Quickly Access Description, What’s New, Screenshots, Even Buy an App Via Pop-up Windows in iTunes Store


Browsing the App Store on your computer would get a lot easier if we could, without navigating away from the current page, see the description, ratings and screenshots of an app.

Guess what? It is now possible in the iTunes Store.

A typical iTunes page (including the App Store) has links to multiple apps, songs and videos on a single page. Each of these, when hovered, present an italicized “i” button which many of you might know as the info button from iOS apps.

The info button presented on hovering the mouse

When you click on the info button on the App Store page, a pop-up window gives you quick access to the description, the What’s New section and screenshots of the app. You could even buy and download the app from the pop-up window.

As opposed to dedicated pages for apps, where information is distributed over a large area, the pop-up windows presents content in a concise, easy-to-view manner. Unless you want to read reviews, you could do all your App Store browsing via this pop-up window.

Just like for apps, the music pop-up window lets you view ratings, stream previews and of course purchase songs without navigating away from the current page. A similar pop-up window interface exists for books, videos and podcasts.

Popover for music

Now there has been some confusion as to whether this is a new feature, or one that existed since quite some time. We’ve used the modal preview for songs since long, but for apps we’re noticing it for the first time.

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