Rumor: Apple to Bid For English Premier League Streaming Rights

Premiere League Football

Apple is rumored to be bidding for streaming rights for the English Premier League (EPL) football matches.

The Daily Mail reports that Apple is throwing its hat in the ring for streaming TV rights for one of the world’s most popular sports: football (or soccer, if you’re American). The competition is  fierce billion-pound endeavor, but would definitely give Apple some exclusive content for Apple TV.

“The three certain bidders will be Sky, who paid £1.6billion for their current packages, ESPN, who say they are determined to buy more PL content, and Middle East network Al Jezeera, who also have the resources to break the Rupert Murdoch stranglehold on the Premier League.”

Google is also rumored to be looking at bidding for streaming rights as well. Apple’s interest, as well as those of these other companies, is likely to help give the English Premier League a competitive market and generate billions in revenue for the league and its teams. This would be especially welcome in a time when other professional sports are seeing a decline in prices.

In a previous story about the rumored upcoming Apple branded Television, analyst Shaw Wu mentioned that Apple would have to really change the programming game to make their TV attractive for potential customers. This kind of exclusive content would definitely make Apple products more popular in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, not to mention help boost iPad sales.

Will this make the Apple TV or the rumored Apple Television more viable at least in UK?

[via The Daily Mail]