Selling Your iPad 2 Ahead Of iPad 3 Launch? Here Are Some Options

The pre-launch lull is probably the best time to sell your soon-to-be-old iPad, so that you can make space for a new one. 

Here are some of the best options to sell your iPad 2:

NextWorth and Gazelle

Both these sites specialize in buying used gadgets from users through their trade-in proagram. The way they work is largely similar. A price is quoted depending on the specifications and conditions of the device, after which a user can ship the device to them for free. Gazelle pays you through check, Amazon Gift card or PayPal while NextWorth, in addition to check and PayPal, also has an option for Target Gift Cards.


Popular electronic retail store RadioShack also offers a trade-in program for used gadgets. In addition to an option of shipping the device to RadioShack for free, the store also lets you walk into a store and trade-in your iPad. You could then redeem the the value of your used product in another purchase in a RadioShack store.


Amazon’s trade-in store also works in a very similar way, with you needing to ship your used device (for free, of course) after which you’ll be rewarded in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

We’ve created a handy table, listing out the prices available for various models of the iPad through these trade-in programs. While Amazon offers you the most value, only RadioShack would give you the option of avoiding the hassle of shipping your device. If you want hard cash though, your options are confined to NextWorth and Gazelle.

iPad 2 resale chart

You could always choose to sell your device through eBay or Craigslist, although they won’t necessarily mean that your device would be sold instantly.

In case you’ve sold your device through any other means, let us know in the comments.

Note: All the prices shown in the chart assume that your device functions properly, and doesn’t have scratches or any other cosmetic blemishes. In case your device is damaged, the prices would be less that what are shown.

If you’re planning to sell your iPad 2 and buy iPad 3 then it may be a good idea to do it as soon as possible rather than waiting for iPad 3 to be available. As you can see from the chart below (courtesy NextWorth), there was quite a significant drop in prices of the original iPad when iPad 2 was unveiled and the prices drop even more when iPad 2 was available. The drop in prices is usually due to retailers like Best Buy selling the soon-to-be-old iPad for a discount (it is currently offering a $50 discount for all iPad 2 models). So hurry up!

[via GigaOm, Cult Of Mac]

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  • So not worth it. Always give it twosome one in the family, it’s an education experience!

    • what if they already have the iPad? ;P


        Just send it to me! i am always ready to receive 1 🙂

  • paulg

    Selling on Ebay? Please no. I once sold a factory unlocked iphone 4 on ebay only to have the buyer claim it came with a nick i was never aware of. This is a phone i protected with a speck case since the day i got it.
    Ebay could careless i sent photos of the phone to the buyer prior to shipping. Before i could even state my case, they had already gone into my bank account and deducted the payment. Worse i am yet to receive the phone back from the buyer. What a scam.

    • who

      What are you talking about? First, eBay does not have access to your bank account. Second, there is a resolution process that has to be followed within PayPal and it allows you 10 days to respond to the issue before it can be escalated to a claim. Last, if the buyer received the iPhone, the most he could file is a claim that the item is not as described. In that case, a full refund would not be given. Clearly you got scammed because you are too dumb to follow instructions.

      • paulg

        Wow! What an arrogant idiot. Do you have access to my account to figure out what ebay did or didn’t do?
        eBay claimed the reason they deducted the funds from my account is because their policy dictates that once a buyer files a resolution for what ever reason, their system automatically places the funds exchanged from that transaction on hold. Now because i had already transferred the funds into my paypal account prior to the buyer’s filing, they had no choice but to go into my account and retrieve the funds.
        They’ve also assured me that the buyer won’t receive the refund until i there is proof i have received the phone. If the buyer refuses to return the phone, i get back the money.
        But your ignorant and arrogant brain didn’t know that did you? Stupid idiot.

        • paulg

          Meant to say “because i had already transferred the funds FROM my paypal account to my bank account”

          • who

            “Ebay could careless i sent photos of the phone to the buyer prior to shipping. Before i could even state my case, they had already gone into my bank account and deducted the payment. Worse i am yet to receive the phone back from the buyer. What a scam.”

            Your words. Not mine. Don’t bash eBay and then tell the REAL story.

  • Old timer

    Donate it to a needy school age child. It would really make there day and be a worth while thing to do.

  • Many

    Why not sell it on Craigslist now for about 650-700? For the 64gb 3g

    • teenbot

      trust me, wont work, thats almost like the new price of a ipad2, some people are stupid and dont know the diffrence between an ipad1 and ipad2, and if they are smart, they wont buy it for 600$-700$. when i was selling my ipad1, a buyer thought there was Siri and u could buy a memory card for it, got mad and thought i was selling a fake ipad. haha what ideots!

      • Looneyhouston

        I sold my like new iPad 2 16gb on Craigslist Saturday in houston for $440

  • Jason

    Sold my 16gb 3G ipad2 for $480 on Craigslist two weeks ago.

  • Vwlover69

    I sold mine on amazon for $425 last week.

  • Hemik

    Sold my ipad2 16gv wifi at the flea-market two weeks ago for 450$ and made extra cash selling other used stuf around.. (alot of people dont know wen the next ipad comes out. they are not cheking rumers like us or keeping up todate 😀 lol)

  • teenbot

    i sold a jailbroken ipad 1 16 GB WiFi for 285$ on Craigslist, buyer took the ipad and gave me the money without even checking the ipad, never even press the home button to check if its working!!!
    he was lucky that my ipad was real and had no problems.

  • JustSayin’

    If you are on the buying side, I would wait. Who knows? may be Apple will reduce the price for you themselves. For the brandnew older models.


    hey IphoneHacks

    There is a typo i though i would let you guys know!
    found in this sentence the last word
    Both these sites specialize in buying used gadgets from users through their trade-in (((((((((((((proagram))))))))))))

  • Jim

    THERE IS A TYPO IN YOUR VERY FIRST SENTENCE: though or were you trying to spell thought?
    Careful throwing stones when you live in a glass house.

  • Tom

    Its crazy what they are giving for a 1gen iPad…lucky those people whove held off with it to buy ipad 3

  • fas

    Buyers should have sold it before the media invite.

  • Toby

    Sell to me please or preferable just gimme for free 😀 i stay in Nigeria tho…im sure you people would now be scared that im gonna dupe you 🙁

  • Zed Sefi

    Selling my iPad 2 for the favor of getting iPad 3, are you kidding me? I had to wait 8 MONTHS! for the jailbreak to come out for my iPad 2 on iOS 5 (I missed the chance to jailbreak it when iOS 4.3 was possible to be jailbroken). How long do we need to wait this time for a new jailbreak to the iPad 3??? Yeah! Guessed right! Maybe over a year! If jailbreak will even be possible. No man I am out of this big tiiiime!!!

    • Zed Sefi

      With iPad 3, dream team is not going to be good enough to jailbreak it. We will need Jesus team instead!!!