Decoding Apple’s iPad 3 Event Invite

Yesterday, Apple sent out invites to the media event on March 7th, where it will unveil the highly anticipated third generation iPad.

The tagline on the invite reads “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

As we noted yesterday, the graphics of the invitation shows an iOS Calendar icon with the date as March 7nd with the iPad screen in the background, clearly suggesting that Apple plans to introduce much awaited next generation iPad at the media event.

The resolution of the Calendar icon in the invite seems to confirm that iPad 3 will indeed get a high-resolution Retina Display. Check out the comparison image of iPad 2 and iPad 3 (courtesy Gizmodo), it clearly highlights the low pixel count on the Wednesday typography on the iPad 2 image compared to the iPad 3 image from the invite.

So while the Retina Display seemed the explain the “have to see” part of the tagline, there have been many interpretations for the “And touch” part of the tagline. Some speculate that “have to see” suggests Apple will also unveil the recently rumored Apple TV 3 alongside iPad 3, while others including Gizmodo claim that Apple may be doing away with the Home button in iPad 3 and instead replacing it with a capacitive bezel.

Not only that, but there seems to be NO home button, which explains the mention of the “And touch.” in their invitation. How can we know? First, the photo they are showing is on portrait mode. You can’t achieve that icon spacing in the landscape mode (which is the only explanation for the lack of home button).

Moreover, the icon falls right onto the same water drop that the current iPad 2 falls while in portrait mode. The same happens with the reflection on the dock. And, on top of that, it’s impossible to get the same icon spacing in landscape mode. Clearly, Apple’s invitation is showing a photo of the iPad in portrait mode. And there’s no button to be seen.

Gizmodo seems to dismiss the idea that Apple could have turned the iPad upside down while taking the photo for the invite.

MG Seigler feels that it is highly unlikely that Apple will leak such a major design change in the event invitation.

Our take:

Though the idea of a capacitive bezel sounds interesting (as wear and tear of the Home button has been a major concern ever since iOS 4 was released), we feel it isn’t as intuitive to a first time iOS device user as the current Home button and making the entire bezel capacitive could result in too many accidental activations, so in our opinion we won’t bet on Apple doing away with the Home button. It looks like everyone is reading too much between the lines.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Victor

    Its just an invitation. What about the lack of page dots? I dont think they are doing away with the home button. Having a bezel to replace it might do it, but gestures will not. You interfiere a lot with multi touch apps.

    • teenbot

      page dots arent there maybe cuz there is no other pages, just guessing

      • Aaron

        There would still be the spotlight icon.

  • Many

    You guys REALLY get too into these things. Something for you to see and touch means new screen(see) and nnew ipad(touch) not a new way to touch it but the ability to.

  • iDroid7

    galaxy nexus already have that…..lawsuit!!!!!

    • Bill

      Idroid I really don’t understand why you are on a apple forum! You never have anything good to say except androids got that! We don’t care! That’s why we buy apple!

      You clearly don’t rate android that much if your always on an apple website

      Go home!

      • Sahara


      • Patrick

        Hey Folks… Competition is good! It’s probably a big part of the reason why we’re even getting an iPad3 at this stage.

    • Dipen

      Yeah you knob everyone knows that android is for thickos that can’t afford an iPhone and think they are cool but deep down they know that they’re out of touch

    • teenbot

      Yo, stop posting things about droid, we come to an apple forum to talk about apple not android!! go find a Droid forum and annoy other people there!!

  • sean

    If i had to guess they moved the home button to be at the bottom in landscape mode.

  • bryce

    maybe the ipad3 was jailbroken..

    • teenbot

      you dont lose a homebutton from jailbreaking…. -_-

  • MrLedbetter

    Its gonna be a touch television. Or that person has really small fingers.

    • drew

      Touch TV? So I would have to get up and walk over to the tv each time I want to change the channel or volume?

      • Dazzle

        Wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the Number of fatties out there.
        Next innovation would be to use yoda style mind control. Ummm yes interesting very much it is (in true yoda style)

        • Craig

          Yoda style mind control? You mean The Force? Dumbass

    • teenbot

      yea a touch television…. there is something called a remote that is used to control the device without getting up…

  • Different sizing?

    Maybe the size of the iPad 3 is different size compared to the iPad 2?

  • jussayin

    or maybe some kind of touch feed back when touching the screen, to feel a texture or some type of thing ish maybe who knows till next week…….

  • fas

    Its nothing but a Retina display.

  • Silly

    Introducing the new “iPad, w/wings”

    • teenbot


  • ichigo

    I stopped using the home button when IOS 5 was introduced with the gestures. Its so much easier anyway.

  • teenbot

    maybe the ipad photo was taken when the ipad was upside down

    • teenbot

      wait, the camra would be in the pic,

  • Eric

    Maybe they just Photoshopped it out… Imagine where the button would be — right underneath the “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”. As much as I would love the omission of the home button, I think the graphic design department was just trying to create a good design.

  • My-i-Sack

    Look at the size of the icons and the size of the fingers in these pic’s….?
    theres defo something there, yes the ipad 3 is meant to have a hi Res Full 1080p Retina display but that shouldn’t affect the actual size of the displayed image…? LOOK @ how small the ipad 2 icon is in comparison… HHhhuuummmm

  • Marc

    You are aware that Apple is working on using the frame, sides and maybe the backside as a touchpad? That could easily replace the Home Button and add much more functions. That would also explain the “And touch.”

    • teenbot

      Sick!! but i dont think it would happen

  • Craig

    People…it’s on it’s side. In landscape mode. Jesus Christ. Who uses their iPad in portrait mode?

  • Frank Rush

    My-i-Sack I was looking for a comment from someone who has also got it or nearly. The device in the invite has a resolution of 2048×1536!!! (google it) this device is physically much larger than the iPad. As My-i-Sack says look at the size of the finger compared to the device (try it on your iPad; i did and this device is much larger than my iPad). The icons are much large for distance viewing (remote control). It is an Apple TV.