T-Mobile USA CTO Reveals Next iPhone Chipset Will Support Carrier’s 3G Network

T-Mobile iPhone

Currently T-Mobile USA is the only major carrier in the U.S that does not offer Apple’s iPhone on its network.

Until now T-Mobile has always maintained that the ball is in Apple’s court. However, in an interview with AllThingsD’s Ina Fried, T-Mobile USA’s CEO Philipp Humm revealed that it has not managed to get iPhone due to its unique band technology. AllThingsD reports:

“The key reason we didn’t have the iPhone in the past is we are on different band than globally the market was,” Humm said. “That is something which will change over time. Chipsets are also evolving to be able to allow for more bands.”

He acknowledges that at the end of the day, it will still be Apple’s decision to offer an iPhone that works on T-Mobile’s network.

While most GSM operators use the 850, 900, 1900 or 2100 MHz frequencies, T-Mobile uses the 1700/2100 MHz AWS band for its 3G. Unfortunately that means that mobile phone manufacturers need to use a chipset that works with the AWS band. So the 1 million or more unlocked iPhones users that are on T-Mobile’s network have to use the slow Edge network.

Interestingly, in an interview with CNET,  T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray has revealed that Apple’s next generation iPhone will support the AWS bands.

Ray, however, said T-Mobile’s unique spectrum would have required extra work to ensure the iPhone ran correctly on its network. But the next chipset that Apple plans to use will be able to overcome that hurdle, he said. 

“The next chipset will support AWS,” he said in an interview with CNET. “The challenge that existed in the past will go away.” 

Ray said he has seen the roadmap of chipsets that Apple plans to use, and knows it has that capability. But he noted Apple could choose to ignore that capability and not strike a deal with T-Mobile.

It remains to be seen if Apple will finally offer the iPhone on T-Mobile USA’s network this year.

Would you switch to T-Mobile USA’s network if they start offering the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

[via AllThingsD, CNET]

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  • Andy

    Cant wait for tmobile to carry the iphone. The unlocking to use on its network has been a hassle for me the last few years.

  • Christian

    I hope tmobile finally gets the iPhone. I have a family plan and I would only be paying $35 a month to use an iPhone. F*ck Verizon, AT&T, sprint with the overpriced plans it is ridiculous.

  • Mark

    I use to be a T Mobile USA customer, but I got tired of wishing and hoping that T Mobile will carry the iPhone. I switched to Sprint when the iPhone 4S was released and never looked back.

  • Ken

    I honestly have no problem with using my iPhone 4s on tmobile. I bought the unlocked version of it and has been very satisfying with it. I mean unless you stream YouTube or anything of such which require speed on the go, running it on edge is fine for emails and web browsing.

    • DiabloZoe

      Yes I agree while 3G would be great for making a call and using data at the same time, I have no problems otherwise with edge!

  • Eric

    I just recently got an iPhone 3GS unlocked for tmobile but idk if I would stay in tmobile. The reception where I live is pretty bad and idk if i’d stay in with tmobile regardless of the 3G possibilities

  • Mickey

    Yes, in my opinion this is one of the things Tmo needs to have to be able to compete with the big 3 carriers. I’ve been a Tmo customer for 10 years now and have used every iPhone and currently using a factory unlocked 4s on EDGE. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this news

    • jays_on

      I’ve also been an extremely satisfied tmo customer for the last 10 years. I think (and hope) that once (if) tmo gets iphone the company will flourish, as it should.

      I think people will (and should) consider the value and switch. I know one of the big arguments is reception, but If anything (from my experience) I’ve had less issues than other people on the big 3. I believe reception (for the most part) is an exaggerated misconception that the other networks propagate & capitalize on.

  • dan

    Talking about T-Mobile Edge network, for the past two weeks, my Iphone on T-Mobile has been running 3G in my area, including when I’m at home. The E changes to 3G as soon as I enter the vicinity of my area.

    • jays_on

      Where do you live? I’ve heard some parts out west in the country are seeing 3G on iPhone with tmo.

      • Ken

        My friend is living in cali and hes telling me that he’s seeing 3g on his iphone. Poor me with edge still but its okay 🙂

        • jays_on

          I’m in Wichita Ks and never see 3g

      • dan

        Jay et all,
        I live right outside Philadelphia, and the 3G looks like it’s here to stay. Tonight, I got it everywhere in much wider areas, including my daughter’s dance sch and in my gym ….used to be dead zones. I’m loving it!

  • philit

    i love T Mobile and they take of there ppl

  • Hacker

    Well I know a lot of people on tMobile and they sign for another 2 years apple better hurry cuz I’m about to buy an android phone because theres no iPhone and I’m sticking with tmobile cuz 50$ unlimited is perfect goodbye at&t u cuz are to dam high price