Here’s How Badly AT&T Throttling Impacts Top 5% Of Data Users

Two out of the three major iPhone carriers in the U.S. throttle data speeds of its top 5 percent unlimited data users.

It started with AT&T terminating its unlimited data usage plan, but giving users who were still subscribed to the plan an option to continue. A year after this, AT&T announced its plans of throttling speeds the top 5 percent data consumers on these unlimited plans. Early last year, Verizon followed AT&T, with a similar plan to throttle users.

According to a report last month, AT&T was throttling down top 5% of users to 2G speeds.

Is it really that bad? App Advice took a look at how bad AT&T’s throttled speeds and how it impacted the users experience.

Here are some of their findings:

  • Throttled download speeds went as low as 0.06 Mbps, as compared to standard non-throttled download speeds of over 1 Mbps.
  • The upload speeds were comparatively closer, with the throttled device getting 0.49 Mbps and the non-throttled device getting 0.70 Mbps.
  • The ping times were similar at around 100 ms.
  • For everyday applications like Maps and Safari, there was a stark difference between the load times. These apps were effectively unusable on the throttled connection.

Has AT&T throttled your 3G data connection? Are you also seeing similar drop in download speeds?

[via App Advice]

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  • LoganExplosion

    unlimited on ATT?? thought they did away with that

    • Users who had opted for the unlimited data plans (before the plan was killed) are allowed to continue with them even when they upgrade to a new smartphone.

  • DssTech

    Wow that’s messed up.

  • jay

    they r horrible i cured them n argued that i pay for 3g speed not 2g n they gave me a 15 dollar credit.. i am cutting then when iPhone 6 comes out to iPhone SJ way ever they r going to call it

    • Grayson

      where do you get your information about iphone 6 and iphone SJ

  • OGT

    LoL.. WTF AT&T…? But still 2MB is too slow..! My speed is 5.1Mbps even 7Mbps..

    But That’s not fare..!

    • Key

      neither is your spelling….”fair”…..

      • jdb

        Geez grammer natsi

        • Wiilt

          not grammar, spelling.

          • Tom

            OMG eh, what’s up with people on the internet spelling so poorly? I appreciate your time to post and correct people. 🙂

          • jdb

            Does ANYONE understand irony anymore? My god, I hoped you people would be smarter…

  • Olaf

    So many “rights” in America and yet AT&T gets away with doing this because of some legal mumbo jumbo in their contracts. Pure nonsense.
    It hasn’t affected me, but I know someone personally who’s been throttled. Lately I’ve been trying to be more conscious about using more of my “unlimited” plan. Screw AT&T.

    • Leinad

      It doesn’t matter how carefull u are I got a notice last month when I went over 3gb now I just got a notice at 1.5gb as I was trying to reduce my usage. well I guess that didn’t help so I’ll just use another 7gb this month. I encourage everyone to abuse your unlimited plan to get our 5% up. At&t is trying to bully us into an expensive tiered plan for a little amount of data greedy bastards. Occupiers unite attack AT&T!!!!

      • Jack

        Last month I got cut off at 5 Gigs. This month I just got the “warning” text and I’ve only used 1.5 gigs. Pretty soon I’ll be the only one using an unlimited plan and I’ll be throttled on the first bit I send. Deviously ingenious. Especially since they do not need to show how they calculate the top 5%.

    • Antizzy

      Seriously I just got throttled and it’s ridiculous. Pretty much unusable. How dare they throttle us at 2gb, and offer a paid plan for 3 gb for less than us unlimited users are paying? This pure money-grubbing nonsense. I call for a movement where if we’re forced to switch away fom our coveted unlimited plans (because of bs bully tactics), than we switch for good to a different carrier.

      • amy

        Hey Antizzy, I work for CBS 5 in San Francisco and we are currently covering this story. We are looking for people who have been “throttled” by AT&T’s new policy to interview. We want someone to give a firsthand account of what they feel about this and how they have been affected by this new policy. Please reply if you are interested. Thank you

        • I’d be very interested in a Class Action Lawsuit against AT&T for throttling long term customers down. I have been with AT&T for 20 years and this is how they treat their valued customers! This smacks of a Rico Act Lawsuit where your sold a bill of goods and after a while your Strong Armed into giving AT&T more money as a “Pay Off” extortion is what it boils down to be AT&T is extorting money from their long term grandfathered in data customers. Count me in on a Class Action Law Suit. These are the Greedelists @ work. Check out my website above.

