Samsung Continues Ridiculing iPhone Buyers in Its Latest Galaxy S II Ad

Samsung Ad

Samsung’s newest ad for the Galaxy S II continues its anti-iPhone campaign by highlighting the lack of free, in-built turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone.

The setup of the ad is very similar to the earlier ones, portraying people waiting in lines outside an Apple Store for the iPhone, only to be disappointed by the device’s unchanged looks. Then a few buyers notice a passerby with a Samsung Galaxy S II, and they’re amazed to know that the device has a free turn-by-turn navigation (Google Navigation) service built in.

The ad also coins a new term, “Samsunged,” which apparently means buying a phone (or just an iPhone?) only to be disappointed and realize that a Samsung phone would have been much better.

According to All Things D, Samsung is reportedly producing a similar commercial for a Super Bowl spot.

If these ads are trying to say that a large portion of iPhone buyers regret their purchase, Samsung couldn’t be more wrong. Satisfaction ratings for the iPhone, although varying from survey to survey, go as high as 96 percent. Demand for the iPhone 4S has been higher than ever, and Apple’s financial results for this quarter, scheduled for the 24th of this month, are expected to be record breaking.

But we hope that Apple releases their own turn-by-turn GPS app for the iPhone, which they’ve been rumored to be working on, at least in iOS 6 as Google’s free turn-by-turn GPS app is currently one of the unique selling points of Android based smartphones. In fact, it could be one of the major new features of iOS 6 and the next generation iPhone.

[via AllThingsD]

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  • “that looks like an iphone.. oh wait, it’s just a samsung” wtf is samsunged?

    • Wazzalisk

      It’s samsung trying to be cool… but failing.

      • HP

        Samsung is failing? They’re the number one phone vendor in the world buddy. Apply managed to ban Samsung products in parts of the world, and when the ban was lifted, Samsung outsold the apple products in those same areas.

        • HP

          *Apple managed

        • Samsung isn’t outselling Apple you dummy.. Android is.. as a whole. Look at the recent reports on this website that say Apple has caught up on market share with Android.. not Samsung… dumb dumb

          • Zhi

            HAHAHAH I’m not one for bickering but @HP you just got OWNED by @AndroidSucks and I’m an Android fan.

            OWNED!!! Props @Androidsucks

          • DUMB

            You sir are dumb. Samsung sells more than just android phones. Samsung sells more phones than apple. Sorry.

  • AndiWhitts

    Samsung just has it? Doesn’t mean a free version that comes with the phone is better than a Tom Tom app you pay for, plus iPhone comes with Maps which does me. And why does the Samsung’s UI look identical to iOS in that picture? They are saying the iPhone looks like last years but then they are still copying it?

  • Dominic

    iPhone will always be the front runner,Samsung’s got a huge CHIP on their shoulders.Go Apple-Stuff u Samsung

  • Dominic

    iPhone will always be the front runner,Samsung’s got a huge CHIP on their shoulders.Go Apple

  • KillerPubes

    Navfree GPS Live, free fully functioning tomtom substitute available on the AppStore, 4 stars in reviews, as good as any other GPS system.

    I think Samsung just look desperate with this marketing, anyone who has held both phones side by side will tell you as good as the S2 is, it just isn’t an iPhone. It does a decent job trying to be an iPhone but it falls short.

    • chrispx

      Waze is another free alternative with turn-by-turn directions. It can even give traffic updates.

  • Dominic

    Lol,who can use their built in GPS

    • Paradox

      Personally I love the motionX series both for their navigation app, and their geotracking/geotagging app. both cheap, both top class.

  • jussayin

    hmmmm the exec’s of samsung just jealous that there are never queues to by their phones, so having a cheap swipe at apple…

  • Honest Joe

    I think the spots are great, considering the brief these guys must have had. I mean who wants to go to a meeting on a Monday morning to be told “you got the new Samsung campaign Dave, now go and make some ads that’ll put people off buying an iPhone!”
    Ooh, tough morning 🙂

    • Paradox

      Like +1

      That would be a bad morning

  • AJ

    I’m not in favor of any particular company over the other, but it’s because of all the people buying a 4s that are contributing to the cause of these sh*tty updates apple gets to get away with!!!

    The one part I do agree in the commercial is the part where the guy said “that looks just like last years model”

    Apple Isn’t at fault for this!!!
    The fault is all of us, they just capitalize on our stupidity!!!!

  • Zhen

    Nothing beats the quality of an iPhone, tried purchasing a Sam. Gal. II before but I’ve stuck with my iPhones since,when you first hold an iPhone you want it, if you first hold the Galaxy you wonder how quickly the phone would break.

    • Troy

      Tried moving me and my wife to android by buying her a Galaxy S2 and myself a galaxy nexus, when she held the s2 in her hand she said “this thing feels like it’ll break in my pocket” After that I realized that’s where the Motorola droid marketing “thin doesn’t have to be frail” comes from, basically an attack on how frail Samsung phones are. So now we both have 4S’s, and I will move to android when a manufacturer makes a phone that feels as solid as an iphone 4/4S does as I prefer android to ios.

