Chinese Court Tells Distributors to Stop Selling iPads; Apple Threatens to Sue Proview For Defamation

The “iPad” trademark saga in China between Apple and Proview continues.

Associated Press reports that the Intermediate People’s Court in Huizhou has ruled in favor of Proview Technology and has ordered local distributors to stop selling iPads.

Associated Press reports:

Apple’s dispute over the iPad trademark deepened Monday after the Chinese company that claims ownership of the name said it won a court ruling against sales of the popular tablet computer in China.

Xie Xianghui, a lawyer for Shenzhen Proview Technology, said the Intermediate People’s Court in Huizhou, a city in southern China’s Guangdong province, had ruled on Friday that distributors should stop selling iPads in China.

Apple has already appealed in the High Court against the court ruling favoring Proview. Apple insists that it holds the trademark rights to the “iPad” name in China.

“We bought Proview’s worldwide rights to the iPad trademark in 10 different countries several years ago. Proview refuses to honor their agreement with Apple in China and a Hong Kong court has sided with Apple in this matter,” said Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu.

PC World is also reporting that Apple has sent a letter threatening to sue Proview for defamation in the trademark dispute. PC World reports:

On Monday, Apple sent a letter to Chinese display vendor Proview, demanding its founder Yang Rongshan cease releasing what it said was false information to the media. Apple then warned it would sue for damages caused by “defamatory statements.”

“It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple’s reputation,” said the letter, which was provided by a person familiar with the matter. 

Proview claims that it was the first to use the iPad moniker in China for its computer, which looks similar to the first generation iMac. Proview’s IPAD stood for “Internet Personal Access Device”. The company no longer sells these computers and has filed for bankruptcy.

As mentioned earlier, Apple insists that they own the “iPad” trademark as they had bought European rights to the “iPad” trademark from Proview’s parent company for $55,000, which also included China. A court in Hong Kong has also ruled in favor of Apple before and stated that Proview and its subsidiaries had conspired against Apple to get more money out of them.

Unfortunately for Apple, Chinese authorities and courts have favored Proview so far.

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  • noview

    This is so stupid… Proview’s just going for the $$$ because they can’t invent their own successful products, and they waited as long as possible to get the best reward. Yeah, I bet the IPAD lost a lot of sales because people got confused and accidentally bought an iPad. Proview would be $1billion richer if it wasn’t for Apple’s name stealing, am I right? Oh wait, they bought the name. legally. what a load of —-.

  • kingdik

    stupid greedy nips.

    • Esef

      You’re a Dumb ass … See how easy it to insult without being a racist.

    • Damen

      Wow kingdik, what an intelligent comment. You’ve managed to sum up your stupidity in 3 words, kudos!


  • JJ

    ” The company no longer sells these computers and has filed for bankruptcy.”
    No wonder…

    • mohgui

      it’s all about the money and nothing more… greedy bastards.

  • JC

    In certain way, I’m glad this is happening.
    I can’t really feel sorry for Apple. After all, they are takin jobs away from many american workers.
    This is what they deserve for dealing with a Communist Nation governed by crooks.
    I know many won’t agree

    • mohgui

      i bet you didn’t even know that Nike, Motorola, and many other American companies are producing their goods in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and many other 3rd world countries. you should thank Apple for being in the limelight and opening your eyes to the real world.

      • fas

        BY the way Foxconn also manufacturers for Acer, Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Intel, Dell, CISCO, Motorola.

  • I hope Apple loses on this one, because they need to see that suing left, right and center isn’t going to help your business grow.

    • mohgui

      isn’t it an American past time to sue people? for example, smokers know bloody well that smoking is bad for health and causes cancer… yet they smoke and start suing tobacco companies when they contracted cancer. so, Apple is just doing what seems to be normal for Americans.

  • Brooks Clanton

    “The iPAD of development constructs on the dream of technology founded human spirit. To make use of advance serial products, people can explore the infinite imagination of virtual reality. It is the strong leading trend and nobody can resist the charming of iPAD. The effect on iPAD is over-whelming in the human history. The real internet PC life just started and already indispensable exist in our life.”

    haha…close enough!

  • Shadow

    Since when do the Chinese care about trademarks and IP? Their manufacturers produce counterfeit versions of everything designed worldwide and yet they are worried about protecting a trademark of a Chinese company?

  • Frank

    Welcome to communism … apple could get spanked and the world will open its eyes to the reason for cheap labor in china

  • ron

    YEAh GO CHINA sue that apple-Worlds greediest company