How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S Using Absinthe For Mac [iOS 5.0.1 / iOS 5]

greenpois0n absinthe

Chronic Dev team has just released greenpois0n Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

In this guide, we will take you through the step by step procedure to jailbreak iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5 using Absinthe.

Here are some important points to note before you proceed.

  • This guide is meant for iPhone 4S users. iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users can checkout this guide, iPod touch users can checkout this guide and iPad 1 users can checkout this guide. We’ll publish a guide for iPad 2 users shortly.
  • This guide is meant for Mac users. Windows users can refer to this step-by-step guide.
  • Absinthe performs an untethered jailbreak.
  • Please note that jailbreaking your iPhone may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution and at your own risk.
  • Please do not forget to backup your iPhone before you proceed. You can refer to this post for instructions on how to backup your iPhone.
  • Please ensure you’ve updated iTunes to the latest version (iTunes 10.5.3).

Step 1: Download Absinthe from this link and save the application in a folder named “Absinthe” on your desktop.

Step 2: Double click the Absinthe zip file and extract the application to the Absinthe folder. Navigate back to the Absinthe folder and launch the Absinthe application.

Step 3: After launching Absinthe, click on the Jailbreak button.

After clicking on the Jailbreak button the tool will give a progress update on the various stages of the jailbreak process such as:

“Beginning jailbreak” (note this can really take sometime – in our case this step took more than 10 minutes on our iPad 2, though it was lot quicker on iPhone 4S)

“Sending initial data” at this time you will notice that “Restoring in Progress” message on your iPhone 4S (this can also take a long time – in our case this step took more than 15 mins)

“Waiting for reboot”

“Waiting for device to finish rebooting” as your iPhone 4S is rebooting.

“Preparing jailbreak data”

“Sending payload data” (this can also take a long time – in our case this step took more than 15 mins)

Step 4: In the end you’ll be prompted with the message informing you that the jailbreak is “Almost done – just unlock the screen if necessary, then tap “Jailbreak” icon to finish.

Step 5: Unlock your iPhone. The icon you should look for is the Absinthe icon and not “Jailbreak”, it may not be on the first home screen page so you’re better off just searching for it using Spotlight.

Step 6: Launch the Absinthe app. It should load the greenpois0n site and reboot your iPhone 4S. After it is rebooted, you should see the Cydia icon.

That’s it, your iPhone 4S is successfully jailbroken.

Troubleshooting tips:

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you hit an issue while jailbreaking your iPhone 4S with Absinthe:

1. A number of readers have reported that they’re getting “Error establishing a database connection” error message while loading the site or are seeing a white screen when they launch the Absinthe app. If you get that error message or white screen when you launch the Absinthe app, the following trick seems to work:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Then tap on General, followed by Network and then tap on VPN, here you will get “A configuration error occurred” message.
  • However after a minute, your iPhone 4S will reboot and you should be able to see Cydia icon your iPhone 4S home screen.
2. If it still doesn’t help, just reboot your iPhone 4S and start the process all over again. It may also be a good idea to disable your passcode when you try again as the tool gives a warning request that jailbreaking is most likely to fail if passcode is enabled (don’t forget to enable it though after your iPhone 4S is successfully jailbroken).
3. Ensure you’ve updated iTunes to the latest version (iTunes 10.5.3).
4. If you think it is taking a long time (or get the feeling that Absinthe isn’t doing anything) then be patient, it took more than 45 minutes to jailbreak our iPad 2 using Absinthe. Check out the timings mentioned by us above for some of the steps.
5. If troubleshooting tips 1 and 2 don’t help then iPhone Dev team has advised restoring your iPhone 4S if you don’t care about unlocking. Restoring is not ideal so our advise would be to try again after sometime as it could be very well be due to the load on the servers.
6. If you’ve subscribed to iTunes Match, but having problems playing music after jailbreaking using Absinthe then try to disable iTunes Match (via Settings -> Music -> iTunes Match -> On/Off toggle) and enable iTunes Match again. It seems to have resolved the issue for some users.
7. Fix for grey Jailbreak button:
A number of readers have reported that their iPad 2 isn’t recognised after launching Absinthe and the Jailbreak button stays grey. Reader R Wass has a tip to fix this issue. He writes:
If you are having the problem where you cannot click jailbreak on absinthe with your device plugged in, start your mac in safe mode.  You do this by turning it off and starting it back up while holding the shift key, then launch absinthe after it starts in safe mode. You should now be able to click jailbreak when you plug in your device. it worked for me.
Thanks Wass for the tip!
8. If you think App Store is not working after jailbreaking using Absinthe, please be patient, it has taken a long time for some users, but it eventually loads fine. You can also try to reboot tour iPhone to see if it helps.
If you’re still having issues head over to IRC, pod2g and the Chronic Dev team are providing support on #greenpois0n on Please don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments to tell us how your issue was fixed for your benefit of your fellow readers.
After the jailbreaking process is complete, do not forget to checkout our article on tips to keep your iPhone secure.

