Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone 4S Finally Makes Siri Hands-Free

It has hardly been two days since the jailbreak dream team have released tools to jailbreak iPhone 4S, but we’re already seeing iOS developers coming up with interesting new ways to extend the functionality of iPhone 4S.

Ever since Apple introduced Siri – one of the most popular features of Apple’s new iPhone, we’ve been dreaming of the day when we could use Siri without using the Home button. In our opinion, tapping the Home button is one of the most non-intuitive ways to activate such a feature like Siri.

iOS hacker and developer – Brock Haymond has recently released a jailbreak tweak call Hands-Free Control that makes that dream a reality.

Unfortunately, it means that it can end up being a drain of your iPhone’s battery life, which is the most likely reason why Apple did not make it an “Always on” feature.

Here a brief description of the jailbreak tweak from Cydia:

Hands-Free Control provides a continuous listening service on your device to activate voice functions, even while in sleep mode. When you speak the keyword, Siri (on the iPhone 4S or via Spire on other devices) or Voice Control will be activated without pressing any buttons, and then wait for further voice input.

Normally you have to press and hold the home button for several seconds to activate these voice functions, but now with this app these features are completely hands-free! Just speak the keyword! The service also works with headphones and bluetooth headsets. 

Haymond also claims:

Hands-Free Control™ will also automatically and continually calibrate to the current ambient noise in your environment to filter out noise from speech.  If you have trouble with your iPhone recognizing when you say the keyword you can adjust the sensitivity to the keyword in the settings.  If you unintentionally activate Voice Control at any time, simply say “Cancel” and it will quickly exit.

You can change the keyword to activate Siri, change the settings that could have lesser impact of battery life etc via the Settings app.

You can check out the video demo of the Hands-Free control jailbreak tweak below:

Hands-Free Control is available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone 4S for $2.99.

As always, let us know what you think of Hands-Free Control in the comments.

[via HandsFreeControl]


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  • marmyth

    How did you do if you ask ,,Siri?” she will answer ,,Yes?”

    • If you enable the Voice Response under Settings -> Hands-Free Control, Siri responds with a “Yes” everything you activate it with a keyword. It sounds pretty cool 🙂

      • scarface

        its not working
        i did enable the voice response still doesn’t answer “yes”

        • Mikkel


          I have the same problem. I have tried to remove and reinstall and respring serial times but it wan’t work. Any suggestions?

  • Will this work with a Bluetooth headset? Maybe have the headset listen all the time, might improve battery if the Bluetooth doesn’t get to it first 😉

  • marcello

    i can’t believe there is actually someone taking this SIRI stuff seriously, i don’t own a 4s myself nor i would upgrade for the siri functionality & turning myself into Siri An, (anus) i can’t even figure out activating applications & dictation with voice control commands personally, i prefer the voice over functionality which a lot more helpful when doing spellcheck & text proofing documents, (using headphone or earphones). my impression of siri is a far to loud feature to fin into standard life.

    • Imagine someone you know is a paraplegic, this opens a whole new
      world to that person. I doubt you even know the meaning of the word.
      Just what we need more educated assholes like you.

  • Marcello2

    Well done marcello, for a completely useless comment, of no,use to man nor beast!

  • Marcello1

    Siri is just a toy. Nobody uses it.

    • Devol

      You are an idiot for making such a comment. I use siri on a daily basis at least 20 times a day. And I know at lease 10 other people who also use siri. Sounds like some one wants a 4s and can’t afford one or is too cheap to buy one outside of an upgrade. Again, your an idiot.

    • katsuboi

      I too thought it was a novelty, but it actually is quite handy. I replied to a text message by dictation the other day, it was great. I was driving and told Siri to text message my wife back and it worked great.

      I then proceeded to tell Siri to reply to an email and began dictating the reply email as I was driving, word for word it was perfect. I was very impressed!

  • xXanth0s

    I downloaded it right now but it doesn’t work for me.
    New way to waste 3$

    • Go to Settings -> Hands-Free Control and tap on the Listening Service toggle, which is ON by default to turn it OFF and then again enable it. You should see “Service Starting up please wait …”. It should start working. If it doesn’t then try rebooting your iPhone, should definitely start working after the reboot.

      • XXanth0s

        Ty :). After reebooting it works quite good 🙂

  • Chris Forrester

    I’m thinkin I might be a “Siri An”..I’ll ask Siri and see what she says…Got her working on the iPod 4g today and I love it (her)!I asked her to marry me and she said her EULA didn’t allow for that!

  • Phil

    you guys realize you could have Sirius activated in an alternate manner using Automator, right? it installs along with Sbsettings.

    • Scott

      I don’t remember having Automator having the option for hands free automation…

  • Nosferatu

    Sounds similar to what I use on Android and the reason it’ll drain the battery on either device is because it’s constantly listening for the “catch phrase” to activate the voice recognition system.

