iPhone 4S Call Audio Issues May Not be Fixed in iOS 5.1

Apple is yet to fix the call audio bugs plaguing iPhone 4S users (and maybe even iPhone 4 users) that we had reported couple of months back.

In the last two months, the discussion thread on Apple’s website that was opened on the issue has gone from 36 pages to a whopping 110 pages, indicating that the issue is affecting many iPhone users.

One user on the forum, who initiated the thread complaints:

Picked up a Verizon iPhone 4S – 32GB and on about 1 in 10 calls I get no outbound audio when dialing.  Call shows the timer counting as if the call is progressing but absolutely no ring back and cannot hear the party on the other end when they answer.

Another user on AT&T chimes in:

I am having the same issue with an AT&T 32G 4s, hitting the speaker button only works sometimes. It also has happened to me when using the Apple provided headphones/microphone.

According to the user complaints, the problem is intermittent.

We were hoping that the issue will be fixed in iOS 5.1 that is currently available to developers for beta testing. Unfortunately, AppleInsider reports that the issue is not yet fixed in the latest beta version of iOS 5.1:

Some iPhone 4S owners have been experiencing a sporadic yet persistent issue that mutes all audio when a user places a call, and new reports claim that Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 build will leave the problem unsolved.

However, Apple has not released a new beta version of iOS 5.1 for more than three weeks so there is still hope that Apple will fix the issue (assuming it is a software bug) in the final version of iOS 5.1 that would be released to iPhone users.

Have you experienced any such issue on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4? Have you figured out a workaround to fix the issue?

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  • @iLikeTech_

    I didn’t have these problems with my AT&T 4S or my Sprint 4S.

  • masikr

    i get the same problem on my iphone 4 all audio is muted but the person on the other end can still hear me it only happens when im trying to ring my girlfriend who also has an iphone 4 it never happened before i upgraded to ios5

  • Martin

    I bought the 4S 16GB in Denmark with a Danish service provider. I have the same problem.. So it seems it not just limited to Verizon.. However it is only on outbound calls, and I can hear the other end, they just can’t hear me.. I hang up and call again and then the audio works.. My service provider works on the theory that the problem might have something to with the type of sim card I’ve got.. So I’m picking up a new one later this week.. Think that they called the problem free sim card a USIM card if that helps anyone..

    • Jens

      Hi Martin

      Iv got the same problem but only when i used headset.
      Apple took the phone back and i got a new one.
      No problem now.

  • Luis

    I did have that problem with a replacement that i got from att after my first 4S, what i did was to hit Speaker button and then turn back to normal use of the speaker, and it works, but as it was new, i took it again to the app store the genius over there replace again the phone… =)

  • I am on Vodafone Pt and have experienced no such issues.

  • zak

    i have a 4s on o2 in the uk and i have this problem too

  • Iain

    My ear always hits the mute button but apart from that all is fine.

  • Axe

    I hv this problem 1 month after using 4s. It’s very disturbing.

  • Jose

    Had this problem for quite a while now lol thought it wasn’t a big deal though, it’s been getting on my nerves lately because of the longer wait periods

  • Joe

    My wife gets it on her iPhone 4. She also thinks she touches the mute button with ear. I have 4s. Haven’t had any trouble

  • Vidiya

    If the problem bothers you I cannot understand why you don’t take the silly thing back and claim your money. This is an expensive item and should work correctly leastly on the important things.

  • stef

    I thought i experienced this making a call on Viber.. call connected but i could not hear them. dont know if they could hear me. tried twice this outgoing.

    • Alfroggy

      Viber is another issue.

  • fas

    Oh no that is really bad. What is Apple upto?

  • Mctint

    I recently bought the iPhone 4s 16gb and sometimes have this problem. When I make a call it seems like I can talk through my own speaker and I cannot hear the other person even though the call count has started. Everytime I get this I activate the phone speaker and then de-activate it and the phone works perfectly!

  • Souple

    I have a similar problem, but it only effects outgoing calls if I am connected to WiFi. If I disable WiFi before calling it works fine. Incoming calls are not effected.
    I’m on AT&T with an iPhone 4s.

  • Bouchie

    My ear keeps switching on the mute button or loud speaker too, annoying and sometimes the screen stays black when I remove it from my ear,never had that with my 3GS!

  • OGT

    Mine is Working Fine…! No problems!!!! The only problem that I have is: This Phone is too fast…!

  • Steve

    I have the same problem can’t hear outbound calls but if I put it on speaker from the start then turn it off when call starts it works fine deff annoying after awhile.

