Absinthe Jailbreak For iPhone 4S And iPad 2 Updated to Fix Bugs & Add Support For Mac OS X 10.5

greenpois0n absinthe

The jailbreak dream team has released an updated version of greenpois0n Absinthe jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which adds support for Mac OS X 10.5 and includes some minor fixes and improvements.

Absinthe jailbreak released a few days back by the jailbreak dream team is the world’s first jailbreak for iPhone 4S. It also supports iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1/iOS 5.

According to the change log, Absinthe o.4 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  1. Mac: added support for OSX 10.5, PPC and Intel CPU
  2. added consistency check on startup to make sure required files are in place
  3. Windows: fixed bug in payload generator that might cause a crash

If you were having trouble jailbreaking your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with the previous version of Absinthe jailbreak should try using this new version.

You can download Absinthe jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1 using this download link for Mac, this link for Windows and this one for Linux.

In case you need help in jailbreaking your iOS device, you can checkout our step by step guides to perform untethered jailbreak using the Absinthe jailbreak, which have been updated with the latest download links:

For Mac users:

For Windows users:

iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G users can check out our step-by-step guide to jailbreak using Redsn0w:

As always, let us know how it goes.

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  • Finally!!!

    Ive been waiting for this moment.

  • Doobs

    So we should run this over an already jailbroken device to improve stability without causing problems?

    • No, you don’t need to re-jailbreak if you’ve already jailbroken your iOS device using previous versions of Absinthe jailbreak or Redsn0w CLI tool. It bug fixes were in the jailbreaking process. We’ve also updated the post accordingly.

      It is meant only for Mac OS X 10.5.x users or those who had trouble jailbreaking their iOS device with the previous version.

      • Jags

        Hi thanks for your reply. Do u find any drastic usage of memory during jb process.? And how to change the drive from c to any other drive…? Is it possible?

  • Eben Palandeng

    After jailbreak my iPhone 4S, I cant run safari and skype. What should I do?

  • Andy

    Did anyone know if Absinthe 0.4 will finally fix these white/blank icons bug?

    • A1d3nh0

      Respring your device using SBSettings or whatever to get rid of white/blank icons

      • Andy

        Thanks! Yes thats clear..but i will never see them again!! And never means never!! ;D

        It says me that Absinthe isn’t still perfect when it come with those bugs. ;(

    • Talibanner

      Install iWipeCache on Cydia. This fixes the white icon problem.

      • John Lick

        That doesnt solve, it just resprings..! the white icons will be back again.

    • Talibanner

      Install iWipeCache on Cydia. This fixes the white icon problem

    • Talibanner

      You can install iWipeCache on Cydia. This fixes the white icon problem

    • Talibanner

      You can install iWipeCache on Cydia. This fixes the white icon problem permanently

    • Talibaner

      You can install iWipe Cache on Cydia. This fixes the white icon problem permanently

  • fingers21

    The only problem I have after jailbreak is playing music, it just won’t play.

    • Jason

      I had the same problem but it only seams to be the volume on a permanent mute status when you start. Just turn it up.

      • Roy

        No, I would have to disagree. Mine just flat out will not go past 0:00 at all. It sucks!

  • Rene

    Hello, what happen if i have my iPad 2 jailbroken with previous comex’s jailbreak.me;
    can i update my iPad 2 to iOS 5 and apply this method?

    • Dustin


  • Jags

    Can you pl help with a prob I face. When I start the jb process on my windows, a file gets loaded on the c drive and soon takes up all the memory there, this the jb stops. Is the process supposed to create large files in the c drive? Is anyone else facing this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance….

    • A1d3nh0

      Is your CDrive nearly full anyway? Try freeing up space by moving some pics/videos/large files to an external storage device then try re-jailbreak

  • fas

    Good to see the support for the jailbreak.

  • Ron

    can I use this to unlock my iphone 4s?

    • No this is meant only for jailbreaking. There is no update yet on the software unlock for iPhone 4S or for new basebands.

  • JonE

    After I jailbroke my iBooks don’t wrk. I open it and it just crashes. I tried to use iBook patches from cydia but it still dosent wrk. Does anyone have a solution ?

  • Grave

    All is fine BUT when can we expect carrier UNLOCK for 1.0.13? 🙁

  • Ben

    I jailbroke my iPhone and safari stopped working so I restored and jailbroke again and now Siri has gone and Ive only got voice control what should I do?

    • Chris

      If you restored, it is likely that you forgot to turn Siri back on. Go into Settings > General > Siri and make sure she is turned on.

  • daddy

    very good

  • What is about Unlocked Iphone 4s????????????????????????????????

