• Mediascapenorth

    Pretty cool. Although pretty useless.

    • Alex

      Not Useless on Verizon phones at least you can’t do this without this tweak. also our carrier bundle is called “Zeppelin” thats how this app probably got its name.

  • venom

    Source anyone???

    • roger

      @Venom , no additional source required

      • Metz

        Have you tried before making your comment?

      • Metz

        Have you tried before making your comment? There is nothing on Cydia!

        • roger is right, you don’t need to add an additional source. If you can’t find it. Try killing the Cydia app that is running in the background via the multitasking tray and relaunch it and wait for all the sources and packages to load. You should now be able to search for the tweak.

  • clown

    but what is the source, because i have tried killing cydia several times and zeppelin still isn’t in my search.

    • Skar

      It’s from ModMyi

    • Skar

      It’s from ModMyi source

  • Efitall

    I can’t find it either!

  • Andy

    “make it mine” apps on cydia allow u to replace the service logo with text input. not sure it will works on ios 5 or not though.

  • narcolepsycho

    yeah that’s fine and all but didn’t something change with iOS 4 or 5 where many apps (including Cydia) always revert back to the default AT&T logo, even if you use custom carrier logos? I had this issue, it didn’t stop me from using an apple carrier logo, but just wondering if anyone has any 411 on making the logo stay the same no matter what app you open.

  • KELi

    doesnt work if you have “fake operator installed”.

  • soulburner

    Hi guys, I found the Zeppelin on Cydia and “install” it. I tried even with iFufunbox, but both cases there is no any icon. Anyone has some ideas? Thanks!

  • Heifzilla

    I’m using this and it works great for the pre-installed icons. I have tried loading my own icons and while they are in the /Libray/Zepplin directory, they dio not appear when I go into the Zepplin settings.

  • auR1g