If you’re new to the jailbreaking world and wondering what to do after jailbreaking your iPhone, checkout our jailbreak apps category page to find out the apps you can install on your iPhone using the Cydia app. Please note that some of the jailbreak apps and tweaks are still not compatible with iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1 so please be cautious while installing them.

Updated 1:

Added the time it can take for the some of the time consuming stages and also some more troubleshooting tips.

Update 2:

Chronic Dev team has updated Absinthe to address load issue, so we’ve updated the download link with the latest version.

Update 3:

Chronic Dev team has updated Absinthe for Mac to address the VPN and white icons issues, so we’ve updated the download link with the latest version.

Update 4:

Absinthe for Windows is now available. Check out this post for all the details.

Update 5 (1/2/2012):

We’ve updated the download links as jailbreak dream team released an updated version of Absinthe jailbreak (v0.4) for iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which includes some bug fixes and adds support for Mac OS X 10.5.

Hope this helped. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments and drop us a line if you hit any issues and don’t forget to give a donation to the jailbreak dream team for all their hard work.

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  • Amir

    Will try it

  • karl

    the software doesnt detect my iphone 4s please help

    • Disable your passcode and try again.

      • Popoy

        How??Can’t select the “turn passcode off” i think it’s disabled – color gray. . .

    • rafan nugent

      it doesnt detect my ipad2 either! im going crazy! someone please help!!

      • hiren

        i had the same problem, plug your iPhone 4s/ipad 2 into your computer and restart it. then while it is still plugged into your computer, restart your computed then try jailbreak, also helps to put the .zip file and the unzipped file in same folder. hope it works

        • rafan nugent

          fixed it!! just download the latest itunes version from

          • Hackkkk

            Please help me I have done all of the above, and it is still not detected (iphone 4s) 🙁


    • george

      Guys!!!, all you have to do is just read the above article. Absinthe couldnt detect my ipad 2 no matter. i tried restore, changing VPN, i tried them all.. then i read the above article. Hace your Mac in safemode and your Mac would definitely detect your A5 devices.
      (see the artice above for instructions!!!)
      Thank you once again iphoneHacks

  • nickolai

    I turned VPN on cause I had the website error when clicking absinthe. It then rebooted and when I click cydia now it just shakes and flashes my screen. Doesn’t work at all whatsoever.

    • sean

      works great, tweaking now.

  • moonman

    All done nicely cheers

    • anon

      hey did you have to download an ipsw or not? mine does not detect

      • sagarthackar

        try to log out and login into another users.. preferences problem . i too faced the same.

  • Scott

    This downloads as redsnow for me atm… im sure thats cause the windows version isnt out yet?

    Thanks guys for all the hard work! Cant wait to jb my 4s

  • Zeal

    Couple weird quirks I found after jailbreaking if u use sbsettings to hide messages it will also hide it in ur iPhone settings app live clock does not work and using sbsettings to hide newsstand or music does not work

  • Sako

    Windows version please 🙁
    Dream Team is rocking!!! You guys are the best of the best !!

  • John

    When I do the VPN on my iPhone doesn’t restart any suggestions

    • Disable the passcode. Reboot your iPhone and try the jailbreaking process all over again.

      • John

        I’ll give that a shot now. Don’t have a passcode though

      • John

        Worked right when I pressed enter. Thanks for you help

  • JMillz

    My phone doesn’t reboot when I turn on VPN and the error comes up

  • Ger

    Thanks Guys for all your hard work, Im an iphone 4 user. Does any one think this will help bring siri to Iphone 4 now.

    • Douche


  • Mnu

    My iPhone 4S showed error connecting to database, tried turning on VPN, got the error message and in next 10 seconds it rebooted, showing me the cydia … THANKS!!!!!

  • Hana S

    Thank you! Worked perfectly! 🙂

  • Danny

    If I jailbreak 5.0 and then upgrade via the settings app on the iPhone to 5.0.1 will I keep the jailbreak or lose it? Also, will I lose the baseband?

    • Jeremy

      Updating via the settings app is no different than updating via PC, and yes you will lose your jailbreak and baseband will update. Use snowbreeze (Windows) or PwnageTool (Mac) to update while preserving the baseband

  • JJ

    I’ve used it to in two iPads 2 and two iphone 4s, works like a charm!

