Analyst Claims Apple Will Unveil iPhone 5 at WWDC 2012 in June

The Commercial Times reports that according to Daiwa Securities, Apple will launch the next generation iPhone at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference in June 2012 instead of October like last year.

Daiwa Securities also claims thatApple will use “glass to glass” touch panel technology in iPhone 5/iPhone 6, which will benefit TPK Holding and Wintek.

Ever since Apple launched iPhone 4S, which looks like iPhone 4S rather than redesigned iPhone 5, it has been widely speculated that Apple will launch the next generation iPhone in June rather than following the annual product cycle.

Last year, Apple launched iPhone 4S in October instead of launching it in June like it had previously.

MacRumors reports that though Apple hasn’t officially announced the dates, the 2012 WorldWide Developer Conference could be held from June 10th-June 15th based on a leaked document. According to Moscon’s publicly available event calendar, those dates are blocked off for a “Corporate Meeting”.

In our opinion, it is highly unlikely that Apple will launch the sixth generation iPhone in less than 9 months, especially when you consider that iPhone 4S is still selling like hot cakes and Apple has only recently caught up with demand. We expect this year’s WWDC to be a software centric event just like year where Apple will launch iOS 6 – their next generation mobile operating system.

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