t be working for them anymore.


    wonder if apple store employees are included…if so, i need to do some networking and find a new friend lol

  • Maybe try to find a girlfriend who is already working there lol 😉

  • Michael

    If apple can give that kind of discount and take a loss like that than they can reduce the overall price for the rest of the world. You don’t need to work at apple for that discount. Just need to make a fight about it. Apple pays its employees and now gives them a big discount? Yeah. Where’s the logic there?

  • Joe

    Apple pays most of their employees squat. They milk the prestige of working in the Apple stores which is a joke because most of those people are paid not much more than minimum wage which is about what they are worth if you’ve spoken to the average Apple store monkey. Throwing them a bone on products at what is still an above-profit level is an insult. They should be giving all employees a company Mac, iPad and iPhone and require that every employee eats the dog food. If they want to quit they have to turn in their equipment.

  • OsRiUzNa

    I guess employees can only purchase a refurbished item from Apple’s product…LOL