  • you

    What about fixing the bug in the libhide to make these white icons go away??????? They always come back, it’s so annoying.

  • Paco

    What about the bug in the iPod app. Music plays but lags for some reason anyone else having the same problem? Also when ur sending emails etc while running the iPod it’ll skip the music and pause until the email sends. There a fix for that?

  • Pedro

    Hi, i jailbroke my ipad 2 and after that some apps crash or just freeze, it happens sometimes, i’m always respring to solve this problem, but still crash and freeze, please any solution to solve this problem permanent???Thanks in advance…

  • Andy

    Can anyone confirm if iWipe Cache will finally fix this problem? Or is it just another temorary solution for some hours/resprings..?

  • Ali

    My IPAD2 is taking forever to jailbreak? It has been almost hours without any progress. Do you knoe why. I am using the Absinthe version 0.4

  • muku

    On my Ipad2 with the latest link uploaded by you guys m facing the same problem like Ali, it takes forever to jailbreak and once i got an error on my windows 7 that absinthe application has stopped responding. Support will be appreciated.

    • gary toman

      Hi there,

      ok when you extract it you have to extract it to your desktop, you also have to extract the data file and also send that to the desktop, once you have done this setup a folder named absinthe, drag the absinthe.exe and the data file and place them in your empty absinthe folder you created earlier, once they are both placed inside this folder, right click on the absinthe.exe and go to properties, in there go to compatibility and select run in xp service pack 2, then at the bottom select run as administrator, voila it will now work. thanks.

    • Thinhson

      I think some of the apps on ur ipad might have prevented ur device from Jailbreaking. I had the same issue and had tried many many diff. Things and at last the problem solved. Heres what i did. Restored my iPad to manufacture version like brand new ipad when u just bought it . Dont Be worried about losing ur apps, songs or pictures…’cause u can always sync back to ur device from iTunes after JB. Remember that during restoring process b4 u click on ‘continuing’ button, u need to select new iPad restore. good luck !

  • Martin

    Great! Took me less then 5 minutes to finish it all! Thanks! 🙂

  • Haley

    Notification alert sound and sounds on certain games won’t work on my ipad 2 after jailbreak,
    any fix on that?

  • vin_tonyo

    Hi Chronic Dev Team!

    Thanks a lot for all of your hard work!!! It works for my iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 well without any issues during Jailbreaking process.

  • alpyy

    i did the 0.4 GP on the 4s first i got a white icon than, 4 others field test, configuration something and the rest i don’t remember i restored directly any fix for this??? 9a405

  • Matt

    When i goto complete the JB and click on absinthe on the home screen it says waiting for absinthe to complete then gives me an error that states “Absinthe could not be opened. The error was: “the url can’t be shown” I went into settings>general>network> and turned on the VPN it gave me an error which i accepted and the IPAD 2 didn’t restart. I hard restarted it myself and still got the same issues any advice?

  • Eric

    Is there a fix for the no music playing in the iPod app ??? Should you restore and perform the jailbreak again with Absinthe??

  • Sue

    If I jailbreak my iphone 4s, can I get FLASH?

  • Chase

    Its Says i still have to buy stuff when i go to the app store 🙁 But the Cydia or whatever is there i clicked on it and waited for it to load what do i do? D:

    • Endscrypt

      Go away and troll elsewhere Noob!

  • Thinhson

    jailbreaking my iPad 2 just stopped in the middle of the process with both absinthe v0.2 and v0.4. Have tried all sort of troubleshootings including resetting and restoring my device, but no luck. Don’t know exactly what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • richi

    I have tried jailbreaking my iphone 4S and the Absinthe was in grey colour. Therefore I deleted it and tried running there program again. But it was with no help. And Absinthe icon cannot be found again. Please help.

  • aina

    hey when i have jailbroken my ipad with it , can i then remove it and start my ipad normaly ?? and if i can then how do i remove it

  • brian

    JB Iphone 4S using Absynthe from Greenp0ison site. Using Win7. JB went fine but now skype is broken… no sound once connected either in phone or video mode.

  • Harsh

    Hi, what should I do when absinthe starts up it says ERROR: Consistency check failed: could not find required files

  • Roger

    Do you know if the dream team is even working on unlocking the iPhone 4S? I hear the unlocking guru of the team left but was wondering if they are still capable of finding an unlock hack in the near future. Hopefully with iOS 5.0.1 cause I am deployed overseas and really want to get my iPhone 4S working over here. I probably should not have updated the software but DREAM TEAM IF YOURE READING THIS…. HELP A SOLDIER OUT!!!! Any time frame if any???

    • Endscrypt

      They don’t work by time frames, it’s more when & if!