    • Luis

      What is your OS version ?? I’m trying to JB my with last version of Lion and the Absinthe progress bar stops for like 30 minutes on the same place and then it crashes.

  • Scott

    windows windows windows!!! lol all these success stories are making me antsy!

  • Alfredo

    Does anyone one if this works also to “hacktivate” an iPhone 4S? Thanks

    • Josh

      I don’t think so

      • Alfredo

        Thanks Pal, Im still screwed :S

    • Sivcan Singh

      I have a solution for you.
      Use Redsnow 0.9.11b4!
      Make a custom firmware of iOS 5.1.1!
      And restore your phone using iTunes.
      Now, do a tethered jailbreak using redsn0w!
      After you phone get’s hackitvated.
      Go to Cydia, Download Rocky Raccoon and there you have untethered and hacktivated iPhone. 🙂

  • Sako

    Thanks iPhoneHacks for keeping us posted and quick updates.We appreciate you and your job. I love your site and check every 10-15 min.

  • devol


  • kab

    Software does not detect my iPhone 4s…..The jailbreak button appears fainted, I click it and nothing happens. Have rebooted the phone and computer, redownloaded the software and still having issues. No passcode is operating on my phone.

    • kab

      Just for reference, I am using a Macbook Pro on Lion version.

      • Crew08

        i had the same problem ..mac pro.i just restarted in safe mode and tried it and it worked right away….

  • Hackkkk

    The software doesn’t detect my iphone 4s (I have no password on my iphone, I have updated and reset my iphone and computer) PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Babadegl

    same problem..ipad 2 isnt detected by absinthe…button is grey 🙁 waiting for win version

  • axe

    Is anyone having broken 3G data network? Mine is coz now I can’t serve internet with 3G. Weird.

  • kamran

    yahoo my ipad2 3g
    is jailbreak

    • kamran

      its very for mac jb ipad 2 3G

  • mark

    About how long did it take to complete your iphone 4s jailbreak? I know it takes a while, but im at work, just wondering about how long i have to wait for this to finish

    • Fina

      5 minutes at most! Very easy jailbreak, no button holding and second counting!!

  • shane

    Nice work!!

  • borracho18

    absinthe doesnt recognize my 4s or ipad2,, how come?

    • adam

      Same thing. Ive tried everything. I mean everything.

      • Tj

        Same! Nothing, I’ve tried everything too and it still wont connect i’d wish somebody would help us.

        • Tj

          Just Found out how guys! You gotta install iTunes on your computer and run it in order for your iphone to be installed onto the computer ( You know when it set installing new device in the bottom right) So just install itunes and wait a bit and it should work!

  • Dan Olofsson

    It worked for me 2. time I tried with my iPhone 4S. I also had to turn on VPN before it displayed error connection and then rebooted. And now with the right icon > Cydia.

    Again thanks to the team many times :o)

  • nima

    what about windows users?

  • Fina

    Just getting a blank white screen when I click the Absinthe app, trying the jailbreak again…

    • Fina

      ok is because is completely overloaded, doh!

    • pinshot

      mee too

      • Fina

        keep exiting and opening the application, the website is completely overloaded. eventually you will get there, just keep trying! after that i had to do the VPN trick. I already had VPNs configured which seemed to muck it up a bit, but kept trying and finally it rebooted. Now I seem to be back to the same place, no cydia icon, will keep trying!

        • Fina

          I had 2 other VPNs configured, and I just kept getting prompted for their user/pass. I found I had to go to the settings for jailbreak, switch it off and on then “save”. then start the connection and phone reboots, now have cydia!!!

        • Alex

          How will I know when it worked? It will reboot from the white screen?

  • pinshot

    Jailbreak bar does not seem to be working…its saying begining but really slow! Dont think it has moved. How long did it take you guys?

    • Fina

      2 mins, try again?

  • phildoe

    Ran it twice, however when prompted to tap the jailbreak icon it is no where to be found. I looked everywhere.

    • Ted

      same here – can’t find jailbreak icon.. only absinthe one

      • Fina

        That is the one

        • Ted

          i just get a white screen

          • Fina

            read my comments above

      • Ted

        i did that and just get a white a screen

    • phildoe

      Yes, the Absinthe icon is the “Jailbreak Icon”. Instructions are not exactly accurate. It is good to be back in the glorious land of jailbreak!

      • Ted

        ugh wtf i tap the absinthe one and just get a white screen nothing happens

  • wattojp

    stuck at white screen after launching absinthe

    • Ted

      cant get that far

      • wattojp

        did you launch the absinthe icon? there isn’t a jailbreak one it is the absinthe one

        • Ted

          yea just got a white screen

  • nataly

    Can I unlock my iPhone 4s with this jailbreak?

