Ipsum: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You to Quickly Dismiss iOS Notifications From Lock Screen

The revamped notification system with iOS Notification Center is easily one of the best iOS 5 features.

The Notification Center finally allow us to keep track of notifications, while allowing us to view new notifications in the lock screen enables us to quickly respond to them.

However, one of the annoying things of displaying the notifications in the lock screen is that you have to either open the notification or unlock your iOS device to dismiss it. Apple ideally should have given us an option to dismiss the notification from the lock screen.

Thankfully a new jailbreak tweak called Ipsum has recently been released that allows you to dismiss the notification from the lock screen.

Once you have installed Ipsum from Cydia, instead of swiping to the right to open the notification, you need to swipe to the right and then swipe back to the left to dismiss the notification.

You can checkout the video below to see how it works:

Ipsum is available in Cydia for free.

As always, let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments.

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  • The handy jailbreak tweak aside, that lockscreen looks awesome

    • Azlec

      Indeed! Does anyone know it’s name?

  • noon

    anybody knows what is the theme used in this picture here?

    Not the video.

  • Jose C

    Any one knows the name of the lock screen from the picture? It’s pretty awesome!

  • JB

    Hmm, won’t download. Says in red letter wasn’t able to locate file etc….

    • Kill Cydia that was probably running in the background. Relaunch Cydia again and try to install it. It should work this time.

  • fas

    I totally love this thing, its so awesome.

  • Chris

    Great Tweak! Simple, intuitive, the way apple should have made it! Now all we need to go with it is a tweak to not clear the notifications on the lockscreen when you unlock, basically all notifications stay on the lockscreen until acted upon or dismissed. If anyone knows of a tweak that does this let me know, and yes I know about IntellisceenX and Lockinfo, but what I want is simplicity, not more features.

  • waakkaka

    noob tweak.. just make a tweak that have x button to remove it.. such a loser

    • hara

      apparently u never programmed anything.