greenpois0n Absinthe: Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Released [Updated]

greenpois0n absinthe

Hot on the heels of providing details of the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2, Chronic Dev team has just released the greenpois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

greenpois0n Absinthe is the result of the hard work of the jailbreak dream team.

greenpois0n Absinthe support the following iOS devices and firmwares:

  • iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406)
  • iPad 2 Wifi/GSM/CDMA running iOS 5.0.1

You can download greenpois0n Absinthe from this link. greenpois0n Absinthe is currently available only for Mac users, but the Windows version should be released shortly.

Please remember to take a backup of your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 before proceeding.

iPhone Dev team are also expected to release a command line tool initial to perform the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. It hopes to incorporate it in Redsn0w in the near future.

Update 1:

Check out our step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 using Absinthe (includes troubleshooting steps to fix some of the issues you may be facing).

Update 2:

Absinthe Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Updated to 0.1.2-2 to Address Load Issue. We have updated the download link above as well.

Update 3:

Absinthe for Windows is now available. Check out this post for all the details.

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

[via greenpois0n blog]


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  • Finally i can clean dust from my 4s !

    • Denis

      Please give an instruction how to use the software… I need Winows Software :), and Thank you guys. RESPECT!!!

  • lol


  • Wowiw

    Wooooo lol thanks guys

  • Carlooo

    Oh yes. At last

  • simo

    wooo! cheers guys!

  • dem

    Oh noooo i dont have a mac zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Oh no, mac only boho

  • Fareal

    Great work guys!

  • Dan

    Have been waiting for this. Many thanks.

  • Axe

    If the link database error, dun sweat. Keep on refreshing. Just traffic jam.

  • Anders

    Time to get out the good old Hackintosh 🙂 does it work on Lion?

  • G33K

    Somehow it doesn’t work for me. Absinthe is crashing when I try to launch it. Why is that so? :/

  • jordan

    so what do i do with the .app file, i am on mac?

  • Sanjay

    oh noooo, only mac users! 🙁 hook up the PC folk to please. oh and thankkkkkk youuuu

  • Erik

    Greenpois0n, y u no like PC? 🙁

    • Sarcasme

      I like I like, but the mac users are doing the beta testeing for us PS users 😉

      • Reeses

        Acctually the devs only knew how to program for OS X. They said a port will be coming as soon as some guy gets back to his computer and re-writes it.

  • pepsi

    finally been waiting for this for a while good work!

  • The 53rd

    I was so happy when I saw this, then I was told mac only. F**king god damn it! :c

    • Goonz

      Ya and you were told and taught to be nice if peepz give u things you want for free and at least say thank you. F**king rude dumbass.

      • Richard

        Amen Goonz

  • OGT


  • Paul woods

    Any idea on time of PC release? I’m from UK. Great work guys 😉

  • hmmmm

    did anyone try it dose it work??

    • weird

      i did and it doesnt work.. idk what really going on

      • OGT

        Mac Only! Did u tested with Mac?

        • weird

          yes i have mac and it installed then somehow i tap jailbreak icon then it doesnt going through so i see p0sninja tweet that his database is issue so he going fix it

          • OGT

            Yeah! I saw it too..!

  • Kong Judas

    Thanks a huge lot guys! This is worth a buck or two, so I’ll support you over the weekend.

  • OGT

    They did that, because to avoid cydia servers going down..!

  • ma


  • It Failed. I re-jailbreak it 3 times. It said: the server stop responding. What the hell???? Any1 know about this???

    • Ali

      I’m getting the same error as well, tried the whole processes several times already… Probably high load, will try again tomorrow I guess.

      • Steve

        Turn on VPN in settings below WIFI, it should cause the device to restart and then when it comes back on Cydia should be there! Worked for me anyway…

        • eleanor

          i tried that and it didn’t work

          • prem

            didnt work for me 🙁 same error VPN

  • Dan_MA

    check out @p0sixninja on twitter hes updating on the situation as we speak!!

