Lorem: Clear Notifications With a Swipe Using This Jailbreak Tweak

Lorem is a must-have jailbreak tweak for Notification Center.

If you don’t like the idea of tapping on the x button and then tapping on the Clear button, check out Lorem, it allows you to clear a notification from Notification Center with just a swipe

After installing Lorem – all you need to do is drag or swipe in any direction on the notification to clear it. We found it  a lot more intuitive and faster to clear notifications using Lorem.

Lorem is disabled by default, so you need to first enable it via the Settings app (Settings -> Lorem -> Enabled On/Off toggle)

The jailbreak tweak works quite well in IntelliScreenX and should work well with LockInfo as well. Update: Unfortunately though it works well with notifications in IntelliScreenX, it doesn’t seem to play that nicely with the  other ISX pages such as Mail, RSS Reader etc.

You can check out the video of the jailbreak tweak below:

Lorem is developer by iStopped and available for free in Cydia.

If you liked Lorem then you may also like ipsum – a jailbreak tweak that allows you to get rid of notifications from the lock screen by swiping.

As always, let us know what you think about the jailbreak tweak in the comments.

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  • jai

    not bad…

  • Jaya_on

    What’s the glass looking notification theme he has?

    • Joe

      im wondering that as well, it must be an image he uses with “CustomNCBackgroud” tweak, but what image?

      • Joe

        Found it, its BlurriedNCBackground, its free on cydia

        • Jaya_on

          Nice find! Thanks Joe!

        • hey

          yes but its slow 🙁

  • jailbreaking is a thing of the past

    • ifonix

      what r u doing here? this is a jailbreak comunity website…..

      • I want so much more from cidia, more tweaks and amazing stuff. This is all crap. Iv done the pirate thing and iv had all the tweaks. It’s just not worth it unless you pirate. That gets old. I bought all 150 app I loved and never looked back. I just want ground breaking stuff, this is all low time crap tweaks that put your phone at risk. It’s just lame.

        • Globe

          Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And its Cydia, dumbass…

    • el

      hahahaha. going to JAIL is the in thing?? hahahahaha.

  • FredMC

    Does it have a way to wipe multiple notifications from the same app? (say text or a game or something)

  • Anonymous :)

    Mostly unrelated question—–

    Do you know if there is a tweak that completely disables notification center?

    That thing is so annoying I can’t take it anymore!!!’

    I would actually pay any price for a tweak like that!!!

  • A Black Dude

    what tweak tweak is that for toggles in nc center