    Maybe the developer can do what is on Android is have an option toggle that will enable it to be “always on” when plugged into a charger. This is great for when in a car and I dock the phone it’ll auto connect bluetooth and activate the always on feature so I can voice control while driving.

  • So what’s the battery life like with this tweak? I’m already noticing a huge battery drop with the new iPhone 4s jailbreak.. have sbsettings, intelliscreenx, and a few other background tweaks running… no bueno.

  • OGT

    He asks for a Walmart??? WTF?

  • Do not work optimal with the K O Gadget Luminescent Logo Mod Kit. The light will never turn off with the listening service active. Keeps the light on forever.

  • Tommy

    This tweak also makes bluetooth with the Bose Soundlink wireless speakers incompatible. I can’t find other audio sources on the iPhone after enabling this Hands-free feature.

    • Bekk

      Also cant find my denon reciver via airplay after using it

  • SS81

    the app works well for me on the iPhone 4s, however since the microphone runs in the background, apps like voxer stops working. Also i can’t hear the key clicks when you install it. Anybody know whats going on?

  • Kerry Batten

    i installed the new SiriToggle app after installing this app….now the hands free doesn’t work.

  • Paulg

    How come Siri keeps saying yes after every conversation? Anyway u can prevent it from doing that?

  • David

    This is a great app but it does something with the sounds. The unlock sound is not as crisp and you can’t hear the key clicks when typing. If you turn it off, not uninstall it everything works as it should. You can turn the “Yes” off by going to settings and turning off “Voice Response” and respring. This app is amazing but the sounds thing would be a nice fix.

  • JJ

    Hey so this is a cool tip for anyone who wants this tweak but doesnt wanna buy it. Just go to activator, Anywhere (if you want), go down to Status Bar, then Single Tap and assign it to Virtual Assistant (Siri). This way with just one tap on the top of your screen Siri will come up. I know you still have to actually do something for Siri to come up unlike with this Hands-Free Control but you save $3 and you dont have to worry about sensitivity or having to say Siri all the time or drain you battery.

    • dablo

      I actually set this up haha and it works well. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  • c-plus

    I installed it on my Iphone 4. It works, however my email is slow. Sometimes won’t even open. Just closes.

  • mediascape

    Works with Spire on a iPhone 4. Although kinda buggy, sometimes Siri will repeat “Yes” over and over when called multiple times. Like the activator suggestion.

    “Hey so this is a cool tip for anyone who wants this tweak but doesnt wanna buy it. Just go to activator, Anywhere (if you want), go down to Status Bar, then Single Tap and assign it to Virtual Assistant (Siri). This way with just one tap on the top of your screen Siri will come up. I know you still have to actually do something for Siri to come up unlike with this Hands-Free Control but you save $3 and you dont have to worry about sensitivity or having to say Siri all the time or drain you battery.”


  • EJessie

    Works great,


  • JB

    I did install it but can’t get it to run. Have tried respiring, reboot, turning on and off the service but still nothing. Any ides ?

  • Liam Baker

    I have an issue, It was working fine and suddenly it’s stopped. Has anyone else had this issue? Could it be something to do with other Cydia tweaks I’ve downloaded? Please help! 🙂

    • Travis

      You have to go into settings and toggle listening service on and off to get it working again. Seems to stop working after about 2 hours of no use. Poorly made tweak, wouldn’t recommend it unless there are extreme upgrades to fix all the bugs.

  • Chris

    If you have assistantexstentions installed it breaks hands free. Free uninstalling AE hands free works fine. Maybe they will work together in the next version?

    • Louis

      Yep same issue here.

      Tried installing Hands-free control after AE and still no go.

      It never works.

      This is a deal break for me, wish they would fix this….

  • klbrph

    I love this tweak for Siri, but it has caused a slight problem. I have a BMW with bluetooth capability. With the Handsfree tweak on my iPhone, my bluetooth phone function in my car shows a call in progress until i shut bluetooth off. i can’t end the call, i can’t even get the display to shut off, even after i’ve shut the car off. anybody else had a problem like this?

    • roadracer516

      Same problem as klbrph. I have a Murano and it does exactly the same thing with the bluetooth in my car. I wish there were a fix for this as it is a neat tweak but having to turn off every time I get in the car kind of makes it a “no go”.

  • fireknight25

    After enable this hack, I have hard time playing music using my bluetooth devices. It makes the music monotone and makes the devices thinking that you are making a call even though the music is still playing. All these problems stopped once this hack is disabled. Not really sure why it is happening but assuming a bug in this software. Will stop using it because I use the bluetooth devices why more than I need to talk to siri hands-free.

  • perry

    great app
    there is sound and random white icon issue
    is there a fix
    thanks in advance

  • Adam

    Muffled lock sounds but works fine, switch it off in SB settings and the sounds return to normal. Also muffled or no sound when choosing ringtones in sounds settings app.