    • Outside

      I have the same question. I have 5.0.1 (bought it as such) and want to unlock (have ATT phone but don’t live in America). Is this possible? I have a PC so I’ll have to wait either way, but just wondering.


      • Miguel

        Same question from me. I have an iphone 4s, but live overseas. >>Is there software to UNLOCK now that it’s jailbroken??

        • Beijing Owl

          Same question too.. I got my iPhone 4s on contract with 3 Network in the UK.. I’m now trying to use the iPhone in China on China Unicom but it won’t let me activate it..

  • Jeff

    Tried to start the jailbreak and the application crashed. Now when I try to run Absinthe again I get a message stating “Attempted to jailbreak and failed. Will try to fix the issue.” A quick progress bar goes across and fills up and then it says “Recovery Completed.” but it just stays there and the jailbreak button is greyed out. Rebooted iPhone and Mac, deleted Absinthe and redownloaded. Same thing keeps happening. Anyone else have this?

    • sbhsmile

      Yes exactly the same occur 4 me !
      tried everything, reboot, redownload absinthe,update itunes to latest version, disable vpn etc..

      Some help ?

      • dswwsd

        exactly the same!!!

        • eric

          exactly the same problem!!!

          • DarkOneX

            Same problem too! First time it basically just hung up for an hour on trying to jailbreak, so ended up closing the program and now ever since it’s stuck in this loop. I have reboot the phone and my PC and updated to latest iTunes and nothing helps. Trying a restore from iCloud now but think it’s restoring from a backup where it was alreayd messed up so not sure this is going to help anything.

  • Mark

    absinthe “quit unexpectedly”, when i tried to redo the jailbreak it says “it looks like you already tried to jailbreak and it failed, trying to resolve” then the bar goes across and it says “resolved”, and nothing happens to my phone, no icon, no reboot, tried turning on VPN and rebooting, and also quitting absinthe and trying it again, and it keeps doing it. anyone have an idea????

    • Jeff

      Just posted the same thing. I can’t figure it out. Hopefully someone has successfully fixed it and will post!

      • Mark

        i know! i don’t know what to do

        • mj

          close the program after the bar reached the end, then reopen it and jailbreak it.

          That would do it

          • Mark

            that didn’t work

          • Steve

            That has not worked for me either. unable to to get past step 1 without the unexpected error crash.

    • Kelly

      having the same problem

    • jns

      restore your ipad/iphone again then jailbreak

  • Does anyone know if iCloud backup still functions properly on a jailbroken iphone?

  • Davyd

    Absinthe app crashes when I try to open any tip in this issues plz. I´ve restarted my macbook and my Imac but still the same

    • Davyd

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, I was digging due to the error I’m having and one of possible reason if the version of my Mac and Imac both are 10.5.8.

      the error is :
      Dyld Error Message:
      unknown required load command 0x80000022

      • SomethingsWrong

        I have this problem too!

        • Ryan

          Same here

  • jean

    Absinthe wont open on my mac. I double click it and then it just crashes and gives me the option to relaunch or ignore. when i click relaunch it’ll just crash again. HELP!!!!

    • Peesk

      same here

  • xrevolutionx

    oh cydia how i missed you!

  • bertAlFresh

    when i launch absinthe it says the application unexpectedly quit. after clicking relaunch it still won’t work. help!

    • daiban

      same for me

      • R Wass

        start your mac in safe mode by turning it off and starting it back up while holding the shift key, then launch absinthe after it starts in safe mode. You should now be able to click jailbreak when you plug in your device. it worked for me.

        • Hessam

          same error in safe mode ! any idea?

  • Andre

    No passcode on iphone, but still no working Jailbreak button…. reboot iphone and mac..still no Jailbreak because the button keeps grey… so the absinthe app won’t detect the iphone 4s??
    any solutions>>?

    • anon

      make sure you have the latest version of itunes worked on mine after udating

      • Andre

        I have itunes 10.5.3 the latest,

        • Mikmed

          Same problem or me

          • AJ

            4S wont detect the program help

          • Hackkkk

            same problem

  • Tony Italiano


  • Paul

    So this works in 5.0 and 5.0.1?

    • Andre

      yes… 🙂

  • Dharminder Verma

    it works GREAT for me. thanks.

  • jimmy

    I lost all service after the jailbreak!!!!