    • Endscrypt

      They don’t work by time frames, it’s more when & if ……

  • rob

    im having trouble with the last part of the jailbreak it said the error was the url cant be shown… what can i do about this?

  • kj

    everytime my phone powers off when i go to a app the screen gets smaller. what can i do

  • Ryan

    Been searching for this advice everywhere so hope you can help
    I can jailbreak my iPad 5.0.1 no problem with absinth but when I go onto apps for example bejewelled blitz or snooker there is no sound I’ve done the obvious checked volume level checked mute made sure nothing is ticked to block out sound
    So can someone please give advice as to how I can fix or remedy this please
    Thanks Ryan

  • Humberto

    What are the most common problems on the ipad 2 and is it worth the risk?

  • keh

    why i jailbreak cant download free game ?

  • William

    After i went thru the JB process, all my apps were gone! So i had to do a restore but then that kills tha JB. what can i do about this?

  • William

    okay even worse! When i restored my ipad apps are still gone! HELP anybody!

  • simin

    after jailbreaking i phone 4s, is it possible to use any carrier while we are travelling?

  • Marcus

    Does anybody know how to fix the Music App no sound issue after jailbreaking a iPad 2 5.0.1? Thanks in advance

  • Arthur

    i updated os 5.0.1 to 5.1 on my 4s
    how long will take to release the genuine version of absinthe jailbreak for 4s????
    is any body know
    please give a help or advise
    ps: i didnt safe shsh on my pc so there is no chance to get back 5.0.1
    how long approx need to wait for 4s os 5.1 jailbreaker

    • Slick

      why did u update to 5.1 ????
      didnt u read anything online warning about not updating ???
      as of right now nobody in the world can tell u when jb will be out for IOS 5.1 NOBODY
      ps: even if u saved ur shsh u can’t go back to 5.1 not on 4s or ipad 2

  • Barry clayton

    Hi I am having trouble jailbreaking. I originally tried to jail break and I had the absinthe app on the phone.it wouldn’t jailbreak though. It keeps saying (looks like you attempted to apply this jail break and it failed we will try to fix now. It loads and says Robert completed if you want to retry jailbreaking unplug your device an plug it back in. But when I plug It back in it just retorts the same thing. I also no longer have the VPN or the absinthe app on the phone what can I do please help. Claytonb84@me.com

    • Slick

      make sure ur still on 5.0.1
      run absinthe-win-0.4 let ir run and finished
      Do Not Unplug !!
      unlock phone make sure connected to internet
      click on absinthe icon
      phone should restart once

      • John

        It doesn’t work!
        I followed the steps and it said it was complete.
        When I went into my ipad 2 (5.0.1) the Absinthe icon was not there?
        And now, everytime I attempt to jailbreak it again? It says:
        “looks like you attempted to apply this jail break and it failed we will try to fix now. UNplug and plug your device”
        I did! I unplugged and plugged! It detected my ipad 2 but after I click “JAILBREAK” it gives me the same message, over and over and over again:
        “looks like you attempted to apply this jail break and it failed we will try to fix now. UNplug and plug your device”.
        PLease Help! :/

  • ct ooi

    please help..has any solve the no sound problems on most programs on a jail break ipad2?

  • blueDreAm

    what is mean by simm free? if i jailbreak do i need to do unlock for carrier on my iphone 4s?
    any advice are really appreciate…

  • Edith

    Ummm hi i wanted to know that if i jailbreak my ipad2 and then update it will my jailbreak be gone, and will it be completely gone?I was thinking of jailbreaking my ipad2 and if i didnt like it i would update it, but if updateing wouldnt get rid of it could i just unjailbreak? Please answer im 11 and so confused!

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  • Hi there! Nice stuff, please do tell me when you finally post something like this! 758381

  • bobby

    any way jailbreak iphone 4s 5.1?

    • sam

      same how do u do that

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  • Hey, you used to write wonderful, but the last several posts have been kinda boring

  • joe

    i just bought an used ipad 2 that is not jb an is on 5.0
    i get the “sorry, device is not supported).any one can pl help?????

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  • samei

    I’m using mac osx 10.7.2… can i use this absinthe to jailbreak my iPhone 4s?

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  • Sushant

    Hey guyz i own an ipad 2 wifi havent jailbroken it yet though
    Can i play online or multiplayer after i have jailbroken it
    Also i have ios 5.1.1 so please suggest me which one is the best jailbreaking tool that cause NO problems
    Thanks! 🙂

  • JoshuaS

    Guys, anyone having sound trouble with 5.x with absinthe on iPad (maybe others), just double click home button, slide to the left, and unmute. It’s weird, but it’s the problem (at least on mine).