        • Aaron

          happy to participate in your story if its still in the works. This really is a ridiculously obvious case of corporate greed! I get throttled, after that my phone basically lost ALL usability! I’m forced onto EDGE which rarely holds a signal in San Francisco where i live. Essentially even the basic call functions on my phone are unavailable for half a month!!! AT&T says theres no relation, however each month, the day after I receive the text warning me that I’ve used my 3 Gig LIMIT and will be throttled, my phone loses ALL FUNCTIONALITY! This includes basic phone calls!!!! It constantly attempts to connect to EDGE with no success. The day my new billing cycle rolls around…my phone miraculously recovers & works perfectly… until the next throttling transpires. I’m so disgusted with this practice. It’s not like I even go data crazy on my phone! I have to power-cycle my phone repeatedly to even get onto the 2G network they’ve relegated me too only to be dropped….REPEATEDLY. AT&T says: “Oh no that’s impossible, you’re phone is malfunctioning,” OK… took it to Apple: EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE! I’m in the process of lodging a formal complaint to get the throttling removed (at least for a month to prove my case) Anyone with similar issues PLEASE CONTACT ME…at this point im considering legal action!!!! (I am an attorney)

      • Matt

        I just got done being throttled and it was RIDICULOUS! I was getting 90kbps down, web pages would time out, facebook would never load, and the android market always timed out. Really the only apps I could use my data plan for were gmail and um….well that’s it really. I didn’t have a problem with the maps app I use (Waze) since it caches the maps, but when I hit somewhere I had not been it got really bad.

        I was throttled at just under 4gb. I don’t use my phone all the time and pretty much all of the usage would have come from a combination of Netflix and Youtube (with HD turned on). I pretty much have stopped using netflix off of wifi since it doesn’t have an in-app option to set the quality. The quality of your stream is set by your account from what I could find.

        I was throttled from Jan 26th – Feb 12th when my billing cycle started over. Seventeen days of utter boredom not being able to use my “smartphone” as it was originally intended.

        • Darkspark

          ha that’s nothing I’m throttled to 2.6 kbps used about 2.7 gigs of data… idk y they hate me so much lol.

  • IP4

    i understand that unlimited means use it all you want. i use my data plan a lot (streaming music, downloading apps without restrictions with My3G, watching shows, etc…) i never got message like that. there was an article out there that top 5% of users consume 50% of all bandwidth. when they throttled it’s better for me, less dropped calls. i’m not defending AT&T but some people just abuse it

    • IP4

      with that said, i agree that they shouldn’t lower speed so badly. btw, how much data was consumed on that account when message came from AT&T?

    • Olaf

      What constitutes abuse?
      The individual I know that has been throttled streams from apps like Pandora and Netflix nearly everyday. At his job he is allowed to have his phone on and in front or next to him. So the usage is nearly 8 hours every work day.
      Is that abuse? AT&T gladly throttled his speeds.

      • IP4

        doesn’t sound like abuse to me, I’m just curious what’s his data usage when they throttling kicks in? that’s a lot of music and video though… music doesn’t take THAT much. netflix is different story… have to pick your battles… watch movies at work on your phone or enjoy data plan all month… i understand AT&T sucks, but getting your account throttled won’t change anything. they know we not leaving anywhere, so they don’t care.

        • Olaf

          I don’t recall at what point he got the message. But he told me that at heavy Netflix usage he reached 20GB one month. I’ve barely touched 5GB at my highest but my circumstances are different.
          But you are right. AT&T knows A LOT of people aren’t going anywhere and so they pull crap like that.

          • Matt

            20Gb a month is actually pretty bad. You would have to watch a lot of netflix to do that. With my previous usage I hit almost 4gb in about 14 days watching maybe one or two 45 minute tv shows a day on netflix. I would watch while on my breaks at work since the other times I was actually working. The highest I’ve ever hit was 10gb and that was with what I would consider heavy usage.

