Woz: iPhone – Best Overall Smartphone, But Android Has Leapt Ahead in Some Areas

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in an interview with Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) compared Google’s Android with Apple’s iPhone. He also spoke about the issue with Siri and iPhone 4S battery issues.

Here are some of the highlights from that interview:

  • Woz thinks Apple’s iPhone is the best overall smartphone, but he says there are ways in which Android has leapt ahead of Apple. “My primary phone is the iPhone,” Woz says. “I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”
  • Woz says voice commands work better on Android. Android’s built-in navigation system, where the phone acts like a GPS system, is another advantage, he says.
  • Android phones aren’t as simple to use as the iPhone, but they’re not that much more complicated, and “if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways,” Woz says.
  • Woz says he’s been using Siri for a long time and used to love it when it was an independent application created for the iPhone. But ever since Apple bought Siri and built the software into the iPhone 4S, it doesn’t work as well as it used to.
  • With the iPhone 4 I could press a button and call my wife. Now on the 4S I can only do that when Siri can connect over the Internet. But many times it can’t connect. I’ve never had Android come back and say, ‘I can’t connect over the Internet.’”
  • “I have a lower success rate with Siri than I do with the voice built into the Android, and that bothers me,” Woz says. “I’ll be saying, over and over again in my car, ‘Call the Lark Creek Steak House,’ and I can’t get it done. Then I pick up my Android, say the same thing, and it’s done. Plus I get navigation. Android is way ahead on that.”
  • “With the iPhone, something happened with the new OS or the new phone, and it just started running through the battery so fast,” he says. “I’ve had a lot of issues with things I have to turn off just to save the battery life.”

But despite all the criticism Woz still recommends Apple’s iPhone over a Android-based smartphone:

“The people I recommend the iPhone 4S for are the ones who are already in the Mac world, because it’s so compatible, and people who are just scared of computers altogether and don’t want to use them. The iPhone is the least frightening thing. For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here’s a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do,” 

[via The Daily Beast]

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  • Skywalker

    Oh… Hum…. Don’t know what to say about that!

  • OGT

    So Android is better???

    • Yes!

      iPhone is user friendly and more restricted which is good for people who like that but Android is and has always been a much better OS overall in many aspects.

      iPhone started the new generation of smartphones and much respect for that, It was a breath of fresh air for the mobile coming from a Windows Mobile 6 device but Android came about and did what iOS should have done.

      I have both a iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S2 and by far the S2 is much better in many aspects. The iPhone imo is more a phone I would recommend to my parents or n00bs who are unfamiliar with real smartphones and what you can do.

      Suffice to say I am selling my iPhone and staying with Android.

      • Harry

        I just sold mine Friday. Love my Inspire 4G.

  • j4nuS

    i agree.

  • texan

    android sucks! try it……

    • Maybe you should get a Nokia 3310. It sounds more like a device you would enjoy.

      Anybody who says Android sucks or iOS sucks is just a ignorant fanboy, it as simple as that. Both OS’s have very good points and both excel in various aspects.

      The way I see it they are both designed for different people, Some people like user friendliness over customization or functionality. iPhone does give a nice balance but personally I prefer Android as its much superior functionality wise.

  • naji

    strange article; he is saying is better in that and in that but at the iphone is best?!! If android is overleapt iphone in many dimensions what justification you have to conclude that iphone is best (other than the look which is also disputable point!!)

  • naji

    Corrections on misprints: strange article; he is saying android is better in that and in that but at the end iphone is best?!! If android overleapt iphone in many dimensions what justification you have to conclude that iphone is the best (other than the look which is also a disputable point!!)

  • Armando

    He has been bought by Google. It’s conspiracy. The end of our times as we know has come to an end. All hail the illuminati \,,/.

  • PT

    off topic. but does anyone elses iphone 4s get hot? I mean REALLY hot? When I charge it it gets really hot but most phones do when charging. But sometimes I’ll hop on safari for 3-5 minutes and the back of my phone starts BURNING UP. To the point where I think something inside is frying. Does this happen to anyone elses?

    • Matt

      Occationally, yes.

      If I’m charging and I’m using the phone heavily it warms up quite a bit. For me is largely when I get a lot of email traffic.

    • dice

      uh, not in those events, mine has gotten fairly warm. But this happen when i was playing Order&Chaos on DOUBLE xp weekend for about 5-6 hrs. under normal use it gets warm but nothing any diff than any iphone ive had.

  • Matt

    I think Woz is correct. I would like to see Apple step it up in a few areas and really show us what they can do. I honestly think that they havent shown us their best effort. The only thing I will say (until recently with Siri) is that when Apple releases something it works as intended with little to no bugs. The bugs/issues that come up generally get fixed right away. I dont use Siri anyway so it does not matter to me that it doesnt work.