    • g-funk

      I am having the same issue. I got service back temporarily by reinstalling mobile substrate in Cydia. It lasted for about a minute. I’m on Verizon, if it matters at all

  • katsuboi

    This is the only time I wish I owned a Mac. Arrgh, I’ll be patient and not complain though. Thanks Dev Team for working your magic again!

  • SomethingsWrong

    Hi guys!
    I have still the Mac os x 10.5.8 (leopard). Downloaded the Software (Version 1.2.2) and launched it. But it crashes quickly after the launch! Is this only snow leopard compatible?
    I tryed already to launch it while my iPad 2 is plugged in, but it crashes again!!!
    Have Intel Core 2 Duo
    Any answers could help!
    Anyway: Great work guys!!!!

    • max

      Same situation. I have Intel Core Duo and 10.5.8

    • MJ

      I have the same problem with my 10.5.8 iMac. but when I tried it on my macbook pro Mac os Lion, it launched it with no problem.

  • Chris

    What a bunch of cry babies lol it’s s phone hack not a heart transplant.

    • Really?

      Nothing positive or informative to add huh?

  • Andrew

    I kept getting the white screen and VPN wouldnt work but i kept trying and after the 8th time it worked. Thanks Dream Team I have my Cydia back!!!

  • Chris

    Got it working fine on the first try. Thanks!

  • Carroll

    Is there a way to make the entire long jailbreak process begin again? Running Absinthe again (see my reasons for wanting to below) just runs the short “looks like you tried to jailbreak and failed” process. When the “Recovery” is complete, I still don’t have the Absinthe Web clip I deleted…

    I accidentally deleted my Web clip for Absinthe, in a fit of troubleshooting the “connection failed” errors of earlier this afternoon. Re-running the Absinthe application doesn’t fill it back in on my iPhone. I was hoping that using Safari to get to greenpois0n would jumpstart the restart process (VPN isn’t making my phone restart), but haven’t had any luck getting my phone to restart. How can I finish up the jailbreak process? The long part of the Absinthe jailbreak install went fine.


  • It worked for me but after I installed a app and reboot my phone it won’t come back on, it’s in the loading screen it keep vibrating and won’t leave that screen what to do? Please help

  • Mel

    Have had the white screen and “Error establishing a database connection” error more than 50 times (no exaggeration). I’ve tried toggling on VPN (I have never set up VPN so it’s the only configuration in there) and waiting out the error until it reboots but it never does. So I tried rebooting it manually but that doesn’t work either.. I have tried the above mentioned steps after disabling the passcode too.

    Also tried restoring my phone once to redo the jailbreak but that didn’t work either. Might restore and redo jailbreak tomorrow if it still doesn’t work. I give up for today and will continue tomorrow…

    • Mel

      And now (for the second time today) I don’t get an error or white screen when opening Absinthe… and it doesn’t open Cydia either.. I just get the greenpoison website opened up inside the app.

  • happy

    Dev Team is awesome. Took a few tries, but the trouble shooting tips on here did the trick. MyWi 5 doesn’t work in the WiFi mode but it does work thru bluetooth. I’m sure now that the jailbreak is out they’ll give us an update.

  • diego

    greenpoison for windows users please… how long still to waill for the release??

  • scarface

    it took 4 mins to jailbreak iphone 4s
    cydia was installed within 4mins
    thx pod2g,thx dream team for ur hard work much appreciate it

  • Nick

    Had trouble until I updated to current iTunes version. Worked like a charm after that!

  • paul

    hi i cant get absinthe to open app quit unexpectedly any ideas:-(
    using a macbook

  • Rogan

    Does anybody have an idea when the windows version is out?

  • givemeabailout

    Is anyone having an issue with a disabled jailbreak button on OSX 10.7.2? Absinthe won’t recognize my 4s or P2 and yes the cables are plugged in because I just backed up the devices and closed the latest version of itunes

    • AJ

      same issue wit 4s

  • Joe

    It won’t even let me download the link to do it

  • Joe

    Safari won’t even let me download it

  • Casper

    I got windows.. With vmware 8 and mac os virtual machine. Connected my phone to the virtual machine jailbreaked, pressed the absinthe button on my iphone and after 1 min. The phone restarted..

    AWESOME GOod work

  • Jewbacca

    Does this work also with Iphone 4? non 4s version?

  • dennis Stanley

    Just to let you know, Absinthe (the update) worked flawlessly, no problems with the iphoto camera roll either… It was totally worth the wait and YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !!!!! Somebody with a lot of money should hire you (but then that would stifle your creative freedom I suppose) Keep up the GREAT work !!!

  • CursiveFire

    Has anybody tried using jailbreaking with absinthe from a mac virtual pc running on windows 7? yes, i’m that impatient…..