          • Wes

            Now I do feel bad… Before the throttling started I used 67 GB. Oops!!!

  • DJ

    The AT&T throttling affects me so badly I can barely watch this YouTube video on how bad it affects me.

    • Christian

      Good!!!! I am a heavy data user and I’ve never gone over 3 gigs. It’s people like you that do god knows what with your data hogging it causing every one else to have problems. I have unlimited data and don’t see how people can use that much. Let’s say you had absolutely no life or girl friend. Your wrist should break before you get to the point of att sending you at text to throttle you down. I’m glad they do it cause it’s better for the other 95% who equal 50% of data usage.

      • Jason

        As far as I am concerned unlimited means no limit. I have 2 phones with unlimited data and they throttled both my phones. This is just another way for a big company to rob the american public. I used less than 1gig on both phones and still got extremely slow phones. Thanks ATT for stealing from the american people.

    • Christian

      Good!!!! I am a heavy data user and I’ve never gone over 3 gigs. It’s people like you that do god knows what with your data hogging it causing every one else to have problems. I have unlimited data and don’t see how people can use that much. Let’s say you had absolutely no life or girl friend. Your wrist should break before you get to the point of att sending you a text to throttle you down. I’m glad they do it cause it’s better for the other 95% who equal 50% of data usage.

      • Tony

        You are not a heavy data user at 3GB… you have no clue what heavy data use is at 3GB a month. Use something other than mobile safari for basic web browsing and you can hit 2GB easily without ever streaming a single audio or video that’s optional to watch… Try running any secure remote desktop… they happily sell you the app for $99 but if you need it more than a few hours a week it becomes unusable by throttling. The point is they sell an unlimited plan that isn’t unlimited. The amount they throttle is ridiculous… it can take 2-3 minutes (those are real minutes, 120+ seconds on a stopwatch) to open google maps and another 2+ minutes if you zoom or scroll.

  • Jason

    I stopped using my iPhone to its full capacity. I usta average 80gb a month. Now i’m forced to sync stuff or just wait till i get home or to a wifi connection to install an app or download. You win this round at&t. Not much i can do about it

    • Christian

      80gb a month OMG that is a lot.

    • Christian

      Some of these high data users need to get a life and get off their phones.

  • killzATT

    I don’t understand how AT&T can get away with that BS. This is like going to an all you can eat buffet. However, if you want 2nds or 3rds, you have to go pick whatever you like from the scraps or peoples left overs. yuck

  • They have HSPA+ 3G EDGE and LTE they claim to be “Blazing Fast”. They advertise all the speed and bandwidth and limit it to the users and charge for everything sepertaly

    • killzATT

      I have yet to see HSPA+ speeds.

  • Sako

    I have used 2G of my unlimited plan and received that message. So my data will be throttled for 13 days.. that’s sucks!! I can’t even watch 2min. YouTube video on my iPhone, takes forever to download.

    • Charles

      I was throttled and got the message at 1.3GB

  • Holden

    80 gigs in one month is crazy. I use my iPhone a lot … Stream Pandora for hours, YouTube, etc. The most I’ve used in one month is 4 gigs. I don’t have a problem throttling 80 gig users. And there’s nothing illegal or unfair about it … AT&T reserved that right. Don’t like it? Go elsewhere.

  • Sako

    Yes 80gig. is way too much, and we (3-4 gig.a month users ) are getting affected over that …

  • Kurtec

    Id like to know, if you pay ATT $20 a month for a hotspot, Do they still throttle when you enter the top 5%

    • Paradox

      hotspots ar limited to the bandwidth you pay for … 2Gb – 5GB depending on what you paid for.. then your service stops.

      • Kurtec

        so if Im still on unlimited. Will I get throttled at some point?

  • Jay

    i used 3 gb of data and got that message thas horrible

  • Kiwiholden

    Off topic I get 10Mbps 😉

    • Chris

      Most I ever hit is 15gb

      I switched to straight talk on my iPhone though 🙂

  • Dmagic1

    The worse part is that according to AT&T web site info, they are now considering anyone over 2GB in the top 5%. I hate those guys.

    • Anonymous

      How do u switch to straight talk?