  • xionale

    is it working? can anyone confirm

  • Piotr K.

    Error estabilishing a database connection 🙁

    • mark

      ME TOO, HELP

      • kawar

        I was getting the same error just back out and keep pressing on the icon many times it will go to it. not sure what to do afterwards so if y’all find out post

    • mgmax

      Try to switch on VPN (Settings > Network > VPN > ON)

  • benyboybob

    Not that I am ungrateful, but seriously!!! There are far many more Windows users out there, why make the Mac the lead platform? Never understand that… Apple may hold the crown for Mobile OS but the standard for home computing is Windows!!! At least for the majority of Jail breakers it definitely will be, Ah well, another long wait until a Windows release so the MAJORITY of us can Jailbreak.


      Seriously, you’re complaining about using an Apple product on a PC. There’s a reason why it’s released on a Mac 1st. That’s the platform they use to hac the iPhone. You should be grateful that they even release the jailbreak to PCs. PCs are far more succeptible to viruses. So they test them on a more reliable database consistent to the maker of the phone. Be patient, my friend. Good things come to those who wait! 🙂

    • A330

      Then the standard is wrong!!!
      It’s a Apple product, come on…..

      • Goonz

        Cmon and what? Lol. If its for free stop ranting like a pig.

  • its not working. But i’m glad i dont have to restored my iphone. still work well,

    • Anders

      It’s because the database is down (due to heavy load, @p0sixninja is working on it)

  • Vincent

    Nice! been waiting for this. Thanks to Chronic Dev team, Pod2g, MuscleNerd, and everyone that made this possible! Now just got to wait a bit more for the windows port. 🙂

  • Gee

    Everything worked like a charm till tap the “jailbreak” icon…

    I only have a Absinthe iconn now and when I hit it, it shows Error data connexion or a white screen and then nothing…

    I based in China, tried with VPN, no success…

    • You should probably wait a while to let the traffic on greenpoison’s servers cool off

  • Kong Judas

    It stalls on “Beginning jailbreak…”

    • thatmffm

      turn off the password lock. i had the same issue.

      • B Page

        tried that… no luck…. still stalling on “Beginning Jailbreak..”

  • Gee

    Everything worked like a charm till tap the “jailbreak” icon…

    I only have a Absinthe icon now and when I hit it, it shows Error data connexion or a white screen and then nothing…

    I based in China, tried with VPN, no success…

    • Gee is down as well… good news spread fast!

      • dee

        Error establishing a database connection

  • a .d

    thanks for the hard work cant wait 4 the windows version……….

  • jordan

    the jailbreak needs to connect to the greenpois0n website which is currently down, it will be fixed very soon keep checking the website and @p0sixninja twitter, happy jailbreaking

  • Lee

    when it says “jailbreak button” do you you guys just get the absinthe button? Do i click that?

  • Ryan

    jailbreaking my ipad2 as of speak. Soon to follow my iphone 4s

  • Morten

    Wee finally, but need to wait for the Windows version to.. Then when I get it jailbroken, I will donate for your hard work!! :0)

  • i tried it and got the same faded greenpois0n logo on my home screen,error connecting to database!

  • Roger

    Ahhhhh mac only, hope the windows one is ready v soon

  • axe

    i can confirm absinthe app is not working on me either. “Error establishing a database connection”. White screen. Rejailbreak it says recovery completed. Start absinthe on my mac third time and 2nd jailbreak began. Final result absinthe app still not working.

  • Lee

    once you get the the greenpois0n logo go into setting and turn on VPN then wait. It will reboot.
    mine is working!!!

    • can u show me how to do that?

    • mchunu

      Thanks to Lee, once I turned on VPN under Settings, Network It worked perfectly. Got Cydia up and running and bout to start using apps.

  • mzarrugh

    Absinthe is CRASHING!!!

