iPhone Hacker Geohot Has Quit Facebook – Will He Join The Jailbreak Community?


This is an interesting development. Business Insider reports that iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz aka Geohot who had joined Facebook back in June 2011 has quit the company.

Geohot has a history of discovering exploits in iOS firmwares and is famous in the iPhone hacking world for releasing popular jailbreaking and unlocking tools such as blacksn0wblackra1n and limera1n.

Geohot seems to be working at Backplane currently- a hot new startup funded by Lady Gaga. Business Insider reports that Geohot built participated in a hackathon hosted by Backplane recently, where he built an app that allows you to see where your Facebook friends are on a map.

Geohot’s app didn’t win, but it is being speculated that he may join the iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking scene. What do you think? Will he join the jailbreak community again after a not so pleasant experience?

[via Business Insider]

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  • Jap

    Why would he? With all the crap that people gave him before

    • Japsamoron

      What crap? He took our donation money to fight against Sony but instead he walked away with it

      • texan

        how much did you donate?

        • japsamoron

          5$. Its the thought that counts. Also, I’m not the only one donating could be 10000 donators out there so it adds up.
          ps texan you’re also a moron

          • texan

            next time don’t donate so you can stfu…. idiot!

        • texansamoron

          So how much did you donate? 0? I thought so

      • BigBossSnake

        I donated $10..and yes.. I was really pissed off when he ran off from the fight..

      • ifonix

        time after time GeoHot gave you (we) FREE jailbreak ans unlook.
        so we gave him back in time of need…

      • I think he donated the rest to the EFF

  • Jap

    All the people slagging him off from the iPhone community before the Sony hack,

  • Jap

    Just like all the crap that pod2g got, give me the untether jb now stuff, you’ve had my money so your ripping us off for not releasing it,
    It wnt on back in ios 4 too

  • MOY

    I think geohot has learned from his mistakes in the past.

    • Wiilt

      … repent… now.

  • Dan Bradley

    good, Facebook is for losers.

    • texan

      agreed…. so as google +

  • diablozoe

    He has a gut! Been sitting around at Facebook too much! Hahaha

  • Djlooni

    I dtk if geohot walked away from us!!! I think we all need him back in the jailbreak community!!

  • Lg1

    Wow that would be awesome… That kid has talent and still today we r using limerain … Whatever the case might be i wish him luck!

  • Dodger

    I did it i did it, i jailbroke my iphone 4 i have Cydia, im like a kid in a candy store, i will donate to Dev team. thanks for your hard work.

  • Paulg

    Forget the jailbreak. He could make a lot of money providing software unlocks for our iPhone 4 & 4s. Still don’t understand why the dev team hasn’t forcused on that. Factory unlocked 64 gig iPhone 4s is about $950 however a locked version is only $600 on eBay. Why not create a software unlock and charge $50 a piece for it. Even if he doesn’t want to charge for it, I bet u he can raise close to $1m in a wk in donations if he came out with the unlock.

    • Dipen

      No one raises that much you are living in a fairytale

      • Paulg

        They can if they want to. Tie every unlock to an iPhones imei number and charge $20 for it. They will raise that money in a month. How much do u think the Gevey which I hate has made thus far?

  • City023

    Welcome back GeoHot, your genius mind is welcomed on helping these hacker release the untethered JB, that took them 5 months. Something that would of took you 1 month to do.

    • Charles

      It’s not “would of” you illiterate shmuck. It’s would have.

      • Paulg


      • Dustin

        It would also be correct to say would have taken. But who’s splitting hairs? We all knew what he meant.

      • City023

        Hey retard you forgot the “taken” . It’s would have taken! I wrote fast that was my excuse, but you had the chance to review your insult and still came up short. Re-Tard!

  • Jason

    Seams like he’d be moving in the wrong direction in terms of job quality. Who would want to come back to ungrateful ass**** when u could b making facebook/lady gaga money?

  • Morten

    It is probably a stunt from gaga’s side, to get even more attention from everyone. “OH she went on and hired a hacker, that girl is soo crazy, what will she do next!?” publicity stunt, I think.. And it would be even better if he started hacking iPhones again, that would just show how much she does not care, what people think of her.. :0)) Welcome back “if you return” GeoHot!!

  • Zed Sefi

    Next Geohotz jailbreak will have the picture of lady gaga in it and it is going to be called GagaRa1n

  • Kyle Jennings

    Is it me or is George looking kindof fat??? He needs to put the Mac Book down and go running outside for a while!!!

  • fas

    That is a Macbook Pro, right 15″

  • Rodderism

    Its not the MacBook he needs to put down its the Big Macs!!