AssistantExtensions: Mother of All Jailbreak Tweaks For Siri Has Arrived

We’ve already seen quite a few awesome jailbreak tweaks for Siri such as SiriToggles, Hands-free Control and Sireet.

However, a new jailbreak tweak developed by Mario Hros a.k.a kexik called AssistantExtensions seems to be the mother of all Siri jailbreak tweaks.

Here are some of the things you will be able to do using Siri after installing AssistantExtensions:

  • Launch apps
  • Send tweets
  • Enable/Disable Settings toggles
  • Control brightness
  • Respring Springboard
  • Talk with integrated chat box (check out the video to find out how it works)

Mario plans to add more commands in the future.

Here are some of the commands that you can use the features mentioned above:

  • System commands: “tweet <text_of_the_tweet>”, “show tweet <text_to_tweet>” (shows tweet dialog 1.0.1-4 up), “open <application_name>” or “launch <app_name>”,
    “brightness to XX %”, “restart springboard”, “generate a random number”, “say <what_to_say>”, “should I <do something>?”.
    More commands soon.
  • Toggles: “turn on <toggle_name>”, “list toggles” or “list switches” to get a list of toggles and their states.
  • Chat Bot: You can chat with Siri. To start, just say “Let’s chat” and wait a moment. Loading times will be improved a lot in future releases.

In addition to this, the jailbreak tweak also provides a framework for other developers to create Siri extensions. Mario has created a tutorial to show how to create a simple Siri extension here.

AssistantExtensions is similar to SiriProxy but you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up a proxy on your computer to make things work.

As an example, Mario has created a Siri extension that allows you to search for YouTube videos using Siri, which shows thumbnail of the results from YouTube integrated in Siri’s widget-like interface.

You can check out the video of AssistantExtensions below:

AssistantExtensions is available for free in Cydia. Please note that some users have rebooted crashing issue after reboot so please proceed with caution.

We can’t wait to see the custom Siri extensions created using this new jailbreak tweak once it is more stable.

[via AssistantExtensions website]

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  • Danny Boy

    OMG OMG this tweak is the coolest!!!

    • Fad

      The problem with this tweak or any other open siri tweak it will open any apps eventhough we set a passcode for lockscreen. Such vulneberility will causing a thief to open settings easily

      • Kepler

        That’s why you disable Siri at the lockscreen

  • Mediascapenorth

    Friggin cool. Let’s hope the crashing is minimal. I’ve got spire on iPhone 4, so I’ll see if it works!

  • Mediascapenorth

    So far I have every tweak installed with spire on iPhone 4 and no issues so far. Pretty cool, although chat loses its charm pretty quickly.

    • El Hache

      Can you tell me what proxy you’re using? I’ve been looking for a proxy that works for a while. I’m willing to pay monthly.

      • mediascape

        I set up my own which is the only way to go.

        • joe

          do you have to update the proxy everyday?

      • Viks

        You can Check out this person I been using for the last month or so, you can contact him thru twitter @s26tech

        • El Hache


  • hxclos

    Can’t go wrong with free

    • kbatrph

      but it’s NOT free. when you try to activate it in settings, it prompts you for a $5 donation. and so i donated..and when i got done i tried to activate it a second time and it again asked for a donation…not real happy here

      • Qphone

        Its a donation. There is no activation, once installed it works off the bat.

  • Leo

    Do i need to have all the siri tweaks installed?

  • ong

    i think may have to uninstall SiriToggles to prevent the crush.

  • wessam

    there is a new tweak released that work with AssistantExtensions called lingual used for translation of 30+language

  • Paradox

    The app sounds interesting … the video is very scary … very very scary …

  • Paradox

    Is there something additional that needs installed? Its working okay, but when I tried to turn bluetooth off, it said “toggles on” not installed. Does this need spire regardless of being a 4s or 4?

    • Paradox

      Fixed-didn’t have sbsettings installed… just an FYI

  • Is anyone finding that the Tweat feature mentioned in the article does not work? I’m noticing whenever I ask Siri to tweet something she freezes and I have to reset the phone.

  • NATO

    I don’t like the wait time with this tweak installed. When I hold down the home button for Siri, I now have to wait approximately 2 or three seconds for the beep to begin, rather than nearly instantly. Cool, but not polished or fast enough yet.

  • mhmm

    now i just need a way to airplay using siri and my life is complete! ie: “airplay it”

  • Multitasking

    Just installed bur it seem it turns off multitasking cuz when i try to use pandora on my bluetooth it stops playing my music until it goes back too the pandora screen has anoone enconterde

  • Multitasking

    On their iphone 4s somehow it published it with out me toching the reply button ?

  • chester

    Just installed lingual followed by assistant update. now it wont open any programs ” sorry i dont know your password ” my phone isnt even locked. rebooted and reinstalled . no go. bad update me thinks. guess im out of the game until theres an update to fix the update.

    • M81

      I had the exact same issue, turns out its not plying nice with passcode lock, try disabling passcode lock and see if that solves it, that’s what worked for me, it was working fine with passcode lock previous to the latest update so hopefully it’s just a bug in this version

      • M81

        I have since contacted the developer of assistant extensions and he said that the fix for this is ready and waiting to be released to cydia and he sent me the new version which solves the issue

        • dlp

          Can you send me that fix too. Still not on cydia yet

  • Karim

    I just installed an update this morning and it seems to have fixed the delay of when you push the Home Button. Siri now seems to beep straightaway like it used to. There’re no release notes as to what else has been updated.

  • ahmed

    Guyz after trying to open an app with siri ,,,all applications are no more opening in full screen !! any suggestions?

    • Thunderbolt294

      Try booting into safe mode and then respring back to normal mode.

  • JJ

    So after I installed the update, Siri started to say “Sorry I don’t know your password” when I asked it to launch an app. Before the update it was working fine.

  • JJ

    Also after the update, Siri doesn’t ask you to confirm your Tweet before sending it, it just sends it.

    • Sam

      To see tweet before sending. Just say “show tweet” then whatever you want to say. It’ll bring up confirmation without automatically sending.

  • Kandarp

    I don’t own 4S yet but, I wonder what’s Siri’s reply if you ask her to unlock the phone to use with any carrier?? If she could, Tim Cook will definitely kill her and also that might be the easiest unlock forever..Just a thought!