  • PT


  • wasd0109

    hope that when I’m awake
    The Windows version will be out

  • what is VPN? i tried that and i get VPN configuration error occurred!

  • jordan

    ok so now that ive completed the process, i need to click the jailbreak icon on my ipad 2, and once the website is back up the rest of the jailbreak will occur on my idevice?

  • Piotr K.

    once you get the the greenpois0n logo go into setting and turn on VPN then wait. It will reboot.
    mine is working!!!

    YEAH YEAH ITS WORKING but i dont have my icon ” safari ” PHOTO and YOUTYBE 🙁

    • weird

      how u get working vpn and i keep restart and let few mins wait then it remain same!

  • keep in mind

    you’ll probably get at database error, but keep in mind everybody is trying to jailbreak at this time so just try it until it works. it took me 5 attempts

  • jordan

    ok i turned on vpn, my device restarted and i now have cydia, thanks so much dream team my donation will be sent soon

    • weird

      i tried and still stubborn error lol

      • jordan

        well when i turned vpn on it gave me and error and then a few seconds later my ipad restarted and cydia was there so im not sure how or why it worked, but it did, time to do some tweaking

        • weird

          damn lucky u lol i just keep restart and still same nothing happened.. :(((((((

        • A330

          Same happend here, it is working… ;-)))

      • Matt

        Anyone else getting “the application absinthe quit unexpectedly” when launching the program?

        Cannot even run the prog 🙁

        • weird

          i guess i am going ahead restart and redo jailbreak that what planetbeing said on twitter

        • Tim

          I got the same problem…

          • weird

            omfg!!! got cydia!!! somehow it reboot twice on me and i was like pancked now it is THERE! yay!!

        • crs

          I have the same prob im on osx 10.5.8

        • Pat

          Yes, same problem here!

    • Anders

      Did you do it on an iPad 2 GSM?

      • Jonathan

        iPad 2 Verizon CDMA will not Jailbreak! The VPN option in settings gives an error: A configuration error occurred. Unlike the iPhone 4S which reboots after that error, the iPad 2 doesn’t. Grr

        • Celenia

          I have the same problem here it does not reboot after A configuration error occured sign appears.

        • Frank

          I have the iPad 3 verizon, and it gets stuck with “waiting for process to complete” even though the ipad rebooted already … no worky for me …

  • IT WORKED!!!!

    • rick

      did yours say internet connection not established

    • Any ideas on windows release.please

  • YAY !!!!!
    Now like always I’ll wait few hours till all last minute bugs are out………then boom !

  • Ryan

    IM stuck at rebooting. My ipad2 just continues to reboots. The chronic-Dv Absinthe says waiting for reboot. I think it’s been stuck at this step for a good 10min. Is this normal? Should I restore and try again?

  • axe

    yeah me too. turned on vpn n voila cydia !!!!!

  • dem

    installing vmware and osx 10.7 snow leopard guessing windows version wont be out for a few hours….

  • WAIT

    Guys…wait a little bit, the servers are full, ill JB during the night or tommorow…

  • i’m sooooooooooo happy.

  • Popoy

    Come on guys, law of supply and demand..One at a time, give the server it’s time…aight?!

  • Popoy

    Come on guys, law of supply and demand..One at a time, give the server its time, aight?!


      Are you Filipino with a name “Popoy”?

      • Popoy

        Oo naman yes!!!y o y? 🙂

  • WW

    Error establishing a database connection

  • Gastonw

    Strange, but turning on VPN let’s my iPhone reboot and now I have Cydia!

  • Windows version “Coming Soon…”. How fast usually windows version is released after mac version ?


    Thanks to “Dream Team” for their work. I have an iMac, waiting to download the jailbreak, but the servers are overworked at 🙁 I am able to get the software to jailbreak, but the status bar is stuck at 1/10 the way saying, “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while…”. I will just let my iPhone 4S remained connected and hopefully soon, I will have my anticipated jailbreak. For the PC users, don’t complain about being 2nd, rather be glad that all the bugs should be fixed before the jailbreak is released on a platform more susceptible to viruses. Good luck fellow jailbreakers!! See you on Cydia!! Thanks again “Dream Team”. I will donate once my jailbreak is successful!!!