    • Debbie

      It’s worse than that, actually. I got the dreaded approaching 5% message a few days ago and had only received 1.3 G. This morning I got the full-blown 5% messgae, and I only received 1.8 G. My sent data was only 239 mg. It seems as though it no longer matters how much data you actually use, only that your usage is in that top 5%. Really disgusting behavior on their parts.

  • 123

    the only thing that saved ATT from all these BS is the iphone …

  • Idroid7

    I dropped them like a bad habbit. Now I am on simple mobile. $40 and get 3G speeds in some areas

  • Brad

    So glad I live in Oz land.
    I get GIVEN 2GB to use every month, and I’m only on the middle tier contract.
    The top tier contract allows us up to 12GB a month over 3G (HSPA+).

  • Nosferatu

    I stream Slingbox stuff a lot (streaming video) and did NFL Sunday Ticket streaming and never got a message. Not sure of my data usage but I’m sure it’s a decent amount. That’s about the extent of my data usage.

  • annoy

    i had mines trotted recently from watching prison break back to back everyday while commenting to work and they trottled my speeds. i was pissed, am leaving them after my contracted is up cause i consider it mis advertisement to charge a customer $30 a month then tell them they using to much data, its not the customer fault that a “Crappy” company can’t keep up with customer and apps data demands, get updated ATT, ITS 2012 EVERYTHING IS BEING STREAM ONLINE, NOW WE HAVE CLOUD GAMING.

  • annoy

    oh and FYI apparently 25-30GB of data is considered a lot of data. cause when i got my phone cap and i check my usage it was around 30GB of data i used.

  • Joel

    I was throttled and noticed when I put my sim from my galaxy s2 into an iPhone 4s the throttle went away… Hmmmm.. Can somebody help me make sense of that??

    • Paradox

      The galaxy s2 was on a different account? You hadn’t reached the throttling limit on that account. As far as At&T was concerned it thought it was still in the galaxy. I’m sur eif you ramped up the usage on that sim chip, the same would happen regardless of the phone it is in.

      • Joel

        Same account and number associated with sim.. I just used a sim cutter and notice throttle was gone…

  • Charles

    I am an unlimited subscriber. In my first month with the 4s I took advantage of the 8mb download speeds and used 4GB. I was throttled. The next month I used 1.3GB. I was throttled again.

    This makes no sense at all.

  • John Gonzales

    I noticed around Christmas time they started doing this my iPhone 4s went from a download of 5.2mbps to a horrible .01-0.2mbps. It’s horrible I couldn’t open websites up or even load my google maps to look for directions. The only thing I was able to do was send an email but took about 2 mins to send. AT&T could of cut the speed in half but not dropped it so low where u can’t use it. I’m switching carriers probably to sprint.

  • melka

    How does one know that they are FOR SURE throttled? Does the “warning text” mentioned in the video mean the device will 100% be throttled? How long does it take for them to throttle it after the warning text? Can you become unthrottled if your usage drops for the next billing cycle? Is there a way to check your throttled status by looking at your ATT account online? Thanks guys.

    • HK

      If they throttle you, you’ll know. You may as well switch to a Motorola Razr. Your internet usage is nearly useless. You go back to normal speeds when the next billing cycle begins.

  • jdb is an idiot…

  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s crazy I really wish they would share how they determine if your in the top 5% because they have throttled me like crazy.

    • dmagic1

      According to them, presently anyone over 2GB falls into the top 5%.

      So basically they screw all the long time customer with the 5GB limits.

  • Austin

    I called and asked for the data usage of other accounts that hit the top 5% as I am being data throttled at 2 GB. That’s way to low for an unlimited plan. They said they did not have that info to provide me. I told them I can not as a customer do my due diligence to prevent it if I am not able to know when to limit my usage. There is no certain number supposedly since its based off other users usage. It has made YouTube and other apps time out. Legal grey area if you ask me. Data centric phone not able to use data apps due to limits placed on a paying customers account

  • Steveo

    Last month, I got the text saying I was among the top 5% after using only 2.5 GB. This month, I got the text after using only 1.5 GB & I have noticed a drastic drop in speed. This is just simply unacceptable. They are out right lying. There is no way 1.5 GB could put someone in the top 5 %. I’m going to call them & give them hell. I need to use my phone for work & I simply cannot have this. We need to all band together and start a class action law suit. I can understand throttling someone that goes over 8-10 GB, but to harass a customer that has been with you company over 20 years about 1.5 GB is simply unacceptable. I won’t stand for it.

