Corning Unveils 20% Thinner Gorilla Glass 2 – Will it be Used in Next Gen iPhone & iPad?

Corning officially announced the next generation Gorilla Glass  at CES 2012 yesterday.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass is used in various electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.

Corning claims:

New Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 is now up to 20 percent thinner, enabling slimmer devices, better touch responsiveness, and brighter images without sacrificing the damage resistance consumers demand. The result is superior design flexibility for electronics manufacturers as they develop high performing, touch sensitive, and durable mobile devices.

To get a better idea, Gorilla Glass is 0.8 mm in thickness (original Gorilla Glass was 1 mm in thickness) and can withstand 121 pounds of pressure (same as the original Gorilla Glass).

Apple has previously also used Gorilla Glass for their iOS devices, however it is not clear if Apple uses it in the current generation of iOS devices.

MacRumors’ Arnold Kim provides some interesting details:

Apple has previously used the strengthened glass in their iOS devices. In 2010, David Pogue relayed a claim from a scientist that Apple was the #1 customer for Gorilla Glass and buys “practically all the Gorilla Glass that Corning can make.” At least parts of the story were confirmed in Steve Jobs’ biography. Corning reportedly shelved the idea for Gorilla Glass back in the 1960s but revived the project at the request of Steve Jobs in 2007. The original iPhone launched with the damage-resistant glass, though there has been some debate about whether it still is being used in their most recent models. Corning, of course, has never acknowledged Apple’s usage but says that due to “customer agreements”, they can’t identify all devices that use their Gorilla Glass.  

It remains to be seen if Apple will use Corning’s Gorilla glass 2 in the next generation iOS devices that will be launched this year and if it will opt to go for 20% thinner glass, which still retains the same strength or keeps the thickness of the glass the same but offers greater strength.

Check out the video where Gorilla Glass 2 is put to test:

[Corning via MacRumors]

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  • John

    I would use 1 mm of Gorilla Glas 2 in the new devices so its 20% harder to break 🙂

    • Smart, don’t refine just yet. I like that idea. It’s so apple.

    • Aegis

      That logic may be flawed, after all what makes the gorilla glass (or any glass) break is not the pressure over it as they test it, but the brittleness of the material under a high energy impact. I suspect that a thinner glass would allow the material to bend easier thus absorbing the shock of a fall better than a thicker one.

  • OGT

    Can I use that glass as a condom??? Today condoms breaks easily…!

  • WatchingYou

    Will they balls use it, Apple love charging people stupid money to replace the glass so why would they want somthing not to break? love apple products but hate the way act on it.

  • WatchingYou

    Plus if they do… apple will give gorilla glass a bad name coz i guarantee the drop test’s will still shatter the screen…Apple really dont care about there customers.. shame really.

    • Wiilt

      you sound like an asshole

  • James M. Shih

    No, apple’s not using Corning. I have a friend that has a small company and already seen the case for iphone 5. I was hoping he would take a picture for me but he said he didn’t dare to do so. Iphone 5 will be an one piece sleek case and he told me it’s beautiful. The company that manufactures iphone in Taiwan has acquired this company who’s producing all the cases.

    • Reeplay

      sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and my dad has an iphone 6s

      • Stu

        yall r late, i have a jailbroken iPhone 7s

        • James M. Shih

          Hey guys, I’m not kidding anyone on this. I live here in Taiwan and what I wrote here happened over 2 months ago.

          • Wiilt

            you type well with your ass.

          • James M. Shih

            I didn’t expect you guys to give this type of replies. I’m being truthful on this case. My friend wouldn’t lied to me because they workded very close with the company making all the iphones for apple. You do know Iphones are completely manufactured by a Taiwan company right? The CEO of the comopany that makes the iphone is the riches man in Taiwan and have been producing iphones in mainland China. So believe it or not, I’m just telling you the truth. I work here as a doctor and thought I shine some light on the upcoming iphone 5. If I get a chance to take a look at the case he told me about, I’d surely take a photo.

  • Axe

    Apple uses king kong glass on iphone 4s. Drop it and you hear the shattered spund of king ang kong.

    • Micro


  • Sinik

    Whoopie, Gorilla Glass is bullsh*t. Within a day my phone had scratches, and it shattered when I accidentally dropped my Xbox controller on it!

    • Wiilt

      ive had my 3gs for three years, and it is scratchless.

  • Azures

    It’s so simple… Take better care of your devices. Lol.

  • Dan

    The best way to test is a drop test on concrete from about 4-5 feet. All these stupid pound tests mean nothing.