    • Not bothered about being second,just want to jailbreak my bloody 4s.the anticipation is killing


  • lol


  • Dan_MA

    by @pod2g
    Just reboot and redo the jailbreak if you have problems.

  • Too many iPhone 4S jailbreakers horked the DB server..

  • matt

    Program quit unexpectedly on launching absinthe 🙁

    Anyone ran this on 10.5.8?
    Frustrating getting this close and the program crashes on me before it even loads

    Anyone else have same problem???

    • Truly greatful

      i ran on lion 107.7.2. Sorry can’t help.

    • nick

      i am having this problem too on 10.5.8…. i guess its a Lion thing. DAMMMMMIT!

      • matt

        grrrrrrr seems that way!!!

  • Dan_MA

    Just reboot and redo the jailbreak if you have problems.

  • lala

    woooooow it worked on my 4s

  • Thomas

    It says recover complete and then it stops.

  • rick

    for some reason mine says looking for internet establish connection i need help

  • axe

    remember to turn off apple killswitch in sbsettings 🙂

  • aquim

    Just done it, turn off iPad then do jailbreak again then it went through. Sweet.

  • Ilkka

    It’s working!! Greetings from Finland!!! Thanks!!!

  • moe

    macos has only one purpose! jailbreak! then dual boot back to windows 🙂

  • adamj

    after running Absinthe, i tapped the the absinthe app, then tapped on the VPN toggle in the settings menu, the phone rebooted and then poof had cydia!

  • nick

    anyone had any luck with 10.5.8?

    • matt

      Apparently a few people have this same issue not found anything out yet tho 🙁

    • yeeppp

      im on 10.5.8 and its doing the same thing!:(

  • Ryan

    Can hide music app with sbsettings

  • GOOGZ187

    Worked for me 1st time. Just turn on VPN and it’ll reboot and Cydia icon on the desktop!

  • karl

    its not even detecting my iphone 4s lol

  • Ryan

    Can’t hide music icon with sbsettings



  • re jailbroke still cant turn on VPN and still getting “Error establishing a database connection” when i click the absinthe app!

    • rick

      yea me too lol wtf

      • benny

        me three, so not fair how everyone else is jailbreaking so smoothly lol

        • J

          are your passcodes off? if not disable and reattempt jb

  • Dan_MA

    by pod2g
    Camera roll will be empty if the jailbreak is incomplete. Rerun the app once to fix, and then another time to complete jb.

  • Chuong Tran

    Yesss !!!! I did it !!! Pass the website and your device will restart with CYdia installed !!!
    Thanks the “dream team” !!!

  • Chris


  • Spoon95

    haha it works for me the 1st time… kool… thanks…

  • Jason

    Just wait a few days, if the server is overloaded nothing will happen

  • Wahizul

    Done jail breaking my ipad2! Works flawless!! Congrats #dreamteam!

  • benny

    hey ther peeps . . . iive instaled the jailbreak on mac, got the absenthe app – when i go into its blank,when i try turn my vpn on gives me a error message, i dnt know what to do? any help please? would be appreciated 🙂

  • Jason

    I’d like to personally spit n piss in all the cups of those that had it out for Pod2g and most recently the Dev Avengers. There! They released the jailbreak. Make it rain like a wall street parade on their paypal accounts. Tawk DONE!

    • Scott

      haha very well put brother! Bring on the Windows version!!!!

  • Travis

    Make sure you dont have a passcode set, tried jailbreaking 10 times and wouldnt work then turned the passcode off and it works now, thanks!!

    • UeViper

      Any idea when the website will be ok, should i keep tapping the icon? or is there a a step im not doing?

