Video of Successfully Jailbroken iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.0.1 [Untethered]

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

If you had any doubts about an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1, then check out the video after the break.

pod2G has just posted a video of successfully jailbroken iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1.

He writes on his blog:

My friend @DHowett made a video of an untethered 4S iPhone 4,1 running iOS 5.0.1 some days ago.

@DHowett is a famous iOS developer and a member of the Chronic Dev Team.

Only a few to wait now.

Check out the video below:

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[via pod2g’s blog]

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  • Batia

    Congratulations you make it keep it on

  • nycks1


  • What no comments?

    I can’t wait till it come out thanks

  • Isar

    Hi when will the jailbreak will come out for download ?

    • Devol

      Are you effin stupid? Do you read?

      • Kong Judas

        Are you effin stupid, Devol? How about helping folks out, just like people help you open your phone. You’re probably nothing but a whimp yourself, so if you need to prove yourself, go whipe yourself and go out in the sun. Are you man enough to face real people?

        • shintaku

          i think Devol is right, Isar is stupid, he ask but he never read, typical internet asshole who put on the forums “i need an answer, sent it to my e-mail”

    • Victor

      What a moron ….you unappreciative pr*ck !

      • Kong Judas

        Tosser! Tough from far but far from tough, ey?

  • Rob

    To all the fkers that were in doubt!

    • cha0s


  • macdaddy


    • macdaddy


      • Devol

        To you an the rest of the morons that will ask iPhonehacks when it will be released…..,THEY DON’T KNOW. Read the article.

        • Capanoglu

          F..k you all. Als iemand vraagt .wanneer jb uitkomt! Gaan jullie ” nietsnutten” hoeren kinderen zo op reageren! Mf as hl.kut koppen. Stelletje kinderen. Kruip je eigen hol in.wacht daar tot ‘t uit komt! Bij je moeder in de kont…

  • Malonesabtch

    Fake video. The phone in the video is an iPhone 3GS not 4s.

    • Jose C

      Since when 3GS haves a camera in the front?
      Better yet, since when it’s rectangular????
      Idiots this days.

      • Malonesabtch’re really smart. Thanks for pointing it out detective Jose C. Do you realize you can’t spell? “Idiots this days”? LOL

        • Bob

          When you made yourself an idiot your argument is grammar, go back again to video and watch are there any similarities to 3gs.

          • Wite Boy

            my god, Bob you too? you and Jose should start your own little society in a desert and kill yourselves… the guy was obviously joking dumb ass

          • T

            I thought it was a Samsung Galaxy….

    • cha0s

      LOLed at this idiot.

    • mato


    • Mia

      Lol! Take it like a man and admit you’re wrong, stop pointing out other people’s grammar when you’re so blatantly wrong and can’t admit it.

    • Axe

      Just ignore him guys. He is just a kid whom daddy bought him android toy phone. He is super piss off with us.

      • ImAgreeing

        he is super piss off?!? ha! amazing! only on the interwebz….

    • adr

      calm down everybody, he’s just trolling -__-

    • Tom

      What a successfull trolling…congrats at all the people who fall for it and look a bit awkward…

  • OGT

    Dude! Release!!!! bu bu bu :'( Please!!!!

    My 4S Doesn’t Rocks Without JB….

    • OGT

      But My 4S Reboot in less than 15 sec… The JB slow down the speed of 4S???

      • Axe

        So do u wanna rock yr 4s? This is just a poc. Obvious recent why there still no eta. Understand?

      • Sedrick

        Boot time has Nothing to do with speed of the device. Might have some more things to load because of JB and more libs to load. In the end phone is as quick as it should, just takes a bit longer when you reboot (not that often)
        Note that JB offers respring which is often enough and quicker than reboot
        JB is not a perfect thing. You will decide if it is worth or not depending on your usage.

