EFF: Sign Petition to Tell the U.S. Copyright Office That Jailbreaking is Not a Crime

iPhone with a 4-inch screen?

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has asked the U.S. Copyright Office to declare that jailbreaking does not violate the DMCA

In addition to requesting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in the U.S. to send comments to Copyright Office to convince them to renew and expand the exemptions for jailbreaking, EFF is also encouraging users to sign the petition at jailbreakingisnotacrime.org. The petition states:

You bought it. You own it. Tell the Copyright Office: let me install whatever software I want on my phone, tablet, or video game system.

Back in 2010, EFF had won critical exemption to the DMCA, which made it legal for users  in the US to jailbreak their iPhone.

At that time, Apple had told the U.S. Copyright Office that it believed jailbreaking an iPhone is a violation of the DMCA and infringes on its copyright. Apple also informed the Copyright Office that the exemption request by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was not acceptable as the very act of jailbreaking the iPhone results in copyright infringement.

However, the exemption needs to be renewed otherwise it would expire, which could make jailbreaking your iOS device illegal. Interestingly, it looks like the exemption was only for smartphones, so it did not cover tablets like Apple’s iPad. EFF wants to fix that by expanding the exemption to also cover tablets.

So if you’re in the U.S. and love jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, then don’t waste any time and sign the petition by heading over to jailbreakingisnotacrime.org as there is only 14 days left to sign it.

[via EFF]

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  • Chocogow

    This and all the sopa crap will destroy the internet

  • OGT

    SOPA in Spanish means Soup… Funny!!!

  • Genuino

    Funny, pero ellos están haciendo una sopa de mierda……

    • Jando


      • OGT

        Ja ja ja..!

  • Zvrk

    Thats good news !Whats the prob to relocate cydia out of US and open all hell doors .Only Apple can lose this not customers.!Mmmm you can put anything on cydia then 🙂 think free people !

    • @Zvrk: its not just the iPhone, it also affects other things such as playstations, xbox’s and future devices that havent been conceived yet.
      ignoring this and expecting someone will fix it for you will just seal the fate of freedom.
      only YOU have the power to change something.

  • MOY

    LeChe for the ChaMako !!!

    • Ozkar221

      Te echo de menos!! jajaja

      • MOY

        !! Ya Me Voy !!..
        Me Sakan De Onda..haHAha

  • Christian

    Getting things for free is what ruins jailbreaking. It’s the main thing that gets pointed out when people knock it and say it should be illegal. Moving cydia out of the us won’t do a thing. If they make it illegal here then they’ll make it illegal every where eventually. If we don’t fight then automatically they win.

  • Genuino

    There’s something else going in total secrecy, is called ACTA, google it, even worst that SOPA. I’m starting to say goodbye to my iPhone, this whole thing is just ridiculous, we’re becoming marionets, or like Walter, Jeff Dunham’s best act, he sticks his hands up his ass and make him talk.

  • Dodger

    The price of Cydia apps are not to bad.

  • Michael

    I bought the phone and it’s contents. I can do to it whatever I want. When I buy a car I can change the motor or anything I want. That’s not illegal. What’s the difference? I bought it. Once a consumer purchases a product it belongs to that consumer and if that consumer wants to change its looks, feel, taste or whatever that’s their right. Apple just don’t want you arm and leg, they want your life. Total control. When’s it gonna stop?

  • fas

    Here comes the petition time…

  • mohamed

    if jailbreaking became illegal will it be illegal in all countries or USA only

  • nightedge

    Oh I sent them an e-mail about it and still no response. Way to go for not caring!

  • Ozkar221

    It Will be like WEED it’s illegal but every one still does it…

  • Dodger

    My iphone wont respring in cydia does anyone know how to fix this?

  • rik

    i think that the best way to take action is to STOP buying during at least one year all kind of devices so that industry can really feel the hit

  • this is old

    wtf, r u on drug man? they lost long time on supreme court of CA over jailbreaking case. Why there still a fresh post on 2012 about it? lol this guy must have been on weed for too long.