    • Troy

      ^makes a GSM phone that is solid, as it appears Motorola is on the right track, to bad they only make phones for Verizon.

  • Caspian

    Samsung doesn’t realize that by making fun of Apple customers, they are poisoning their own sales of ALL of their other products. Do they think Apple customers are going to feel disposed to purchase their fridges, washing machines, TV’s etc. I know I’ll be looking for a company that is less childish.

    • chrispx


  • fas

    Samsung is trying really hard, but thats about it.

  • Dan

    Its stuff like this that makes me loose respect for Samsung as a buyer. The next time I will buy a TV it will for sure not be a Samsung. Perhaps LG or maybe even Apple. But hey thats just me.

  • City023

    Why do you think the Galaxy S II is imitating the iPhone? Cause ever since the iPhone release the flip phone vanished. They are still playing the catch ip game.Every imitator want to look like the full touch screen iPhone. FYI, the galaxyS II feels le a toy. And the plastic on it feels more fragile than Any iPhone.

  • Paradox

    Sorta repeating what others say from a slightly different angle.

    I think instead of showing one feature of the samsung in the commercial to try and take something away from apple, they need to have a commercial tat shows the phone and what it does in all its glory. If I was in the market for a new phone and knew nothing about either the iPhone or the samsung; these commercials may swing me away from apple, but by no means would they drive me to buying a samsung. I’d probably end up walking out of the store with a Motorola razor before the galaxy II… just from a marketing standpoint….

    All commercials equal however, apples still does the best job in telling you what the phone is capable of doing and making that attractive. Samsung shows very little to nothing, and motorola razor while not showing much functionality at least has incredibly flashy commercials which do draw you into the hype of the phone.

  • waiting

    That’s hilarious, even if samsung is crap

  • abaz

    f**k you samsung.iphone is the best 4ever

  • MOY

    Where have I seen this before?that’s right samsung is so desperate for sales,attention that their doing what most new rappers do they hate on,talk that bull of other famous rappers just to get noticed. Samsung’s a nobody trying too hard.!!

  • Rod

    Maybe you guys are too young, but for those who doesn´t know apple has done same kind of attack for ages in its competitors.

    • Just Microsoft.. and for good reason.. Bill Gates “Samsunged” Apple by doing the same thing Android/Samsung did.. copy their ideas.

      • alimran

        yes, they did it with mac/pc add but they didnt insult the customers at that time look like them idiot as the best thing is already out and they are waiting in lines…they just explain what mac and pc did and yes it was kinda true what they said…after this they fail to attract me but i start to dis like them…

  • Sampple

    All I’ve read is comments with no content. Data with nothing to back it up. Fanboys have the most dumbest thing to say. You’re not good at persuading anyone that the iPhone is better.

    • The fact that you’re here on an iPhone hacks website is persuading enough. lol. haters gonna hate.. on an iPhone exclusive website.. nuff’ said.

      • Sampple

        I use both cause I can afford both. Each is better in a different category. Am I going to try to convince you? Nope. You’re still not smart enough to persuade me to choose one side. I enjoy technology and to see how dumb you are. Only morons chooses sides. GOOOOO FANBOYS!!!!!!!

  • I’ ve used that Samsung skyrocket and I got to admit it that it’s fast and it does everything that the iPhone does but it doesn’t run apps as smooth as the iPhone since most apps are not made specially for the samsung sII just sold it today buying a 4s tomorrow

  • OGT

    I’m happy with my 4S Jailbreak…

  • Seanlcky13

    Basically a commercial saying “Well, no one waits in line for our phones, but they are still pretty good… right?”

  • Mike

    “Awww that looks like last year phone” LMAO the commercial was funny stop being fanboys of Apple . I have a Galaxy S 2 and iPhone 4S there both great but for the freedom Android gives you and the 4.3 screen and 4G speeds I use my GS2 more then my iPhone 4S I’m just keeping it real . I know the Apple fanboys gonna b**ch

  • MOY

    To all those who own an iphone and say to also own a galaxy S2 but prefer the galaxy S2 . Yeah…right who you trying to fool !!
    All of a sudden now also own an iPhone too!!!!guess if you can’t beat em join em right!

    • Mike

      Don’t hate cause you can’t afford a 4S and GS2 . I have both and can prove it you probably have a 3GS still faggot. I have the right to my opinion and can say I use my T-mobile GS2 for 4G download speeds i get around 8-12 mbps on a regular a few times i hit 16mbps , bigger screen on GS2 to watch movies, and other reasons don’t get me wrong iPhone 4S is great but it’s the same phone as 4 just with siri and worse battery life and uses 3G still.

  • MOY

    Hey “Dike”..mike whatever.I don’t buy garbage I throw it away GS2 nothing but garbage. !! iPhone 4s !! WiNNiNG you childish character!!!!!!!!!!