      • travis

        follow the step by step guide they provided on the main page, should work if you follow everything passcode lock was the only thing holding me back from a successfully jailbreak

  • re jailbroke 3 times, vpn dont work, no passcode set, absinthe app dont load it did once but took me to a greenpois0n website and that was it HELP ME PLEASSSSSSSSE!

    • Never mind just re jailbroke for the 4th time went straight to vpn setting that didint work so was going to click the absinthe app but before i did the phone restarted and i now have cydia wooooooohoooooooo!

  • Denis

    pleaseee hurry up with the windows absinthe… I am so exited 😀

  • I Just Had An Eye Orgasm Till I Read Windows Coming Very Soon Wtf I Mean Guyes I Appreciate The Hard Wark I Mean U Hackers Are Enjoying The Untethered But For Windows Users WorldWide Lets Say Just Me Im Spining In Circles And Bighting My Nails Please Release Today Gyes Please !!!!!!

    • Denis


  • J

    Make sure you don’t have a password on your device. If you do it will likely not work. If you tried jailbreaking with a password on, just turn the password off, unplug the device, plug it back in and retry jailbreak

  • Andy

    Absinthe started then froze after approx 5%. Same as PT above. Safe to remove cable or close Absinthe?! Been waiting for 15 mins and the progress bar isn’t moving.

  • Tony Italiano


  • iPh.4 NeWb

    PS – Im a Windows user. I have bootcamp for Mac as well, but I prefer Windows. If no solution exists, I am willing for a Mac solution as well. Thanks!

    • they have mac version but it wont launch for me for some odd reason but go to and dowload it for mac

    • iPhone 4 neWb.

      wtf, i wrote something and it enver got posted, all that remains is this stupid scrap!

      Ok, here it is again, and I hope someone could be kind enough to help me out with this. I have an iPhone 4 which was restored to 5.0.1 firmware before I got it handed to me. It was with AT&T carrier, and I presume is still locked to that carrier. When I insert any other carrier sim, it refuses to acknowledge it.

      My baseband is stuck at 04.11.08 and I dont know if theres an unlock/jailbreak for this situation. Been stuck with this metal paper-weight brick for a month and no luck to get its call functionality working.
      As far as I know this phone has never been jailbroken. I am skeptical to procedure the Untethered Jailbreak I found somewhere here earlier to JB iPh.4, for the following 2 reasons:
      1) it makes a clashing statement about “this guide is for iPhone 4 running 5.0.1, etc.. BUT a few lines down says that I should download Custom firmware files for 5.0.1 from Apple and restore using the SHIFT+Restore method in iTunes.
      A lot of people have had problems getting stuck in DFU’s, bootloops, white screens and general chaos and worse. I dunno if I want to take that risk, perhaps Ive misread the guide? I really need this sorted out, its gotten on my final nerves and i want to throw this shyt out the window. As patient as ive been, like many others as well, i cant seem to find a blog/post/somETHING to direct me towards a Jailbreak+Unlock for my iPhones situation. No Gevey sim out either for this baseband and I am just,.. so.. lost..

      • iPhone Guy

        You can jailbreak the iPhone 4, but you can’t unlock the 4.11.08 baseband. It will still be a paperweight for you.

        • iPhone 4 neWb.

          crap. thanks for the update. so maybe i should consider selling this one off somehow and getting an unlocked one instead. Atleast I can JB and use it as a phone.

  • wow that is excellent

  • MEDIE999

    ok lets see if someone has this issue I have an iPhone (sprint) 4 on 5.01 but the model is an MD one Redsnow tries to jailbreak it but it never gets pass the reboot part , tried it on an ipodtouch with same model MD as iPhone 4, so do you think this one will do the trick??