    • John Gonzales

      Ya I don’t understand how they figure 2gb of use is too much! When I know there’s other people that go a lot higher up in the 10gb my friend being one of those. If there going to ur the speed at least cut the speed in half and be somewhat fair. But they totally make it not useable

  • Grouchyass

    I had AT&T till they started throttling my unlimited plan after using 2gb of data pure bullshit. First I was accused of teathering when I was not and 2gb puts me in top 5% users right! After having them for 4 years I told them too stick there service up there a*se! I’m much happier with Sprint not quite as fast but way cheaper unlimited data and text.

  • James Darrell

    Got the message at 1.7 GB – AT&T is clearly just trying to get people to cancel their unlimited plans. Disgraceful, and I hope people sue the hell out of them.

    • Steveo

      Absouley. Bring on the lawsuits! This sh*t must stop. They are lying and abusing good customers for a normal amount of use.

    • HK

      They’ve succeeded. I am cancelling my unlimited data plan … and my phone plan and any other plan they have. I’m switching to Sprint too!!

  • Larry

    How can 2gb be excessive when they offer a 2gb and 4gb plan? Do they throttle the 4gb customers at 2gb? Shouldn’t the people that are at the top 6% catch and pass the usage of the throttled 5%? What AT&T is doing is simply unfair. If Verizon was different I’d leave AT&T.

    • John

      They don’t throttle tiered accounts, only the unlimited ones. Like others have mentioned, I believe throttling is AT&T’s passive aggressive mechanism for “encouraging” unlimited users to switch to a higher priced ($/byte) tiered plan.

  • dmagic1

    What was the point in telling old customers they could keep their unlimited (5GB) plan if they knew they would throttle them to 2g speed at 2GB?
    Because this is the same old AT&T from long ago. Screwing over customers every chance they get.

    And they tried to lead us to believe the merger would be a good thing for customers. Yeah, right.

  • Michael

    You all complain about 2 gb but the fact of the matter is the 2 gb plan. That’s where all of you unlimited users WILL end up or on another carrier. You will be forced eventually and there’s not anything you can do about it. VZW did the same thing. Hide and watch. Buy a pc and get Internet. Btw, going to Sprint won’t solve anything for ya either. They’re unlimited plan is a joke and bait for you suckers.

  • JustOne!
  • U get a warning for the first month, and if it seems still above their “date usage” the month month, they begin to throttle your data. My average is 7-8GB but I don’t even do video. I work 8-5 as an accountant and listen to Sirius, and pandora Monday thru Friday. They believe over 5 excessive. Isn’t their a class action lawsuit we can start? I mean why am I paying for unlimited if I don’t get unlimited data?

  • Mia

    If they throttled your speeds and you’re paying for their 3G service doesn’t that mean they voided their contract by not supporting it? Shouldn’t that legally allow you to drop the contract without and recourse on your end?

  • Geo

    My wife and I have an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3GS on a family plan with unlimited data. I used 900 MBs last month and she used 600 MBs (1.5 GBs total). We got throttled with the top 5%. What?!?!?!?

    • steveo

      That is so f*cking absurd & a breach of contract. I can’t wait until AT&T gets sued!

    • Jerrrremy

      Days 27: Hit 10 gigabytes. Phone throttled to prehistoric speeds. Supplies are getting low. Hoping for 3 more days of survival.

      • Larry

        10 gbs at the end of a cycle is fine. Shouldn’t everybody hit their cap at the end of the month? I always hit 8-10 around day 28 or so. Why throttle at the end Of the cycle? Its one thing to use 10 gb in a matter of days but over a month is a different story.

  • Andre

    This is bs. Got throttled today at 2.1gb’s. Still have 15 days til the end of the billing cycle. I feel like I’m stuck because I want to wait for the iphone5

    • Tiger woods

      Same here. Hit 2.1GB on last day of cycle and got AT&T’s wonderful “Top 5%” bs text.