    • OGT

      Did u Take out the plastic protector from the front? Cause I did and it works now..! LoL

  • John

    A few times a day calls I make off my 64g iPhone 4s end up muted or on hold. I’m not pushing the mute button either. this is an annoying bug.

  • RB

    I have the AT&T 64 GB 4s. The phone has so many bugs in it, i don’t know where to start. I have missed phone calls that do not even register in the phone and go to voicemail, calls that behave like you described in the article. What is up with reminders app? it locks up 99% of the time that I attempt to use it! Siri is a joke, if you are not in total silence it barely even works and has too many limitations. I was going to return it to Apple but was hoping Apple would fix the iOS issue by now, if it is an iOS. I switched over to the 4s due to the lag time in opening apps, etc. What is going on at Apple? Do they not realize how many people they are pissing off that have the tech backgrounds to know that the phone is really malfunctioning and not just a user error? My 2005 Nokia brick phone was 100 times better than this iPhone 4s. Something needs to be done. Everyone should take the two plus hours and call Apple and talk to their Corporate Resolution Staff not just technical support. Raise hell! In a polite way of course. We paid good money for these phones.

  • PebsUK

    64GB 4s on o2 UK and regularly get the issue

  • have a white 64gb iPhone 4s and I’ve been getting this issue a lot.. didn’t know it was wide spread but it is annoying to say the least

  • Perry P

    Had the same issue, randomly could not hear the outgoing call. Took the 4S to apple, they confirmed the problem and gave me a new phone. No questions asked. So far so good with the new iPhone……

  • Hatem

    I’ve ulocked iphone 4s and I’m suffering from this very annyoying problem! If this is not resolved promptly I guess I’ve to buy some other phone.

    • Ashley

      I agree I hate this problem.

  • ზურა

    სამწუხაროდ, მეც ანალოგიური პრობლემა მაქვს iPhone 4S-ზე 🙁
    როდესაც ვრეკავ სადმე, მეორე მხარეს ხმა მესმის, მაგრამ ჩემი ხმა არ ისმის.
    იმედია IOS 5.1-ში ამ პრობლემას მოაგვარებენ

  • Ashley

    I bought my iphone 4s November 4th. I had the same problem the 2nd day I bought the phone. I got my 2nd iphone 4s December 6th and had the same problem with that phone the same day too! I am very upset. I switch from being a sprint user for 10 years to going with Verizon. I had problems with my old phone through sprint, ended up switching with Verizon to have more problems with the iphone 4s . Not a happy camper.

  • Jason

    I have the exact same problem on a 16GB iPhone 4s with Verizon. It appears to happen if I don’t use the phone for awhile then try to make the call. If I use it frequently it works every time. I see the call in progress and the other end answers the phone but I cannot hear anything. If I hit the speaker button it works fine. If I then turn off the speaker it continues to work on the internal audio. Very annoying. I never had this problem with my iPhone 4.

  • BlondieTuco

    I have been having this problem as well. I also have a problem with bluetooth connectivity. I purchased my iphone 4 in January of 2011. Apple have replaced that phone 3 times. I have had a total of 4 Phones from them in the last 12 months, each time not restoring from a backup so no software problems will come back to the phone, etc… Being told NOT to use a case with the phone so nothing will block reception, but wait, I thought we need to use a case, or bumper to make it work, wasn’t that why they gave away free bumpers? Don’t use a screen protector. So here is what I believe, the iphone4/4s has an inherent HARDWARE design flaw that apple will not admit to. They will quietly fix it in the next hardware release, and move on. Their arrogance will at some point be their undoing though. If they had a product that worked, why on earth would they replace my phone 3 times? They tell me at support that no one else reports this problem, yet on the support forums there are thousands of posts related to this problem. I am no apple “Genius”, but this ain’t my first rodeo either. I’ve owned a carried more cell phones than apple has ever designed, and one thing they all had in common that the iphone does not? THEY MAKE PHONE CALLS, AND YOU CAN HEAR THE OTHER PERSON AND THEY CAN HEAR YOU, AMAZING!!! EVEN ON A BLUETOOTH CONNECTION. Speaking of bluetooth, lets not relegate it to just phones. Think of all the devices, headphones, mice, keyboards that use that standard and it just works, but apple, that meddles with anything they cannot totally control, like a public standard, can’t get it right.

  • rossane costa

    2 iphones 4s here are mute too. Brazil.
    Can someone try to call Apple using an android? Maybe it works better…