    • iPhone 4 neWb.

      hey! are you currently on 5.0.1? Whats your baseband? Has your iPhone ever had a successful jailbreak before? Im kinda lost myself.. got a restored 5.0.1 iphone, unfortuntely the baseband was updated along with it. Someone assumed i could find the unlock/JB for this easily.. and that was 2 months ago.. boy were they wrong!
      After digging deep into the world of iphone hacks, hackers, blogs, pod2g, dev team and so much more.. i had concluded that i am not willing to take the risk unless i know the guide/instructions/software available does exactly as it should, with no errors.. Kinda how 4.x.x versions are easily JB’able. Since 5.0.x is still new there are lotta bugs pod2g and dev team and others have tried to erradicate (tops for the hard work and endless hours!!!!) , but none of it seems applicable to my situation.. i was wondering if u, or anyone else were in the same freaking boat.. which is slowly sinking.

  • Jason

    Worked great for me… wooohoooooo!!!

  • Steve

    Despite reboots and running via terminal. it fails stating Absinthe quit unexpectedly. on Mac Lion (all updated, latest iTunes etc…)

  • sidneysides

    **White Screen Solved!!!**
    I had tried for an hour and kept getting the white screen. The VPN thing never rebooted my iPad2.
    But finally I sorted it:
    Made sure all pass codes and locks were set to OFF
    Ran the jailbreak again from the start
    Then DO NOT RUN ABSINTHE FROM YOUR IPAD2 OR IPHONE 4S – just do the VPN trick again. Mine said something like IPSec in the VPN config, but this time when I got the VPN error IT DID REBOOT!
    Then HURRAH! my Cydia icon was there! You don’t actually need to run the Absinthe icon from your device! Hope this helps people!

    • dP

      YES!!! Follow these instructions by sidneysides if you want your iPad2 to complete the jailbreak process. No need to run the Absinthe icone just go straight to settings/network/vpn and turn it to on….you will get the VPN error and then it will reboot. I spent hours trying it all the other ways. THANK YOU sidneysides and of course the Jailbreak DReam TEam

  • Mr.garnica

    Alright now all you cry babies I think it’s fair for all of us to donate some feria to these hard working team

  • well i downloaded greenpois0n absinthe it downloaded unziped file on my mac osx 10.5.8 and wouldnt launch.. i dont know why it wont launch so if u know why or no how to fix it please reply thankyou.

  • ijimmymac

    Ran through it this morning. Aside from having to refresh refresh refresh til I connected it has worked, nearly, flawlessly. There were times where an odd icon would go blank. A simple respiring and it’s back. I’ve rebooted several times, installed all my old jailbreak apps, and am trucking along. The only real issue is that bitesms is missing some of the bells and whistles it used to have. To be updated in the future so kind of a baseless complaint.

  • nathan

    do you think i could jailbreak my iphone 3gs with this software when it comes out for windows.. ive got my device jailbroke already with redsn0w but its running really slow. please help guys thanks

  • r0ni

    Arghhhh… Got to wait a little bit longer for windows version

  • UeViper

    Mine works perfect after the second time, what i did was upgrade itunes to the latest version and all went according to the instructions posted by the DEV team….

  • Cody

    Guys this is awesome! Thank you! But I’m having troubles. When I open Absinthe it opens fine and I hit jailbreak which is fine. But then it stalls on “Beginning Jailbreak, this may take awhile.” then after about 10 minutes Absinthe just crashes. Anybody know what’s up?

  • MacLloyd

    When I ran Absinthe, it detected my iPad, I clicked Jailbreak and the progress bar went about 10% and stopped there. I waited about 10 minutes, quit the app and restarted. It said that I had apparently tried to jailbreak and had failed and that it would fix the error. It recovered (says recovery completed), the progress bar is full, but it isn’t doing anything with my iPad.

    Any help?

    • Musikman

      Same as ur problem let me know if u reaches anything I even tried on Mac and pc !!!