  • Gordii

    The Reboot time does look pretty fast still to say the least… 🙂

  • dev

    Maybe 2nite maybe in the next couple days

    • Tyler Eason

      Hopefully 2night

  • Paradox

    The best news, which no one has mentioned is regardless of release date .. one big word…. UNTETHERED … good job 🙂

  • Ryan

    These guys are working like 24/7 to release a jailbreak for the 4S. And all u people can do is give them crap, I’d like to see u guys try what they do. But I know u wouldn’t be able to do it. So unless u have nothing nice to say, shut the F up.

    • Taylor


  • Erik

    You guys are doing a tremendous job!!! Thank you for everything you all do!!!

  • Nosferatu

    congrats to the guys for doing this but this cat & mouse game gets old and it’s the customers that get screwed out of this

    -signed ex-iOS user

  • That’s what’s up yo ! Keep it up and I caaaaan’t wait to get this on my 4s to I can finally run MyWi on it …….

  • blade3070

    Is there someone who knows that they also release a version with jailbreak AND unlock tutorial?
    Or can the iPhone 4S not be unlocked?

    My congratulations to the jailbreakers!!

  • Squid

    Progress indeed and very grateful for honest proof and not hearsay. Thanks to all working hard on progress towards release.

  • KingofKings

    Looks like the Cydia browsing is fast and snappy. Can’t wait!

  • fas

    Cant wait for it to be launched.

  • -X-

    ::sigh:: Lots of immature impatient loser unappreciative punks on this post…and wtf is up with the word “trolling”? Before Charlie Sheen made that statement of trolls, nobody used it. Damn copy cat sheen wanna bees.

    • dablo

      I take it your old school? It is widely used by the new generation. LMFAO

    • adr

      It’s not that we are “sheen wanna bees”. We are just using phrases and words common around the internet.
      The same thing could be said about your post: why do you use ::sigh:: to express that you are physically sighing, why do you use “wtf” rather than what the f*ck (who are you copying when using this phrase, since I doubt you alone made it popular), can you tell me where the terms “copy cat” or “wanna bees” originated from?

  • Sedrick

    Hope you all patient disrespectful dudes will at least donate when release will be effective!!!
    I know most of you won’t because you’re just too cheap even to buy an app.

    • dablo

      I’m too cheap to buy an app. F that.

  • Dice

    And the bickering continues once more………

  • Waiting

    Damn!! So all locked users with bb 4.11.08 can continue waiting… Am I right?
    any chance or just by 4S unlocked.

  • stopcrying

    They sell unlocked ones.

  • Kong Judas

    Amazing work, guys (and gals?) Can’t wait. I just got my 4S but still haven’t got i my way. Thanks a lot for your effort.

  • Popoy

    Job well done guys. Hoping that unlocking will be next and hoping that 5.0.1 is still available that time 🙂

    Nice work! Let’s drink to that…

  • Tyler Eason

    Thank u but I can’t stand not knowin when it comes out

  • I just can’t wait for the Iphone 4s jailbreak beeing released!!

  • daman

    The video was nothing more than a tease to sell ad space on the jailbreak blogs. if it’s ready, then why not release it? Because it isn’t anywhere near ready, and they’re more concerned with ad clicks than actually doing the work.

  • Famous039

    Good job ….I can’t wait till da release…it’s worth the wait

  • Spades

    RIGHT ON!!!
    Im Waiting For The Release!!!

  • SaraM

    TO everyone, using mean words and trying to belittle someone is just not right. Everyone using a computer can hide behind it. But keep in mind those that try to help do so by the goodness of their heart and even if what they do does not happen, at least they tried. As for someone making a mistake, heck we all do at one time or another and NO one deserves to be put down. If you need to feel big, do it another way. What is wrong with just being good and caring about the other person. Don’t rush the world, it is going fast enough and what we feel important today will mean very little in the future. So what don’t all of us try to lend a hand and if we cannot say something good or kind, then just keep it to yourself. Wishing the best for all who try to help.