QuasiDisk: Simple File Manager App Allows Tethering Via Hidden Feature

Quasidisk tethering

9 to 5 Mac reports that developers of iPhone app QuasiDisk have sneaked in the tethering feature in the latest update.

While the description of the iPhone app in the App Store does not mention the tethering feature and claims to be just a simple file manager and file viewer, the YouTube video as you can see below shows how to tether your laptop to the iPhone’s 3G data connection to surf on the web using QuasiDisk’s hidden tethering feature.

The step-by-step video below shows how to enable tethering using QuasiDisk. It includes the following steps:

  • Create a ad-hoc network
  • Connect iPhone to ad-hoc network
  • Start QuasiDisk FTP server on your iPhone
  • Enter HTTP and Socks proxy on the laptop

We have seen with apps like NetShare and iTether that brought the tethering feature to the iPhone, Apple is quite quick in removing such tethering apps due to pressure from carriers, so we won’t be surprised if QuasiDisk is removed from the App Store soon.

If you’re looking at a tethering option for a one-time fee without jailbreaking then grab QuasiDisk, which is available for $1.99 using this App Store link before it is removed.

Please note that unofficial tethering can get you into trouble with your Carrier so use it with caution.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • Matt B

    Itether is WAY easier… the one that was offered on iTunes at least… i assume the one on cydia is the same thing. It’s got none of the BS to connect like with this app… i guess you save 3 dollars though. It’s just a big pain if your’e doing this EVERY time you go online. I suppose it’s an option for the unjailbroken iPhone.

  • wow excellent i love this , this is crazy

  • Brian

    Don’t understand tethering features being SOLD. Especially with AT&T cracking down on unofficial tethering. I paid for MyWi and I quit using it because of the infamous letter from them. Now it’s wasted money because in not gonna lose my unlimited. It’s a matter of the lesser of two Evils run by the 1 corporate devil.

    • PDA net has a hide tethering feature tat seems to work been using since AT&T started being the tether nazis. They also do the app for android and blackberry withch I used use b4 I got my job that had special requirements but I digress PDA net is prety good except with the hide tethering option on the sites you visit think your a phone no matter what device you are actually using

  • Download it, quick!

  • Jon

    Will this work to tether my iPhone with iPad?

  • Chris

    It’s been pulled already, but at least I got it while it was available.

  • BOB

    ATTENTION:: those of you having trouble making the app work. You must turn off the Auto Proxy Discovery in the same menu that has the HTTP and SOCKS proxies. I have found that it WILL NOT WORK if you have this turned on. Works great now. When you switch back to regular Wifi you must uncheck the HTTP and SOCKS and recheck the Auto Proxy Discovery. Every time you must make that switch. Otherwise good to go

  • using the same port and proxy address on the HTTPS proxy will enable you to visit secured sites. FYI