Tip: You Can Close Multiple Apps at Once From The Multitasking Bar

If you’ve tried force closing multiple apps from the multitasking bar, you’re probably aware of the frustration that one has to go through to quit all those apps one by one.

This tip, found on reddit, might come in handy for you.

Turns out, you can use multitouch to force quit multiple apps at once from the multitasking tray.

With the iOS device unlocked, double click on the Home button, then touch and hold the app icon until app icons in the multitasking bar begin to jiggle. You can tap on the  button on multiple app icons to force quit the apps in one go rather than doing it one app at a time.

Although it’s difficult to hit all four fingers at the right spot simultaneously, even closing two apps at once is a lot quicker than quitting one app at a time. The maximum we could manage is quitting three apps at a time, using two thumbs and a finger.

iOS Multitasking tray

Although it’s widely debated, Apple Geniuses believe that closing these dormant background apps does improve battery life.

We hope this tip helps you!

Note: If you have jailbroken your iOS device then you can use Remove Background SBSettings – a custom toggle for SBSettings that removes all the background apps with just one tap, which is a lot quicker.

[via reddit user antiG]

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  • Looool man

    Now I can close apps with SWAG!!!

  • fas

    Well this was not rocket science, really.

    • Dan

      No one said it was rocket science douchebag. It’s a nice tip as we are so used to closing apps one by one.

    • djman10

      After Steve Jobs mocked Windows for their Task Manager during an iOS 3 release conference, and stating that user’s should not have to manage their running apps otherwise they have failed the users, Apple should be ashamed that we would have to not only close multitasking apps, but that we have to close them one at a time. This should be address before they go to iOS 6!!

      • A BLack Dude

        the statement holds true. You dont have to manage multitasking ios does it for you by limiting what runs in the background and when to force close them. only certain types of apps run in the background, like gps and internet radio apps. everything is else is just a saved stated that is cached. its not running in the background.

  • Rico

    Old stuff in new year

  • Scott Laughon

    I cant find the SBSettings. I swipe and swipe! I went into activator and selected the what I think is the proper setting and just cant do it! I did an unteathered jailbreak

  • El Hache

    Remove background does not work for me. When I install it and use it, it crashes the phone every time.

    • The RemoveBG toggle works when you use it from the Dropdown Window. It crashes when you use it from the Notification Centre.

  • Scott Laughon

    OK I now see that I had to download SBSettings…And I can now open it. But I dont have a Icon for remove BG in SBSettings. And yes, I downloaded the Remove BG app….can anyone help me?

    • You need to enable the RemoveBG toggle via SBSettings app.

      • Scott Laughon

        OK I found the setting you requested of me…..But the Icon for BG is not there! I have it downloaded. But its not in the SBS toggle…Can u please help?

  • You can always respring to avoid deleting apps manually (or if the sbsettings toggle doesn’t work for you)

  • Ken36

    Pfffttt,,, another smart one ehh?
    Go ahead ReSpring, and All Apps will stay on the bottom, why not give people a tip that will work @Rounak…
    As for others with the crashing problem, be sure it’s the Remove BackGroynf( for sbsetting) if ya don’t know where it is or how to use it, then look it up on YouTube.

    • Ken36

      * background .. Typo befor I get the spell checker making comments.. Lol

    • After respringing all tasks are killed (you can verify that through the “Processes” button in SBSettings). The ones in the multitasking bar are just a list of recently used apps. Go ahead try it.

      • I know this…

        Ha! I love it when people like you make stupid & douchey comments but are then proved wrong….even better was the part where you made spelling errors while correcting other spelling errors…

        “Pfffttt,,, another smart one ehh?” touché?

  • Just felt like pointing out that you never explicitly said how to do it.

    • It is quite obvious but we’ve just added it for everyone’s benefit. Thanks!

  • Bradley Kelly

    Where did you get the wallpaper from?

  • Bullfrog

    Wow, what a feature! Lame!!!

  • bafare

    Woww, The toggle works awesome…

  • Patrick

    Nice tip…thanks!! I was use to spam clicking on the most left bottom edge.

  • Zuluhulu

    Way to go iPad auto correct…

    “if you own an idevice and do not know about this…”

  • PasserBy

    Every article I read nowadays seems to include a string of ‘slagging off’ matches within the comments.

    This childish behaviour is insulting to the reporter and iphonehacks. Please show some respect and some class.

    • ImAgreeing

      your mom….is….your dad….