    • Tiger-woodie

      Same here. Hit 2.1GB on last day of cycle and got AT&T’s wonderful “Top 5%” bs text.

    • Tiger-woodie

      Same here. Hit 2.1GB on last day of cycle and got AT&T’s wonderful “Top 5%” b*s text.

  • Brendan Farrell

    I just got my top 5% message with a usage of 13.5 gigs.

  • Nick

    This whole 5% is BS, I’m not sure how it’s determined. People I know that stream video/music have gotten throttled around the 2.2gb line. The other thing they have in comman is that they never use wifi. I haven’t received any warnings yet, I used 3.6gb last month. I’m grandfathered in to the unlimited, but it seems to be becoming more limited. I think that’s wht AT&T has recently changed there data plans, $30 for 3gb. We currently pay $30 for unlimited, so that 3gb may be the line AT&T wants everyone. It’s typical AT&T screws over long time loyal customers. If your going to throttle, cut it back 50%.

  • Devon

    Most of you are missing the point. Steer away form the semantics and finger pointing. At the core of this issue is a contract. Att will provide unlimited data I will pay x dollar for this service per month for 24 months. Att broke their portion of the contract with the throttling down. I would be sent to collection if i throttle back my payment each month. If they can not support their unlimited plan they should get rid of it. if they want to start this throttling back plan they should wait until you begin a new contract instead of sneaking it in during a current contract. also all unlimited data should be notified when this policy took effect instead of waiting until we crossed the 5% of top users and had to call and get it out of the rep.

  • Daniel

    I advise everyone to file a complaint with the BBB and tell them AT&T is not providing the unlimited 3G data plan you are paying for and you demand a redound of your $30 every month the service is not provided. I filed now I’m waiting for AT&T to respond.

  • Matt

    I liked you report on this topic. Just to let you know I am suing AT&T. I was told unlimited data and I am sick of their BS. My court date is February 24th at 8:30am in the Simi valley CA small claims court. AT&T has already been served. If you want to talk about this give me a call at 912-313-1234


    • Mark Rana

      Way to go Matt! I live in Texas and have a friend who is a partner in a local law firm. We will be watching to see what happens.

    • HK

      Cool. Let’em have it. Remember the nuance is that they are no longer providing your data at 3G speeds INTENTIONALLY. You *technically* still have unlimited data but at greatly reduced speeds. But, they are INTENTIONALLY reducing your speeds to an UNUSEABLE level. This is done to push you into a more expensive plan; not to increase speeds for everyone else.

  • Chad

    I got throttled this month at 1.5 gigs. I have a hard time believing the top 5% threshold is now only 1.5 gigs…

  • Scott

    wow they throttled me down so slow that I can’t even do anything and I’m on the old unlimited plan too..I’m thinking of switching to a different carrier…and the top 5% of users is for their entire data users, they should change the 5% to 95% then it would make sense, my dad used 1gb for his month and still got a text…a friend of mine that rarely ever uses his data with only 200mb used got a text to…basically they are sending that message to everybody it seems like, this pisses me off how they can get away with this. 2gb is nothing these days, we are getting limited to the entertainment for our phones drastically, what is the point in having data on cell phones anymore because EVERYBODY is getting throttled down going near the cap or not near it at all, they should just remove all internet options from the cell phones so we can go back years ago when cell were only for making calls…some guy up a few comments said he was going to sue…I hope it goes through man and I hope a lot of more people do as well. they need to up the caps to atleast 5gb MINIMUM, there is too much entertainment for cell phones these days and the majority of us can’t even take advantage of them because of these stupid caps! the caps they offer right now are too little… sorry for my bad english but this is annoying!

