Apple Seeks Injunction to Ban Sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

iPhone vs Android

FOSS Patents reports that Apple has filed a motion for preliminary injunction in the U.S. to ban sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus for infringing four patents last week.

Apple is suing Samsung for the following four patents:

  1. the “data tapping” patent based on which the ITC ordered an import ban against HTC
  2. a patent related to Siri and unified search, which must be of huge concern to Google with a view to its core business
  3. a new slide-to-unlock patent that even had the head of the Taiwanese government profoundly worried
  4. a word completion patent that provides major speed improvements for touchscreen text entry
FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller terms these four patents as the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.
Since all the four patents are software patents, it looks like Apple is going after Google’s Android indirectly. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also the first flagship device running the stock version of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).
Mueller points out though three of these patents were granted only recently, the fourth one about “data tapping” has been successfully used by Apple to win an injunction banning the sale of HTC’s Android based smartphones, which begins in April.
It will be interesting to see how Samsung and by proxy Google responds to these patent infringement claims. According to Mueller, Google has the following options:
Theoretically, Google could remove the functionality protected by any of these patents in order to keep the product on sale, but if it changes the program code of a lead device, this would make it particularly clear to everyone else in the market that there’s an infringement issue.
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  • tomdizzo

    Oh snap

  • Richie

    Another WIN for Apple!! HAHAHA sorry Samsung, thats what you get for making all those stupid Commercial Ads Mocking iPhone!!! ^_^

    • BigBossSnake


    • Hooman

      I pity you. don’t you see what a troll Apple has become?

  • SCUM!

  • Bullfrog

    I used to love Apple, but now they’re a bunch of a-holes. Be careful what you wish for people. If Apple has their way, there will be no more competition and that would be a bad thing.

    • Pete


  • Frank

    Can’t believe apple is that scared of android to have to do this…… Thought apple was doing better Guess not

  • JB

    apple just jealous android making its way to the top

    • Oh NOOOO

      Samsung is going after apple ios every where else in the world, china, Germany, thats why apple is doing that, Steve Jobs said they are a copy cat, i think they are

  • Samsungs Dead

    You guys are dissing apple yet THIS is a site for iPHONE’S!!! I’m guessing you guys that commented must have android phones lol. Samsung tried sueing Apple every chance they get and now that they do it to them you guys are acting bitter? LOL

    • Melvarius

      Or we have iPhones and a rational mind that thinks for itself.

      P.s anyone want to flie a patent for sliding a phone into their pocket? You could sue everyone. Shhhhhh don’t tell apple.. hahaha

  • unreal

    Apple’s business plan sucks. Software patents blow.

    I really like Apple products, for the most part. My desktop is an 8 core Mac Pro. My laptop is a dual core Macbook Pro (likely to be replaced with the next gen Air – once they go retina and improve the GPU). My tablet is an ipad. I’m on the cusp of the ipad being the last Apple tablet, however. Unless they go retina for the ipad 3. I’m tired of having to jail-break the thing to use it the way I want. I only use a few jailbreak-required apps. But I really need them. My last iphone was a 3GS and was replaced with a Nexus S, the day it shipped. Droid 4 is better than IOS 5, in most ways that matter to me. I was planning on getting an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, but it’s just not that much better than Nexus S, for what I do. Any apps that require that much processing power are better on a tablet, anyway.

    As for the Apple App Store – it’s become a wasteland. The in-app purchase junk and pay as you play model has pretty well killed it, for me. I think the gold-rush made a lot of money for Apple. But, like all gold rushes – it will pass.

    I need Apple to make better products, rather than attack others who do. Hardware patents, OK…. maybe… Although HW tech patents need to be shortened to 5 years, max. But software patents on GUI manipulation, algorithms, APIs, and protocols…? No.

  • Grime

    I love Apple products, but they’re so d!@m expensive. I’m for competition, and to be quite honest I could care less about who infringed upon who. I’m not saying anyone infringed on anything. I don’t have the evidence nor am I technically inclined to make such a judgement. What I am saying is that if Apple has its way we’ll be paying twice what they’re asking already. At the end of the day I care about my pocket, not Apples, they have more than enough.
    The other day, there was mention about At&t unjustifiably raising the upgrade fee from a messily $18 to $36 if I recall correctly , that sucks for sure, and there was a hell of an outcry from people here, but that’s peanuts compared to what Apple’s already making in profits. Yeah, we all have a choice to buy their products or not, but when is enough, enough. I don’t mind paying for quality, I just don’t like being raped while doing it.
    Again, Apple makes a great product, but its the quality apps that make the iphone and ipad what it is, and the developers usually charge between $.99-$20.00. To top it off, Apple gets 30% of that. They have their hands deep in everyone’s pockets (developers, consumers, Hollywood and the music industry). At the end of the day, I hope Samsung, Google and any other competitor wins against Apple. Its not about the lesser of the two evils, but balance between them, and more money in my pocket as a result of fair reasonably priced merchandise.
    The Have’s, (Apple) have enough but are never quite satisfied, while the have-nots (Everyday common Joes like myself) never, nor will ever have anything. It’s just pure greed, but the fan boys and Apple supporters will always look the other way. Bill Gates was the richest man in the world and his software has always been fairly priced, compared to Apples. He’s also a philanthropist that has donated billions, what does Apple give? The most generous I ever known Apple to be was when they offered $100 bucks off their $1000 dollar laptop. Gee thanks Apple, and that was a student discount. Apple’s all about pure greed and that’s all there is to it.

  • OK

    I’m just hoping that Apple won’t increase the price of next iphone and ipad. After billions of dollars spent on lawsuits, where do they make up those $$? Hopefully not from consumers’ pockets. I would be pissed if Apple increase the price of an iphone let’s say by $100 and the carriers won’t subsidy to $199 and want $299 for the lowest GB model.

  • Frank

    If my iPhone was not jailbroke so I can load apps to make my phone do what I need (thanks Intelliscreen and others) then I would be looking at other devices to fill that void. Apple makes good products but not good enough sometimes we can do more with a pc then a Mac and when apple finally let’s people do what they want the Mac will have all the same problems a windows pc has which is not windows but the third party drivers which causes all the problems Microsoft get blamed for…

    • my thoughts exactly. if there was no jailbreak on my iphone 4, it would be completely useless to me.

  • kmanvan

    Slave labor, incessant lawsuits to stifle competition, a closed software environment, overpriced devices…. Whats not to love with Apple?

  • fas

    When will this suing game end.