How to Fix iMessage Bug That Prevents Messages From Being Sent to Users Who Have Switched From an iPhone

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If you’ve family and friends who have recently switched to an Android (we hope you tried your best to convince them against it) then here’s a tip that you might want to give them.

It looks like iPhone users who switched to an Android based smartphone (or any other mobile phone) may not be getting text messages from an iPhone user.

Due to a iMessage bug when an iPhone user tries to send a SMS to an ex-iPhone user, the Messages app tries to send the SMS as an iMessage, but since the user is no longer using the iPhone, the delivery of the text message fails.

Ideally, even if iPhone tries to send the SMS as an iMessage the first time, it should try to resend the message as an SMS if the delivery of the iMessage fails to avoid this issue.

Apple discussion forums member Alphonsusjude has figured out the following workaround to fix the issue

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in if not already logged in.
  3. Click on “edit products”
  4. Click on the “x” to the right of the product.
  5. Click “unregister”

The workaround seems to have worked for several ex-iPhone users who were facing this issue. In fact, we think this workaround will also address the problem where stolen iPhones could still be receiving messages sent to the original user.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • ilove

    That sucks!

  • Chris

    Really, Apple, I expect better.

    • Wiilt

      it must be apple’s anti-{any-other-phone-that-exists-in-the-world} campaign! XD

  • John

    Just restart the phone.

  • BaltRL

    Why should we have to keep track of who is leaving the iPhone world? Crazy. This should be fixed by apple in the next update. Get to it apple. Get to it.

  • abs7125

    I have had this exact problem, since I dumped my iphone, and ATT last Friday. No one at Sprint, or at&t have been able to figure this out. Hopefully this fixes the problem. Cant believe apple would be this stupid. Oh wait yes I can, thats why I switched to Droid lol

  • waakkaka

    the solution is simple for apple.. just provide sent as SMS or sent as iMessage.. noob apple…

  • Joey Mac

    Once you put your sim card in another iphone4 running ios5 it will automatically start receiving iMessages from your account even after you take the sim out..

  • I had to turn off iMessage. I’ve missed a couple messages, one went only to my iPad 4 hours later, and almost all, whether sent on iPad or iPhone, will initially say Delivered but then change to failed even though my says she got it and even replies to it. Also, had one instance where my message to her showed up on her iphone as being FROM her, and then her reply to me showed up on my iphone as being FROM me.

    Also, it’s not keeping the conversation synced between my iPhone and my iPad. Am I not supposed to see the entire thread on both devices?

  • Melvarius

    there’s quit a few bugs with the iphone i’m not to keen on (this is yet another one). for instance at least one of the social apps i use ties the account to the iphone and not the sim/phone number. i’m sure it’s been mentioned on here before. not sure if it’s been fixed by either apple or the creators of the app(s).

    I wonder if imessage does the same thing and let the new owner of your old iphone intercept your messages? Hope not, but i’m guessing it probably does. Something to bear in mind when you sell or trade-in your old device.

  • Matthew Wilde

    it sends as iMessage but if you tap and hold the message it says send as text message and all the messages to that person get sent as text messages

    It’s an easy fix. =]

  • Jose

    @matthew, ive tried the holding it down and sending as text. that one specific message sent as a text but all the ones after keep sending as imessages.

  • gary

    this worked for me thanks