SiriToggles: Killer Jailbreak Tweak That Allows You to Launch Apps, Enable/Disable Settings Toggles And Lots More Using Siri Released

If you were eagerly waiting for SiriToggles then the good news is it is now available on Cydia via the BigBoss repo.

SiriToggles allows users who have jailbroken their iPhone 4S to use Siri to enable and disable various Settings toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, control brightness, reboot your iPhone 4S and lots more.

Here’s a description of the jailbreak tweak from Cydia developed by Hamza Sood:

SiriToggles adds a load of new features on the iPhone 4S. SiriToggles allows you to tell Siri to enable/disable certain settings, get info on battery level, change your screen brightness and even launch apps. The commands are structured as follows:

For toggling – You can say either “enable/disable” or “turn on/turn off” then on of the folowwing things: Wi-Fi, Blutetooth, Airplane mode, cellular data.

To get the battery level – say anything like “how much battery do I have left” or “what is my remaining battery percentage”.

To change the brightness – say “set/change backlight/brightness to x%”

To launch an app – say “launch app” then the name. For example, to open Safari say “Launch Safari”.

SiriToggles is easily one of the best tweaks for a jailbroken iPhone 4S. As we had mentioned earlier, it’s the SBSettings for a jailbroken iPhone 4S, which is a huge complement as SBSettings has been an extremely popular jailbreak app ever since the iPhone was jailbroken. In fact, SiriToggles along with Hands-Free Control jailbreak tweak, it is the hands-free version of SBSettings.

You can check out the video of SiriToggles in action below:

SiriToggles is available on Cydia for free. You don’t need to add any new repo as it is available via the BigBoss repository.

Let us know what you think about SiriToggles in the comments.

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  • Bonedude

    Works great!

  • iphone5

    Works great! gonna try Hands-Free Control to see how they work together…

  • Just me

    Everything worked great except enabling/disabling airplane mode.

    • Tom

      Same here, everything works but airplane mode command.

  • S41N7

    Works great. Thanks for the heads- up

  • devol

    the toggles work but i cant open apps. do i have to do anything to get the apps to open? siri is saying that she cant find the app.

    • devol

      never mind, it was my fault, i was not giving the right command.

      • Quinn

        whats the command? i have used “open” and “launch” and she keeps saying sorry i can’t find that app…

      • Indoctrinate

        Same issue for me. I used launch and open but siri says “Sorry, I can’t find that app”

        How do you fix this?

        • Ryu

          Took me a while but if you look at the video he was on the instant search page when he launched the app. Doing it from there works,

          • Ryu

            Correction for my post, just say “Laumch Maps” for example anywhere, wait for Siri to say “Launching Maps..” then HIT THE HOME BUTTON AGAIN and it will launch. This works everytime for me. For some reason adding the word “App” does not work for me.

        • Ryu

          Another thing it does not seem to launch apps that have non real word names, like I use the GPS program WAZE so when I say “launch waze” it looks for “Ways” this is also true for apps with combo names like “Soundhound” it looks for “Sound Hound” —- oh well that about 1/2 my apps

  • fingers21

    Siri just got so much better! I may actually use it now!

  • Sneak

    Awesome tweak! Don’t be surprise when apple steals these codes. Apple seem to get most or their ideas from the jailbreak community.

    • ZSter

      Have you noticed how it affects your battery yet?

  • Apple

    In the article it said that Siri can reboot you phone, which command is that.

    I know that it can turn off your phone, but when I tell Siri to reboot my phone it said “I’m not able to go that”

  • Sasson

    Awesome! This is great! One thing tho, does anyone know how to pronounce Spotify so that siri will get it? It keeps getting spotty five… 🙁
    It’s the English version of siri btw…

  • Puufixx

    Works great for an English version, but what’s about other Languages like german?!

  • Jagiro

    Wel it sucks that it wont recognize good with accent. So not blaming the tweak it must be great

  • Weebsurfer

    Anyone try using Bluetooth since jailbreaking? Tried this one in the car and realized no audio playing and nothing being picked up by mic. Other than that it’s a great tweak!

    • Look@theWoodwork

      Try re-paring may clear it up for you.

  • ZSter

    I’m really interested to know if anyone has noticed their battery taking a big hit with this enabled????

  • Jagiro

    yes i did notice it, it dropped 2% in less then 4 – 5 min
    uninstalled now

    • ZSter

      It may be a good idea to just have it enabled in the car then? If I install it that’s what I am going to do. Thanks for the response.

  • dman

    Can’t find this in Cydia !!!

    • dman

      It just showed up in Cydia it works great…

  • Adam

    The word sensitivity could use some work. I.e when I try to launch an app titled 93.3 WMMR it tries to load 93.3 W MMR and can’t find it. Should fine tune it to maybe give a list of possible matches that have like characters if it isn’t sure. Just an idea.

    • Look@theWoodwork

      Talk to Apple they handle the voice recognition not the tweek

      • Adam

        NO but the info is sent back to the tweak and the tweak handles it directly.

  • iOS5

    I have installed siritoggles, voiceUtils, openSiri and Hands-Free Control. I was at a 100% at 5:15am this morning and on my commute to work, i was on Skype video for about 45 minutes, checked my email and responded to a few, tried a lot of siri commands, made a 13 minutes phone call and played bejeweled and right now my battery is at 81%. I think battery life for me is good. What about you?

    • kimberly

      Don’t Siritoggles and Voiceutils do the same thing? Is there a reason to have both?

  • Works fine hovewer i don’t use siri in daily basis.

  • caddouch

    does it work with airplay or portrait orientation?

    • iOS5

      Will try that when i get home today.

  • Awesome Great.. I hope this Siri can be installed on my iPhone 4, so I can use it..

    • Look@theWoodwork


  • Grzesiek

    I it work with iPhone 4 and spire ?

  • andy

    i tried searching for siri toggles and it doesnt come up. can someone help me

    • katsuboi

      You searched for siritoggles in Cydia right? If you aint jailbroken, app store don’t got it.

      • Nassos

        Same here. I even manually searchet in the BigBoss repo. Still cant find it

  • Edgar

    Does anyone know when the procedure to carrier unlock an iPhone 4s

    • dablo

      There isn’t an unlock as of now!

  • katsuboi

    Works great! Awesome jailbreak app!

  • Dodger

    iiiiiiiiii can not download RedsnOw to my laptop i have been waiting for this jb for iphone 4 for so long what am i doing wrong PLEASE PLEASE can somone help me?

  • Steven

    I’m not impressed at all. What, so no network connectivity, no SBSettings-ish functionality? And to wait for a response before the desired action is completed, seems rather more time consuming compared with the the normal SBSettings app!