  • Jon

    Everything worked great! Thanks greenpois0n team. On iphone 4s just had to reload Absinthe a couple times and it connected and on iPad 2 turned on VPN and it said it wouldnt do it and then restarted and cydia was there. Excellent job. And all those PC users out there complaing: stop being cheap and get a Mac and appreciate that they’ll even put this for you guys.

  • Joe Flood

    absinthe cant seem to find my iphone 4s when i open it anybody else having this problem?

  • shazli


    I jailbreak my iPad 2 with absinthe and after that facetime is opening but not call functionality is working only contact are showing is there any solution please help 🙁

  • Jeremy

    Hello all,

    First of all thanks to the DEV team for their hard work.

    On my side no matter what I do I am unable ot get this working !! Not sure if it is because of full greenpois0n server but I’m getting frustrated like hell. Been trying for 4 hours now !!!
    I have iPhone 4S 5.0.1 just bought 2 months ago, latest version of iTunes, Snow Leopard and MBA.
    When I reach the “click on Absinthe icon” step, nothing happens just a white screen with sometimes an error and sometimes nothing at all. When I try the VPN trick, it tries to connect and then throws an error (as expected) but then nothing at all happens (should I click on the “OK” button when this error occurs?

    I really don’t get it..



  • Trapp

    Wankers! NOW DONATE!

  • mark

    Oh…. its not working on my iPhone 4s….. just sits at a white screen all day…. zzzzzz…… worked well on the iPad though. 🙂 thanks.

  • moodi

    I start with my iPad2 and it worked like a charm .
    Then i did with my iPhone 4GS , had the icon but did not work and I think it is because the server is down. I think when this problem is solved it will work.
    Remember there are millions who wants to jailbreak and heavy load on the server caused this, So it brook down.
    Thanks DREAM TEAM you are great and did it.

  • paul

    the application absinthe quit unexpectedly WTF???? sum1 help plz!!

    • paul

      sum1 help plz

      • Trapp

        1 try on another comp:
        -it works – get new com stop whining
        -it doesn’t – you totaaly suc need step by step diy to jb?! get a life and pay for jbreaking

  • tj

    will absinthe ever be available for the iphone 4 if its not already? please say yes.

  • Works great on the iPad and the iphone (mostly). The only minor problem on the iPhone is that when I go to settings and select GENERAL, it crashes. It may not be the jb, but may be one of the jb programs I installed from Cydia. Like I said, it’s minor and I’m able to do everything, but access the hardly missed GENERAL. I may restore the iphone and try again because the ipad is not having the problems and I installed the same programs except Tetherme (which didn’t make a difference in General on the iphone when I deleted it. It still crashed.). Let me know if anyone is having issues with GENERAL crashing.

    Smiley 🙂

    • Smileyleg

      Experienced one more problem. PRE-JB: I use to be able to connect to my computer (screen share) using a VNC program, on my iPad 2, but now it won’t connect POST-JB.

  • Gourke

    Even 0.4 is not working for me. I have got 4S 64 GB 9A406 and Win 7 64bit.
    Absinthe stops after creating a file in C drive which is just about 1 GB size and then it stops in the beginning jailbrake phase.

  • Musikman

    When I ran Absinthe, it detected my iPad, I clicked Jailbreak and the progress bar went about 10% and stopped there. I waited about 10 minutes, quit the app and restarted. It said that I had apparently tried to jailbreak and had failed and that it would fix the error. It recovered (says recovery completed), the progress bar is full, but it isn’t doing anything with my iPad.
    Just the same cycle again and again.
    Please help….

  • Arthur

    I update os 5.1 and i lost my jailbreak
    when is going to be on os 5.1 jailbreak ?

  • With greetings!
    during of jailbreak of my iphone 4s it need to on the VPN,
    but gives massage of VPN “error in VPN configuration.
    please guide me to jailbreak my iphone.

    Best Regards

  • Its good


    What’s the difference between this and the normal Greenp0ison?

  • prem

    VPN error not working 🙁 🙁 :'(

  • guys how to download plz help me plzzzzz guys