AT&T Announces New Smartphone And Tablet Data Plans – Here’s What You Need to Know


AT&T has just announced new data plans for smartphone and tablet users with larger data limits effective from January 22nd.

Back in June 2010, AT&T killed their unlimited data plans and started offering their smartphone and iPad customers tiered data plans.

Here’s a snippet from today’s announcement:

Customers are using more mobile broadband data than ever before.

More content downloading, more video streaming, more apps. Connecting with family and friends 24-7. Mobile broadband has become part of our daily lives – and data usage has skyrocketed.

And as the AT&T network gets even faster with 4G LTE deployment – up to 10 times faster than 3G – and devices and applications become even more sophisticated, it’s clear that data usage will surge even more.

Taking all of this into account – and our ongoing commitment to deliver value to our customers – we’re launching new smartphone and tablet data plans on Sunday, Jan. 22.

Here’s a comparison of the new data plans with the old plans for iPhone and iPad users:

New iPhone data plans:

  • DataPlus 300MB: $20 for 300MB, additional 300MB for $20.
  • DataPro 3GB: $30 for 3GB, additional 1GB for $10/each
  • DataPro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot/tethering, additional 1GB for $10/each

Old iPhone data plans:

  • DataPlus 200MB: $15 for 200MB, additional 200 MB for $15
  • DataPro 2GB: $25 for 2GB, additional 1 GB for $10/each
  • Tethering: Available for Data Pro customers for additional $20/month who get an additional 2GB of data

New iPad 3G data plans:

  • $14.99 for 250MB
  • DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

Old iPad 3G data plans:

  • $14.99 for 250MB
  • DataConnect 2GB: $25 for 2GB

The Smartphone and tablet data plans also include access to AT&T’s 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide at no additional charge.

So basically, AT&T has increased the pricing of the data plans by $5 but offering additional 100MB for the low end plan and 1GB for the high end plans.

The new data plans will be available to new smartphone and tablet users from Sunday, January 22nd. Existing customers will be able to keep their current plans but can also choose from one of the new plans.

While the increase in data limits is generous, do you think the cost of monthly data plans are still too high? Let us know what you think about AT&T’s new data plans in the comments and if you plan to switch to the new data plans.

[via AT&T]

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  • erick

    so are they doing this for the vita too

  • Smerf

    They probably ha to change it since they are acquiring the ps vita next month on the 22nd. They probably felt that they needed to put out more data since more is gonna be used up

  • Love

    I dont get it why’s it so expensive? I have a Rogers plan for 50$ with 1 mb and it’s awesome

  • Love

    I mean gb . Its really hard to go over

    • Gorby

      U must be a real wuss of a user or female if u think thats hard to go over or is a lot…

  • Alex

    Woa, this is crazy expensive, I’m glad I still have the unlimited plan from the good ol’ days. How in the world are they not offering those anymore…

  • OGT

    That plans really sucks…! I’m very happy to be costumer since unlimited plans for $20 dollars..! And I used MyWi for my iPad and Laptop…! and I hope the JB comes tomorrow to use MyWi on my 4S… He he he

    • OGT

      Those plans… Sry..!

  • dmagic1

    So what about the throttling? Does that mean they will stop or continue?
    Considering they throttle at around 2GB, will they now stop doing that. You cant have someone pay $50 a month for 5GB and then throttle them at 2gb.

    • The throttling issue only affects users who are on the grandfathered unlimited data plan.

    • Dustin

      I haven’t been throttled yet and I’ve been averaging over 5 GB

      • augustine

        how? you are the one messing up for all of us.

        • Notyourbusiness

          My average is about 15 GB !! And you know what ? Is not your business ! I PAY for unlimited because was the only plan that they had back then !!!! Before was $20 per month for unlimited.

          • Dice

            THANK YOU VERY MUCH!…….
            couldnt have said it better my self.

            my only concern is that ATT will further punish us FAITHFULL customers who have the grandfather unlimited, like instead of the top 5%, they decide to go more like top 10%-15%, and so on…..
            There use to be a time where loyalty and Agreement meant something…honestly how could any one at ATT say “we couldnt forsee the impact the iphone would have”. i think its B.S….. YOURE BAD ATT… not ours.

