iPhone Alarms Not Working For Some Users On New Year’s Day 2012

iOS Alarm

Engadget reports that the iPhone alarms are not working today for some iPhone users on New Year’s day.

The New Year’s day alarm issue had affected iPhone users last year as well.

Apple had fixed the bug in iOS 4.3 software update. So the New Year’s day alarm issue is probably affecting users who have iPhones running iOS 4.2.1 or lower.

If you’ve an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.2.1 or lower then you probably should be updating it to the latest iOS 5.0.1 software update. iPhone 3G users unfortunately cannot update as iOS 4.2.1 was the last software update released by Apple.

Last year, the issue seemed to affect users only on January 1st and January 2nd for some strange reason. To avoid the issue until then try setting the alarm as a recurring alarm rather than a one time alarm by following these steps as it seemed to work for some users last year:

  • Launch Clock app
  • Tap Alarm
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap the appropriate alarm
  • Tap Repeat
  • Set a repeat interval
  • Tap Save

If you depend on the iPhone alarm clock then please be aware of the issue and the workaround to resolve the issue (at least until January 3rd).

[via Engadget]

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  • FeelinLukey

    Yeah, my alarms stop working when I’m hungover too.

    • I know this…

      dumb comment…
      guess you already failed your New Year’s resolution of not being a douche….congrats on another year of fail….

      • ImNotAgreeing

        You seem to have also lapsed on your new year’s resolution of not being a douche. At least the one with the hangover knows how to use the English language properly. So, congratulations, you didn’t even make it 24 hours.

        • I know this…

          Ha, sorry but you are incorrect…
          Strong comeback by the way….stupid clown shoed hippy!

        • ImAgreeing

          You moron! The FeelinLukey was making fun of people with hangovers and not stating that he had one.
          I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I’m sure I agree with the other guy who said you were a clown shoed hippy!
          So much for your grasp on using the ‘English language’ properly, you hippy!

  • Grime

    Here we go again, lets get it together Apple!

  • Limbodo


  • Pointless

    If those people had issues on 4.2.1 and didn’t / couldn’t upgrade to 4.3 then they shouldn’t be complaining. Either upgrade the OS or your device. If you can’t do both then do the same fix that has been out for a year.

    • Mike

      Huh? I should purchase NEW hardware because a software bug is refused to be corrected? Maybe the FTC will be interested in such business practices too.

  • Sigh

    Except that it also hit my 4.3.5 less than 15m ago … sigh Apple.
    Can anyone confirm this is fixed in 5.x?

  • fas

    That is surprising, no wonder the alarm clock acting weird today

  • LevTor

    My alarm goes off but there is no sound (when iphone is locked). It does this on recurring or not. It however has sound on the alarm when my iphone is unlocked.

    • sp8ty

      I’m getting the exact same problem as you and I’m running iOS 5.0.1. I jail broke my phone a few days ago and was wondering if my problem was linked to that. I was wondering whether you have jail broke yours too

    • sp8ty

      I’m getting the exact same problem as you and I’m running iOS 5.0.1. I jail broke my phone a few days ago and was wondering if my problem was linked to that. Is jail broken?

  • Yah, its was surprising for me too, why did such thing happend with my brand new iPhone 4 than i bought on this christmas.

  • Kandarp

    I had sort of same issue today with calendar. The date stayed 2nd jan until 12PM and then changed to 3rd after that. Anybody else noticed that?