  • Sam

    Tried it every time i click on jailbreak it says beginning to jailbreak and deletes my pic and stays there for ever how long should it take to do it and why do the pics get deleted

  • Ankit

    Am on iphone 4 (4.3.3) .. happy to see all 4S owners rejoice .. Hope iphone 4 software unlock is not too far away .. Cheers!!

    Dream team .. Thanks for all the effort you put in.

  • Amir

    Tried it when ever I click jailbreak it says beginning to jailbreak and stays there for ever the bar does not increase and it deletes my pics don’t understand why does it delete my pics in the camera roll

  • masterjtp01


    I have the biggest man-crush on all the great exploiters!

  • zicco

    Does Absinthe have to download ipsw while performing jailbreak? Pls .

  • daniel

    my mac wont open the app it keeps popping up with relaunch and it wont it just keeps crashing what should i do?

  • james mayer

    amazing jailbreak worked first try with out any issues , great work guys

  • Steve

    This is what I get when trying to use it:

    21/01/2012 09:07:13.357 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x100332e70-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:14.359 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x1003321d0-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:14.453 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x100333230-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:14.977 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x101803970-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:15.101 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x1003325d0-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:15.134 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x100332820-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:15.155 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x100332820-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:15.161 MuxTCPInputSCE received RST for 0x2-412bc68c47b764da84ac8178c8fd3f16645e9afe@0x24100000:49568->0x100332820-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd:3840: sendMuxSegment connection was closed
    21/01/2012 09:07:15.175 HandleUSBMuxDictionary client 0x100332820-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd using library usbmuxd built for freedom, running usbmuxd-263
    21/01/2012 09:07:15.181 MuxTCPInputSCE received RST for 0x2-412bc68c47b764da84ac8178c8fd3f16645e9afe@0x24100000:49570->0x100332820-libusbmuxd/com.marcansoft.usbmuxd:4096: sendMuxSegment connection was closed
    21/01/2012 09:08:19.343 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, ‘<' not found
    21/01/2012 09:08:19.343 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: , _ nx @I k / y4 7
    21/01/2012 09:08:19.343 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^
    21/01/2012 09:08:31.349 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
    21/01/2012 09:08:31.349 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: \ Iq & t
    21/01/2012 09:08:31.349 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^
    21/01/2012 09:08:51.357 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Document is empty
    21/01/2012 09:08:51.357 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^
    21/01/2012 09:08:51.357 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
    21/01/2012 09:08:51.357 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^
    21/01/2012 09:08:53.359 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
    21/01/2012 09:08:53.359 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: \ k y @I /* X a c n 5  Fr a
    21/01/2012 09:08:53.359 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^
    21/01/2012 09:09:25.372 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
    21/01/2012 09:09:25.372 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: 8 H = ~ W
    21/01/2012 09:09:25.372 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^
    21/01/2012 09:09:28.032 Firewall: Deny netbiosd data in from to port 137 proto=17
    21/01/2012 09:09:28.032 Firewall: Deny netbiosd data in from to port 137 proto=17
    21/01/2012 09:09:46.012 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
    21/01/2012 09:09:46.012 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: M c %< . N
    21/01/2012 09:09:46.012 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ^

    • Steve

      It then continues repeating until it crashes with an unexpected error.

      • Steve

        it ends with:

        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Backup directory is “nirvana”
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Started “” service on port 49564.
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Negotiated Protocol Version 2.1
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Starting backup…
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Requesting backup from device…
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Full backup mode.
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: ERROR: mb2_handle_receive_files: too long device filename (16777216)!
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Discarding current data hunk.
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Device is not ready yet. Going to try again in 2 seconds…
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Device is not ready yet. Going to try again in 2 seconds… (x50)
        21/01/2012 09:17:16.000 [0x0-0xa60a6].com.chronic-dev.greenpois0n.absinthe: Device is not
        21/01/2012 09:17:37.671 mdworker: CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary.
        21/01/2012 09:17:52.810 mdworker32: kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged.

        Any ideas?

  • happycustomer

    Jailbreaking has never been so easy! Working on first try.
    Awesome job by the dream team!

  • daiban

    the application absinthe quit unecpectedly

    • paul


  • me

    touched the jailbreak icon and lost half my apps, including settings, sms, email, phone. JUNK

  • Robert

    is this out for windows

  • Steve

    Does anyone’s SIRI working…? Mine Gone and even the setting its not there, Its currently using ‘Voice Control’ 🙁 Need help Please, thanks all 🙂

  • masterjtp01

    I had some trouble at first.