  • david

    still do not get it, why tethering costs money, if one already paid for his 2GB, why should he pay additional?
    i understand IF there was an unlimited data, then paying for tethering sounds reasonable, but paying for data i paid already…
    Once i though Americans know how to boycott. seems not really…

    • augustine

      as much as i love my country, america is the worse at boycotting…. if there is money to be made, or gained screw boycotting 🙂

  • augustine

    this is just to off set costs for the “4g” deployment. but since they all do the same, can’t fault at&t…

  • Adam

    F*ck att. Everyone switch to sprint. 79.99 unlimited mobile to mobile txt and data.

    • Duhhh

      and throttling if you try to use it.

      • jay

        sprint charges an extra 10 for any smartphone bull s**t

    • iPhoneMikey

      Who in their right f*cking mind would want to have their iPhone on a network like Sprint?! First of all, their data speeds s*ck (iPhone or not), secondly their call quality is poor, and thirdly… CDMA is just bad to begin with… But if you absolutely have to, pay the little extra and go to Verizon – I’m with AT&T and I’m completely 100% happy with them since the iPhone 1st gen, and every iPhone since… But Sprint – No… I tried my company line with the iPhone and it was horrible… Just saying! You get what you pay for… If you want Sprint, you may as well get an Android and go with Cricket/Metro – Same difference!

  • None

    I hope AT&T goes out of business

    • Duhhh

      Same here but, fat chance!

  • LoganExplosion

    Oh. So now it’s gonna be $80+ for the minimum of everything. Sweet. I really wish something would come along that’s a better deal (and have coverage in my area)..

  • Rosie

    Can you believe if I (with my unlimited plan) wanted to make my phone a hotspot, AT&T told me I’d have to change my plan to one of the tiered pricing which is basically downsizing my usage. Geez!

  • Rick

    Time to just get regular phone, I only use my Iphone on wi-fi at home & work 99% of the time anyway. AS tight as everyone’s money is I can’t justify the increase $$ of my plan, glad I am not under contract on my plan!

  • Chris

    Hey, T-Mobile offers $49.99 per line for two lines (minimum) with unlimited talk, text & web. Yes, they throttle after 2GB on that plan, but you can up that limit to 4GB for $10 and can do so for just one month if you want. In addition, even at throttled speeds on T-Mobile, you can get 720p video streaming from Netflix (at least we do). Depending on how you have it setup, you can also add additional lines at a discounted rate with or without data.

    As for lower cost options, there are plenty out there, the last I checked, there are the following options:
    With T-Mobile, our total for 5 lines is about $100 with taxes and fees (2 Lines have unlimited talk, text & web and 3 lines have 500 Anytime minutes, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile, unlimited text and unlimited night and weekend minutes) and the only reason it is that high is because we have some equipment on monthly payment plans.

    MetroPCS (uses Sprint’s network, but is available in limited areas) offers $100 (Total, including all taxes and fees) per month for four lines with unlimited talk, text & web. And you add unlimited international calling for something like $10 per line per month.

    H2O Wireless (works with iPhones locked to AT&T and uses AT&T’s network) offers unlmited talk, text and 1 GB of data for $60/month.

    Boost Mobile (use’s sprint’s network) offers an unlimited everything plan for $50 per month per line.

    Straight talk offers unlimited talk, text and web for $45/month.

    Yes, many of these are prepaid, but what does that matter? And no, the iPhone won’t work with all of them (although an unlocked iPhone will work with many of them). That being said, most, if not all offer Android phones that work on these plans.

  • Those limits are pathetic. The 5 gb is a reasonable if it was the low end plan. I used to average 20-30 gb a month with a high of 40 once. And I don’t want to hear anyone say that I’m abusing my unlimited plan because that what it was there for to be USED. AT&T is right in their statent people do use and want more data. But they overcharge and ration data too much for the masses to be able to take advantage of it

  • ATTard

    AT&T should offer free unlimited text with all their plans instead of charging for $20. One of the reason I rather use T-Mobile.

  • Gorby

    Such BS. data costs less than voice for them which is why text was free in the late 90s.
    How about an unlimited family plan regardless of device or number of devices for $50 a month? Listen to you customers or you will perish. Anonymous where are you when we need u?

  • J-God

    So basically you pay 5 dollars more for additional 1GB. WOW what a deal! These companies think that we are that stupid to think that this is a good deal. We should cancel our data plan and open our wireless router to all.

  • I don’t understand why they don’t sell speed, like for home Internet.

  • Dodger

    Is jb same for both iphone 4 and 4s?