    Maps and weather really could use some help. The email app is pretty good but there are a few tweaks that I would like to see. I would also like to be able to use the storage space on the device to save attachments and files I may want to download from emails or the web. Jailbroken I can do this, but if it was native to iOS it would be great. Since Apple started their “demote the laptop/desktop to a device” I would think they would want to make the iOS devices more able and require you to pull out a laptop for less tasks. Thats just me though.

  • dice

    In my experience, the andriod has failed over and over, my GF has a 4g andriod and let me tell you, its the biggest P.O.S ive ever seen any one attempt to use. now i am 100% behind the Siri Sucks point. Blows me away that apple honestly took us (iphone faithfuls) for users who dont know better. The navigation of the driod is good, cannot argue that. How ever, its a slow app running device that has hung up loading apps, installing app, and or switching between a app and a communication app such as text, email or phone call. And i can flawlessly be on a call, search web, copy the site address and send it thru imessage/text with out a hint of a drag. The biggest thing android has over iphone, is apple…and its painfull to say that, but i.m.o its going to be apple that turns thier once Elite device in to just another ordinary device……

  • @iTaos

    Woz is a good looking man.

  • Lahey

    Woz is correct in his analysis of iPhone vs. Android.

    What is most alarming about Woz is not his propensity to speak the truth about the weaknesses of a platform that he obviously loves and supports; it is his hobbies. Anyone that follows Woz on Twitter knows he uses his mobile phone to tweet his location, and anyone awake will have noticed that this location is almost invariably a restaurant. Not once in a while; we’re talking about a daily basis. Chinese, Mexican, steak houses (in fact, even in the interview he mentions problems using the — admittedly horrific — Siri to call a… steak house…), ice cream shops, the list goes on.

    Take it easy, Woz. Increase those dog walks every evening, maybe add a morning sess.

  • Carrie

    Woz, enough opinions…Get in the game.

  • DoctorTim

    Since this is iPhoneHacks, we should be comparing a well appointed JB iPhone. I agree that the iPhone can be very limiting, but with Cydia my phone is awesome. I’d be surprised if Woz had the same opinion when comparing JB iPhone vs Android (even rooted Android). I’ve been using a Droid 3 for about a month and it frustrates the hell out of me. Granted I’m in China and there are known issues with Google and China, but connectivity issues, battery life, usability, etc – I much prefer my iPhone 4. I just couldn’t use it because it wasn’t unlocked.

    • Nosferatu

      yea it’s all great until you either (A) need to restore your phone for whatever reason or (B) want to upgrade to the latest iOS version.

      Good luck keeping your jailbreak.

      Woz is spot on IMO. I’m mostly a non-Apple person my only device was the iPhone 3GS and while like others said there are great things about the iPhone overall for someone with some “know-how” Android is a more favorable option.

      Rooted Galaxy S2 Owner…I’ll never go back.

      • dablo

        I highly disagree with your sarcasm. For the more tech savy individuals, it is pretty simple to use. I myself almost had to restore my device once and with my knowledge, i delete a few files within my iOS and was good to go. A JB device is far more superior than andriod. This is why more Smart individuals prefer Smart device such as the Iphone. Andriod is for NOOBS.

        • Harry

          Yeah JB’ed not out of the box. Thats the point. You can’t compare a device that has been tampered with to a device out of the box with no changes. Dumbass.

          • dabloc

            Tampered, How do you tamper a phone by jailbreaking it,? How in any way would i make my device worse/ tamper it by jailbreaking it. You missed the entire point to my post, i can tell you are a noob at life.

  • John

    I think in certain points Woz is absolutely right! For instance: now we are on Version 5.0.1 from iOS and you still can’t order your pictures in the camera roll. Why I can’t move these damn pictures between the albums??? You can only copy them! Why I can’t setup a iPod-song as ringtone or alarmtone??? Why is there no simple way to enable/disable WLAN, 3G etc. like SBSettings??? Integrate Activator in iOS so everybody can do what they want to. Another example: biteSMS: Tons of features I use which iMessage doesn’t offer….. Pay the developer of these excellent Apps and integrate it into iOS 🙂
    There are many little things which can improve the usability by far. Come on Apple, integrate these things and many many people like me do not need a jailbreak anymore.
    Greets from Italy 🙂

    • dablo

      You my friend need a JB. I agree the Phone blows in it’s original form. I’ll agree to this 100%. The possibilities of your device becomes unlimited once you JB it.

  • mike pyle

    What I think is funny is iphone users jailbreak the phone so they can add features or hack things that iOS doesn’t have… but Andriod users normally root their phones, so they can get rid of everything the phone companies and carries add. They try to get as close to the stock version of android.