Samsung Continues Ridiculing iPhone Buyers in Its Latest Galaxy S II Ad

Samsung Ad

Samsung’s newest ad for the Galaxy S II continues its anti-iPhone campaign by highlighting the lack of free, in-built turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone.

The setup of the ad is very similar to the earlier ones, portraying people waiting in lines outside an Apple Store for the iPhone, only to be disappointed by the device’s unchanged looks. Then a few buyers notice a passerby with a Samsung Galaxy S II, and they’re amazed to know that the device has a free turn-by-turn navigation (Google Navigation) service built in.

The ad also coins a new term, “Samsunged,” which apparently means buying a phone (or just an iPhone?) only to be disappointed and realize that a Samsung phone would have been much better.

According to All Things D, Samsung is reportedly producing a similar commercial for a Super Bowl spot.

If these ads are trying to say that a large portion of iPhone buyers regret their purchase, Samsung couldn’t be more wrong. Satisfaction ratings for the iPhone, although varying from survey to survey, go as high as 96 percent. Demand for the iPhone 4S has been higher than ever, and Apple’s financial results for this quarter, scheduled for the 24th of this month, are expected to be record breaking.

But we hope that Apple releases their own turn-by-turn GPS app for the iPhone, which they’ve been rumored to be working on, at least in iOS 6 as Google’s free turn-by-turn GPS app is currently one of the unique selling points of Android based smartphones. In fact, it could be one of the major new features of iOS 6 and the next generation iPhone.

[via AllThingsD]

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