Apple Stores In Japan Participate In ‘Lucky Bag’ Tradition

‘Lucky bag’ or Fukubukuro is a Japanese New Year’s Day tradition, where bags with unknown merchandise are sold at huge discounts.

Japanese Apple Stores prepare such lucky bags on every New Year’s Day since 2004, and they’re quite a hit with consumers.

Penn Olson writer Rick Martin describes the hysteria surrounding this sale:

I always considered myself a pretty big Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fan, but this event seems to bring out the most hard-core fanboys. Back in 2010 I tried to queue for a lucky bag, arriving at the store at 5am only to find that overnight campers had filled all the spots. This year the bag cost 33000 yen (about $430), and most customers are hoping that there will be a big ticket item inside like an iPad 2 or a Macbook Air.

Sounds very similar to Apple product launches or opening days of Apple Stores.

Apple lucky bags sale in Japan

Last year, these bags were sold at $380 (30,000 Yen) and a few lucky buyers found an iPad and an 8GB iPod touch tucked into their bags.

Here’s an image (via App Bank) of the contents of a Lucky Bag bought this year:

Contents of an Apple lucky bag

As you see, the bag contains: iPod touch 8GB, Porter Bag, iPod touch case, iZon remote room monitor, incase Reflex, Mophie Juice Pack reserve, Apple T-Shirt and Assorted pins. Quite a lot for just $430!

Here’s an unboxing (un-bagging, if you will) video of the Lucky Bag. Skip to 1:22 to see the contents of the bag:

Updated with another video courtesy Japanese blog – Macotakara.

[via Penn Olson]

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