Apple Closes The Gap Between iOS And Android With iPhone 4S Launch

A new report by NPD covering smartphone sales in the U.S. in October and November 2011 has found that the iPhone 4S has helped Apple close the gap between iOS and Android.

The report by NPD which analyzed sales from the end of 2011 found that while iPhone sales dropped towards Q3 of 2011, sales shot up during October and November. The original drop from 29% to 26% market share was largely due to the fact that the iPhone 4S was not released in June as previous models were, but was pushed back. Through October and November, Apple’s market share (based on sales) went up from 26% to a whopping 43%.

Meanwhile, Android’s market share fell from 60% down to 47%. However, since this jump was due to the release of iPhone 4S, it’s likely that the market share will drop once again. It will be interesting to see if Apple has managed to keep it this way or even take the lead in December 2011.

NPD Smartphone OS Marketshare

Another noteworthy point in the report was the list of the top 10 smartphone models:

NPD Top 10 smartphone models

As you can see, Apple is in the top 3 spots: the iPhone 4S is predictably first, followed by the $99 iPhone 4, and the iPhone 3GS. This last model is available for free with a 2-year contract on AT&T, which may be the reason that despite being in its third year of sales, it’s more popular than the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the Galaxy S II. And, even though Android seems to be slipping from the top position, TechCrunch notes that RIM and Microsoft have market shares so low that they aren’t even really in the race.


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  • hxclos

    Funny how even a 2009 model beats the competition today. Apple truly is years ahead!

    • Edctk


    • Paradox

      I think why the 2009 model is up there, is because it comes down to software. Andriod buyers are all hyped up on “bigger is better” but care nothing about quality. iOS programming is still years ahead of android programming. The main question is, with android as open source, will they be able to catch up. Linux is great, but you can see how well it was adopted.

      • dice

        linux is great, only thing that keeps it from progressing is people who havent yet relized this. in time i think it will be huge.

        • Samanjj

          Linux is too technical for the average user. It has too much of a DIY feel. OS X has already shown how you turn Linux/UNiX into a user friendly experience. Is any other company close?

  • funny

    lol. its funny how windows phones are in the bottom of the charts,