Selling Your iPad 2 Ahead Of iPad 3 Launch? Here Are Some Options

The pre-launch lull is probably the best time to sell your soon-to-be-old iPad, so that you can make space for a new one. 

Here are some of the best options to sell your iPad 2:

NextWorth and Gazelle

Both these sites specialize in buying used gadgets from users through their trade-in proagram. The way they work is largely similar. A price is quoted depending on the specifications and conditions of the device, after which a user can ship the device to them for free. Gazelle pays you through check, Amazon Gift card or PayPal while NextWorth, in addition to check and PayPal, also has an option for Target Gift Cards.


Popular electronic retail store RadioShack also offers a trade-in program for used gadgets. In addition to an option of shipping the device to RadioShack for free, the store also lets you walk into a store and trade-in your iPad. You could then redeem the the value of your used product in another purchase in a RadioShack store.


Amazon’s trade-in store also works in a very similar way, with you needing to ship your used device (for free, of course) after which you’ll be rewarded in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

We’ve created a handy table, listing out the prices available for various models of the iPad through these trade-in programs. While Amazon offers you the most value, only RadioShack would give you the option of avoiding the hassle of shipping your device. If you want hard cash though, your options are confined to NextWorth and Gazelle.

iPad 2 resale chart

You could always choose to sell your device through eBay or Craigslist, although they won’t necessarily mean that your device would be sold instantly.

In case you’ve sold your device through any other means, let us know in the comments.

Note: All the prices shown in the chart assume that your device functions properly, and doesn’t have scratches or any other cosmetic blemishes. In case your device is damaged, the prices would be less that what are shown.

If you’re planning to sell your iPad 2 and buy iPad 3 then it may be a good idea to do it as soon as possible rather than waiting for iPad 3 to be available. As you can see from the chart below (courtesy NextWorth), there was quite a significant drop in prices of the original iPad when iPad 2 was unveiled and the prices drop even more when iPad 2 was available. The drop in prices is usually due to retailers like Best Buy selling the soon-to-be-old iPad for a discount (it is currently offering a $50 discount for all iPad 2 models). So hurry up!

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