  • Rafael

    Wow, come on man. I just googled this topic and came here because I got the message Fri. Funny thing is I just upgraded to a iphone4 a few weeks ago (had the upgrade for a year just didn’t use it) and as soon as I get a new contract I get the msg. This stinks to high heaven! I just checked my data usage and for the last 6 months I been in the 2-4gb range. So when I was not under contract they never sent any messages saying anything about data usage. I just got my iphone4! It hasn’t even been a month yet and I already have the 5% message. I hesitated getting a new phone with AT&T anyway because I knew they had gotten rid of their unlimited plans, but called customer service and was assured I’d be “grandfathered in”. It’s just a big lie. SERIOUSLY WE SHOULD ALL SUE!!!!! NOTHING EVER WILL HAPPEN IF WE DON’T TAKE ACTION. Best Buy told me I had 30 days to return my phone so I’m going to try that option. Don’t think it will get me out of my contract, but it’s worth a try.

  • Danielle

    I got throttled within 5 days of my billing cycle. So what I’m being told is, that because I was grandfathered in with an unlimited data plan, which I pay for, I can only use 2 GB; shouldn’t I then be pro-rated to a 2GB fee for the duration of the time? I have an iPhone, and I cant even listen to my iPod (so not even a third-party or streaming app), functionality inherent to the phone, because my musici s in the iCloud. I called AT&T and asked what I needed to stay under in order avoid this issue and was told “it varies.” If I have to go to a data plan that’s tiered, fine; but I’ll be doing it with a company that isn’t AT&T.

  • Adam

    AT&T has signed their own death warrant. iPhone customers will be 100% Verizon and the iPhone 5 will be met with shrugs of “no data, no phone.”

    From now on, my iPhone 4 will be used to burn the 2GB, then it will be shelved until next month to repeat until the contract runs out. AT&T will eventually come along with a 4G transition plan and I’ll say talk to the hand — my other hand is already holding a Google phone in the form of a Galaxy Nexus using Verizon.

    I have no doubt AAPL will be talking to T about their slip from the lead in market share.

    Now, my only question is where to sign up for the class action suit.

    • Lancorp

      My thoughts exactly!

      • Lancorp

        As a matter of fact, Verizon has double data deal right now. 4gb for $30 or 10GB FOR $50. How does AT&T think their top 5% uses only 2GB when Verizon offers 10GB.?

  • Billy

    How about contacting the CEO directly and advising him that screwing the people that made ATT rich is biting the hand that fed him and provided him with his $5 million mansion and therefore is not a good business practice in the long run.


    Randall L. Stephenson
    208 S. Akard St.
    75202 Dallas 2233 TX
    United States
    Primary Phone: 210-821-4105


    5404 Walnut Hill Ln.
    Dallas, Texas 75229

  • hello

  • Jonnyj

    I believe a movement should be started to legally stop AT&T from selling smartphones in areas where AT&T claims is congested and necessitates the use of throttling. If their network is so congested why should they be allowed to sell move smartphones and make the situation worse. We need to create a publicity nightmare for AT&T and for them to make their unfair policy be modified or go away.

  • Tim

    Been throttled 2 months in a row now. Made several calls and got nowhere. Talked to a rep at a kiosk in a mall who said he was at a meeting with a bigwig who said they would “rather piss off the 30% of customers who have the unlimited plans than the other customers who pay as they consume”. Nice AT&T! I’ll be leaving you as soon as I see a way out. Oh by the way my wife and son have phones with the limited plans which they use very little data because they use wifi almost exclusively. No credit for that. Sending AT&T 206.00

  • Tim

    A month and this is how they treat us! Unacceptable AT&T! Looking into other options as I speak.

  • Tim

    Oh yeah! Forgot this tidbit: I live in a city of 6000 people the nearest city to me has a population of 3000. We are out in the boonies!!! Yeah I guess the network is really overloaded out here. Mostly emigrant field workers too. Guess they’re constantly on their smart phones!

  • Tim

    Sorry for the multiple posts but I am really truly PISSED over this! I’ll join any lawsuit out there!

  • Drugar

    I have a friend that is a security guard, and he uses 40Gb – 50GB a month with his phone. I about dropped from shock when he told me that! I asked what the heck he does to use that much data, and he said since he doesn’t have a computer for 10 hours every day, he uses his phone for video’s, web browsing, just about anything he would normally do on a computer. My thought was “Start reading books”

  • amattei

    i just change may old 3gsIphone for the new galaxy note. last night i received teh mssg. They just dont care about their 5% clients and we the people have nothing to do about because there is no protection for the consumers in or out the usa.