ContactPrivacy 1.1: Gives You More Control Over Your Address Book And Also Fixes WhatsApp Crashing Issue

Last week, Ryan Petrich has released a jailbreak tweak called ContactPrivacy inspired by Path’s privacy incident, which prompts you when apps like Path 2 try to access your contacts database and gives you an option to allow or deny access to the iPhone app.

Unfortunately, some of you commented that it was causing WhatsApp to crash.

Ryan has just released an updated version of ContactPrivacy, which fixes the Whatsapp crash issue and it also allows you to enable or disable access to contacts explicitly to an app via the Settings app.

ContactPrivacy is available for free. To install it, you need to add Ryan Petrich’s repo to Cydia using the following URL:

Apple has said that apps that use address book data will have to explicit take permission from users with a future iOS software update. Until then, ContactPrivacy gives you control over your iPhone’s address book.

Note: The latest version of ContactPrivacy is 1.1. If you see ContactPrivacy 1.0 as the latest version available when you launch Cydia, then kill Cydia running in the background, launch it again and wait for the packages to load. This time, you should be able to Install ContactPrivacy 1.1.

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