WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable in The App Store For Unknown Reason


Some of you may have realised that Whatsapp – a popular messenger app and one of our must-have iPhone apps has disappeared from the App Store.

When you click on the App Store link – you get the error message informing you that “The item you’ve requested is no longer requested in the App Store”.

It is not clear why WhatsApp has removed their iPhone app from the App Store, but WhatsApp has tweeted that they’ve submitted a new version and waiting for Apple to approve it.

We’re not sure if the app was removed by Apple or WhatsApp voluntarily removed it, but the fact that WhatsApp is waiting for Apple to approve an updated version seems to indicate that Apple has removed it for some reason.

WhatsApp hasn’t provided any details on their blog. The last post on their blog talks about how they are doing 2 million TCP connections on a single server.

We’ve have sent an email to folks at WhatsApp and let you know when we get more details about the unavailability.

Thanks White Angel for the tip!

[via @WhatsApp]