    I have an iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1, and I Absinthe was installed on my phone successfully. However, opening up the Absinthe app on my phone led to a blank screen with an error. I tried each troubleshooting suggestion on this page, but the same blank screen with an error arose.

    Eventually, I restored my phone, reinstalled Absinthe, and opened the app on my phone.

    Finally, my phone rebooted after a couple of minutes, and Cydia was present!

    Nothing but respect for the dream team!

    Long story short, if you’re having trouble with Absinthe, you may have to restore your phone…

  • ahmed

    everything goes well untill i get to open absinthe and it loads for a few seconds then it stop on the white page, ive been exiting and opening for atleast 1 hour now, stil nothing, il keep trying since i know its crowded, but i just wanted to make sure if its normal to take this long,

  • Andre

    Ok found the solution for no detect iphone…

    let your iphone 4s plugin into the mac
    restart your mac the normal way” apple icon restart”
    when you hear the sound press the shift key on your keyboard.. when the grey apple logo appear release the shift after 2 sec… your mac boots in safe mode… after the boot, start and the jailbreak button will be available… no more grey..

    start jailbreaking 🙂

  • Andre

    Ok found the solution for no detect iphone…

    let your iphone 4s plugin into the mac
    restart your mac the normal way” apple icon restart”
    when you hear the sound press the shift key on your keyboard.. when the grey apple logo appear release the shift after 2 sec… your mac boots in safe mode… after the boot, start and the jailbreak button will be available… no more grey..

    start jailbreaking

  • R Wass

    TROUBLESHOOTING help: If you are having the problem where you cannot click jailbreak on absinthe with your device plugged in, start your mac in safe mode. You do this by turning it off and starting it back up while holding the shift key, then launch absinthe after it starts in safe mode. You should now be able to click jailbreak when you plug in your device. it worked for me.

  • I have done everything, upgrade to 5.0.1, update to newest iTunes, Absinthe 0.1.2-2, restarts both computer and phone, yet still can’t seem to get the jailbreak button dark, it’s still an unclickable button. help please

    • Check troubleshooting tip 7 courtesy R Wass.

      • thank you, Safe Mode did it for me.

  • frank

    2 questions

    1. I have a Iphone 4S Factory Unlocked and running tmobile. I did the jailbreak but when i go to the app to unlock it just stays white. I tried to reboot and run it again and did not work. What do I do?

    2. As for my other iPhone 4S that is for att worked perfect. Is there a way to unlock for tmobile yet?

  • No luck. Keep quitting at “beginning jailbreak” and freezes my Mac… updated itunes, mac and phone 4s rebooted. Thanks anyway!

  • ali

    its work on windows ???

  • ali

    its work on windows ?

  • tim

    I cant start it up tried on 2 macbooks and it fails, app just crashes and on windows using command line says sending too large
    all of it is failing, weird

  • Nisan

    I downloaded the absinthe app but whenI try to launch it on my MAC is doesn’t start…what can I do?

  • carlos

    hey everything works fine, once i run the absinthe app on my 4s it does everything good and reboots and the problem is that the absinthe app is still there and isn’t replaced by the cydia app. any one know why this could be?! Thanks in advance!

    • carlos

      i got it working. just redid everything and it worked. Thanks alot for the jailbreak!!!!

  • 123kiddd

    Everyone check ur mines isn’t working after this jailbreak.

  • Jane

    I jailbroken my ipad2 yesterday and succeed. Trying to do the same for my iPhone 4s but to no avail. I have the Absinthe on my home screen but when I launch it, it gives me white screen and then goes to the greenpoisoned site and nothing happened.

    Is it because it’s overloaded or is there something wrong with my phone??

  • V

    How long does it typically take with absinthe 2? I’ve been waiting for over 30 mins.

  • Damian

    When i try to open Absinthe, it says it quit unexpectedly! Someone help!!!

  • evilmonkee

    I too am wondering how long it should take. I’m using the latest windows version(.2) on my 32GB 4S, which is half full(mostly apps/pix + iTunes Match).

    Everything seemed to be going smoothly but it’s been sitting on the screen with the greenpoison logo, after clicking on the icon that it put on the home screen, for at least 20-30 minutes now. From different websites I have read, it says that once you click this icon, the webpage should load for a second and then the phone will reboot. But on mine, it’s just been sitting there.

    I did not do a restore before trying to jailbreak. I was hoping not to have to do that. I also made sure to run absinthe as admin and turned off all my anti-vir stuff.

    How long should I wait?

  • Ajaxx71

    Absinthe has been stuck at ” setting things up, please stand by” what do I do?

  • Andre

    New version only took about 6mins 43s on my 4S, can finally install my paid cydia apps again. Thanks guys.

