• John

    I’m still waiting to receive my mod that was mailed out last week. Can anyone who has the mod installed comment on how it effects battery performance or your lcd screen?


      I haven’t noticed any battery life performance issues. The mod only uses one LED light to illuminate the apple logo. Installation is kinda scary though. There’s a LOT of small pieces that you feel like you’re going to break when disconnecting. Mine has a small gap at the top of the phone that you can see the light glowing through. I might take it apart again and put something on the top to block the light leaking out.

    • Sean

      I received my kit. Came with everything needed. The online details are a little sketchy for the install for the IPhone 4 gsm. I soldered my red wire in place, instead of the bs method described by ko gadget. Mod works great, even though the light comes on when switching cell towers and continuously on during charge. Looks awesome!

      • Krutikesh

        U said u have soldered it to connecting point but where exactly have u soldered it coz the connecting point has two part left(camera side) right(volume button).my friend connected it on the left(camre side) n the light stayed on like forever did not went off even after 15min!!!help plz
        thankx in advance

  • DoctorTim

    I got a cease and desist letter today for eating an apple. This crap is going just a little too far.

    • fas

      and you are a doctor, how can you eat an apple and keep yourself away?

      • Jason

        That was kinda stale if it was a joke fas.

  • Darnell

    Just make it a glowing pineapple or Steve Jobs face and be done with it.

    • Stu

      or a pear like disney channel

  • Rod

    That is why I love my droid…apple is just big fat pain in the ass….

    • devol

      lol you love yours droid because of a reason like this….uggh you deserve a droid

      • OGT

        Fanboys Sucks….

        • Damien

          You love your droid that much you choose to come read an iphone hacks website, CLUE is in the title you droid.!

  • Jon

    Is it just me, or is there always a Droid fanboy spewing his/her two cents on stories about apple products. Why do they even care?

  • bob

    Droid is not a company that makes products with their own OS. They are just a OS thats installed on multiple brand phones. Why do droid users constantly input on iphone specific sites? I’ll tell you why…because like it or hate it iPhone is king. Its all everyone talks about whether they have one or not. They compare their device with it. Not with the other phone models. Just the iphone. WINNING!

    • Chinaman

      Where’s the ‘LIKE’ button when you need one? lol

  • Justin

    I got mine last thursday the install was easy when following the picture instructions, but when i went to put the new cover on it. It did not slide all the way on so i put a little pressure on it and it broke into three peices. Biggest waste of money i ever spent except for the playstation move.

  • Juan

    Mine has been installed for a while now. I have seen no battery drop. Or degradation of the screen. It looks cool. And a lot of people want them. If it is truly a danger, let Apple prove it either by technical discussion or demonstration and if they can’t then shut the hell up and let people do what they want. Money grubbing SOB’s your God is gone. Don’t be afraid of the people anymore.

  • iBounce

    What about the numerous cases that have a replica apple logo?

  • Juan

    Yeah, sorry. Installation seemed a little tricky. Watch the video. It is pretty cool though. I have been offered a grand for my phone.

    • Dan Bradley

      Let me get this straight.
      You have been offered $1,000 for your cellphone? Someone said, “Yo bud, I will pay you $1,000 cash for your cellphone because the apple logo glows” ? Were they 13? Jesus Christ, if someone said they’d pay me $1,000 for my iphone I’d kiss em on the lips and hand that thing right over.
      I hope that you took it, because if not, …well… you’d be dumber than a rock.


    Have had mine installed for a few days now and have not seen any drop in batt. Only issue I had was the pentalobe driver in the kit was damaged an useless. Had to use a sharp flat tip screwdriver to remove back cover screws. Ordered replacement Phillips screw kit from ifixit.com that comes with pentalobe driver/screws. The light does come in randomly sometimes but it’s reported that this is sign of data xfer. The install video link included in box also didn’t work. Found vid on YouTube by another user.