Process Killer: App That Allowed Users to Close All Apps Running in The Background Was Briefly Available in The App Store

Process Killer

While there are jailbreak tweaks available to kill processes running in the background to free up memory, did you know that there was an app briefly available in the App Store that allowed users to kill processes running in the background or at least that is what it claimed to do.

Apple seems to have removed Process Killer app developed by Aeonika from the App Store recently. We found out about the Process Killer app when we came across this article by Digital Inspiration’s Agarwal, which talks about “How to close all apps in the background”.

Though the app still shows up in the search results on Google, clicking on the link (which is an App Store link) gives you the following error message: “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the App Store”.

Here’re some interesting details about the Process killer app:

  • As you can see from the screenshot above, the app received quite a lot of favorable reviews in the App Store from users.
  • This was the description of the app in the App Store (courtesy Appolicious):

Application shows you background processes and memory consumption.The app “kills” with it’s simplicity!

  • You can checkout the screenshot and demo video of the app below:

  • It looks like the app was available in the App Store since October 2011 and was available for $0.99. According to the Digital Inspiration’s article published on 6th January 2012, it was a free app.

We’re not sure how the app sneaked into the App Store, as we’re quite sure that the app used unpublished API’s that officially break Apple’s iOS Developer agreement. The other issue is that when you click on the URL for developer’s website, you’re taken to an under construction page.

If you’ve seen this video by iOS developer – Fraser Speirs, which gives a demo of how iOS multitasking works then it is also possible that Apple removed the app from the App Store for misleading users.

Whatever the reason, we were quite surprised to find out that there was an app available to kill background processes in the App Store so we thought of sharing it with you.

Have a nice weekend!

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  • ME!

    Apple is a bunch of nazi’s!

    • Wiilt

      you ought to be put away for such a comparison 0.0

  • GDogg

    Lol that’s apple for you

  • sean

    why did apple take it down? the android market has lots of them and i would concider them an essential app

    • Samo

      I believe Apples strict policies prevent one app from affecting another, this app obviously broke those rules by wiping another apps memory.

  • Joey

    Apple probably took it down so they could add it to their IOS 5 or IOS 6 in the future.

  • Kiwiholden

    I’m on apples side. Apple knows best all hail apple

    • iRockU

      Says an apple fanboy like yourself.

  • drajha

    Ha!!! I was wondering what happened!!! I went to submit a review and was shot down. Apple HAS to “get” that every time they pull an app that allows me to do something they don’t want me to be able to I just exone MORE interested in jailbreaking!!!

  • dhjfjnx

    I doubt it used any undocumented/uncertified API: reading the process list is documented/kosher, many apps on the app store do this.

    To close all other apps, all a process would have to do is ‘balloon’: keep allocating memory and filling it with rubbish, and the OS will close the other processes to meet the memory demands of the foreground one.

  • dice

    i have this app……

  • OGT

    Apple thinks they can do anything they want…! But thanks God for Hackers…! They show apple who is in control..!

  • Samsung suck

    Since ios support multitasking and multitouch gesture, imho you dont need this app (at least for me)…just swipe four fingers of yours upward (or double click home button if you have not activated it yet) and hold one of the app until the icon(s) shake and kill one or all the apps you want. It’s just as simple as that…

    • ctrev08

      Or press a button and simple as that. DUMBA$$

  • prolik

    I have it. Doesn’t do what name suggests !!!! It just shows uses memory by apps. Can’t kill any of them through app. Lame.. :-/

  • Hmm..interesting 😕

  • woor

    not working on iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 -.-

  • Samo

    prolik talks rubbish, the app does/did remove other running apps from memory, any of the another memory monitoring apps available on the app store will prove this (I’ve just tested and confirmed). It doesn’t however show them as closed on the multitasking bar, but if you try and switch back to any of the killed apps you’ll notice it loads from scratch as if it wasn’t previously open. The app definitely works on my iPad 1, it’s amazing how slow that gets with iOS5 after only 4-5 apps are open. It’s frustrating that Apple doesn’t already include this feature, even a button to close all running apps would be useful though clearing out some of the idle OS memory would also be handy rather than having to force reboot.

  • Christopher

    I was able to get it on my son’s 3G before apple removed it. The phone does not have a multitask bar so there was no way to selectively shut down apps or their processes. The 3G becomes slower and slower running various apps.
    Just shake the phone and Process Killer cleans out the clutter, frees up memory and the phone is working at it’s normal speed again.
    It’s a great tool.
    PC’s have had this ability for years with task manager. It’s too bad apple doesn’t want the same.
    Is there a way to copy it to another phone?

    • Kevin

      yeah I think there is, just sync your iphone with a Mac or Pc with Itunes on it, then after you have done that, take the phone you want to put the app on, and sync that with the computer, that just synced with the phone that DOES have the app on it, oh and when your syncing with the second phone also make sure that the app you want to put on that phone is Checked, to do that, go on the apps bar within the bar with your iphones name, its hard to explain with text, but yeah. do that, sync it, then the app should be on your phone now.

      sooo sorry for the messy explanation,
      hope it works.

  • Kevin

    I have it, it does excatly what it is supposed to do, but its weird, I also have another memory optimizer called “Ram Doctor”, and it pretty much does the same thing as Process killer, since it also, releases memory, and in order to do that, it too, closes down some applications, then why don’t apple delete that from the app store? it seems to have been in the app store for a time now.

  • RAMGirl

    A 99c app called Memory Doctor does a good job of freeing up memory when you need it without having to delete apps from memory. Those who thing the OS does all this automatically aren’t trying to stream music or video — to do that and use lotsa apps you have to either drop apps from memory manually or use something like Memory Doctor.