  • DarkOneX

    Doesn’t work yo, just hangs forever when starting. Tried a restore even and didn’t help, wtf!?

  • Amit

    Can’t get my iPhone 4s to jailbreak after clicking on jailbreak. It starts to work quickly but stops about one eighth or one tenth of the way on the download bar. Tried over and over to get it to work, but it keeps getting stuck here. Waited half an hour, and still stuck on the same spot. Any ideas how to resolve this?

  • FalseStart

    If you have your device set to sync over Wi-Fi to iTunes running on another computer, it seems to disrupt the jailbreak attempt. It would be a good idea to quit the iTunes the device syncs to in order to prevent this interruption.

    My first attempt was interrupted by the sync. Absinthe sat idle and the iPhone 4S had an alert about an app it couldn’t sync. (Which tipped me off as to the delay.) Absinthe let me quit it at that point. Restarting it resulted in it telling me a jailbreak operation was aborted, and that it would attempt to clean things up. That seemed to work. The second attempt worked – once iTunes was shut down.

  • Pace

    The Jailbreak had an error and Absinthe tried to correct it, but even after it says it’s fixed, every time I plug my phone back in it says it has to fix my phone again. I restored my phone and it still gives me the same message. Any clue how to fix this? I restored from backup because I don’t want to lose my application information. Any help would be great! Thanks!

    • Pace

      I didn’t know only restoring from back up didn’t replace firmware, will try that then update.

  • paul

    all worked, absinthe icon on iphone ‘is now setting things up, please stand-by…’
    and then nothing… 🙁

    • paul

      and I forgot to say:
      using mac and updated itunes in latest OS – when runs it gets to “waiting for device to reboot” (device reboots), but ends – is that correct? the absinthe app then appears on iphone which is what I click on and get to the stand-by… bit – it just sits on that? – if I go back to home screen there is no cydia, just absinthe 🙁

  • Awesome work guys! Works perfectly. Thank you so much!!!!

  • ashlee

    worked perfectly after disabling passcode and rebooting into safe mode! thanks to all who worked so hard on this jailbreak.

  • Boz

    Thank you so much guys…. if u get problems with with network establsihing data connection … your iTunes is not opened i tried so many times .. didn’t even realize when you due all the steps iTunes closes so before you click on the icon on your screen absinthe make sure your iTunes is open and it will reboot once is rebooted click ur cydia is gonna be there. have fun

  • mike

    is there any way to activate my 4s without the att sim card

  • Tim

    After finishing the jailbreak and clicking on the absinthe icon i just get a white screen. Sometimes it loads to the website….but never reboots. Anyone else figure out how to get past this?

  • Alfredo Sainz

    i just downloaded the absinthe file and when i click on it to launch, nothing comes up. im using a mac comp too.

    • iMatt

      im having the same problem. any luck??

  • Nice

  • Thugs edgy Jeff. Goth FCC. Gg FCC DVDs

  • ricky

    Hi guys, need some help, I just restore my iphone 4s with most recent update, I UN-Jailbreaks. now the phone seems need to be activated before I can jailbreak it again. but I don’t have data service. Is there a way to do it without the activation on the phone?

  • Skeletor

    Worked perfectly for me, took all of about 5 minutes for me to complete it.

  • Skeletor

    Just found out that my Music app icon is now white??

  • Hendi

    Will this remove everything on my iPhone ??

  • TF

    Using a PC. Downloaded Absinthe on iPhone 4s. Have tried 10 times hitting Absinthe icon. Half time it tries connecting and comes back with ‘Didnt Work’ Tap Jailbreak to open settings….and turn on VPN named Jailbreak’. I went and tried turning on the only VPN I have and it gives the error message but does not reboot. Help!

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know if this works with iTunes 10.6?

  • C

    iPhone 4S first attempt was not successful due to “VPN message”. I could not turn on the “VPN” in Apple’s settings app. Therefore I reboot, tried recover, failed to recover (iTune said corrupted backup), then decided to launch absinthe again. Worked on second trial! Got Cydia!! However, the “VPN” entry in Apple’s own settings disappeared. Does anyone else encounter this problem? Otherwise, seem working normallly.

  • hour kunthea

    how to get Iphone 4S,, 5.1,,,, Cydia?

  • epiclink11

    when i go to jailbreak, it wont let me. it says “the attached device is not supported”. why? its a ipod 4g and its running iOS 5.1.1…

  • When im on the initial jailbreak data it would always tell me it would stop working is it because i didnt restore it to the original form??

  • iMatt

    tried repeated times but the download doesnt open on my mac… anyone have similar issue?? any help is appreciated.