Tip: Re-open Recently Closed Tabs In Mobile Safari On Your iPad


It’s quite often that you realize you needed information from a browser tab you just closed. Most desktop browsers let you do this by giving a “Reopen closed tabs” button on the “New Tab” page.

What about Mobile Safari on the iPad?

Macgasm has this handy tip for us:

Did you know that you can tap and hold the new tab icon (looks like a plus symbol) in Safari on the iPad and a list of recently closed tabs will appear?

iPad Safari Reopen closed tabs

The good thing about the way this feature is implemented on the iPad is that, it’s way simpler than desktop browsers. But then again, most features on mobile devices are meant to be simpler and quicker than their desktop counterparts.

Sadly there’s no way to do this on your iPhone, unless of course you’re jailbroken.

We think a good way to implement this on the iPhone would be to use the empty space when you hit the URL field in Safari, as shown below:

iPad Safari Reopen closed tabs

Another way could be, popping up a dialog, similar to Mobile Safari on iPad when you tap and hold the “Tab” button.

[via Macgasm]

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