Gevey Ultra S Can Unlock iPhone 4S Running iOS 5.0.1 / iOS 5 Without Dialing 112

Back in December 2011, iPhone Dev Team had revealed that they were working on a promising unlocking solution for iPhone 4S.

But it has been almost a month since the jailbreak dream team has released Absinthe Jailbreak and Redsn0w CLI tool to jailbreak iPhone 4S and there has been no further updates about the software solution to unlock iPhone 4S.

While the wait for Ultrasn0w for iPhone 4S continues, Gevey has unveiled Gevey Ultra S, which they claim can unlock iPhone 4S running iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1 and basebands 1.0.11, 1.013, 1.0.14. With Gevey Ultra S, iPhone 4S users won’t need to cut their SIM card or have to dial Emergency number 112, which was deemed illegal in countries like the US.

According to ApplenBerry’s website, Gevey Ultra S comes with the following features:

  •  GEVEY™ True Plug-and-Play Unlocking SIM Interposer
  •  No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112
  •  Untethered Unlock with no Jailbreak Required
  •  Compatible with all GSM iPhone 4S SIM Cards
  •  Complete Unlock with all 2G and 3G data services
  •  No SIM Card Cutting or Physical Modifications
  •  Works on iOS 5.0, 5.0.1
  •  Works on Baseband 1.0.11, 1.013, 1.0.14
  •  Guaranteed Better Reception than Previous
  •  Decreased Power Consumption

ApplenBerry has posted the following video to demonstrate that the Gevey Ultra S can unlock iPhone 4S:

Gevey Ultra S is currently available for pre-order for $54.99 on ApplenBerry’s website and expected to be available between March 3rd – March 7th.

We would strongly recommend you to wait for some positive feedback before ordering it as hardware based unlocking solutions haven’t been very reliable.

Hat tip to RedmondPie!

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  • steven chow

    I hope a software unlock comes out soon!

    • iROckU

      don’t hold your breath! That’s never going to happen now that comex and geohot are long gone.

    • mike

      yea im with iROckU if i was u i would jus pre order the gevey ultra s and unlock that way thats wat i did and now i jus wait till it comes in

    • Alukado

      Eachsupplier com carry R-Sim for unlocking iphone 4S at just $34.99. No need to dia, 112, exactly the same with Gevey ultra S, just cheaper.

      • mike

        yea i saw this r-sim it looks so cheaply made im sure it will not work how about u just spend 20$ more and u get a product that is worth buying and you no its reliable

        • sunil

          NO R-sim either Gevy Utra sim works. Its all fake

  • Mike

    Hi any unlock for 4g basband 4.11.08 yet is this ultra turbu sim will work on that basband

  • Risko

    Oh my god, and what about the iPhone 4 5.0.1? Why does nobody care about us? I’m tired of my expensive iTouch…

    • mike

      might as well sell it cuz it wont be able to be unlockd for a while no one really working on unlocks for the iphone 4 any more

    • RANDOM

      gevey works on iphone 4 running 5.0.1 if the baseband is preserved

    • Scott

      The Gevey Dev Team claims to be working on a 04.11.08 baseband (iPhone 4) unlock as well as a CDMA (Verizon & Sprint) unlock.

      • Scott

        CDMA unlock is obviously only the 4S since they can use a SIM.

        • mike

          it will not unlock any cdma iphone 4s it says so right on there website so dont get ur hopes up

  • Steven chow

    Any gsm iPhone 4s? Isnt all iPhone 4s GSM compatible?

  • fas

    Gevey is not that reliable.

    • mike

      gevey works pretty well on two iphone 4’s that i own so dont no wat ur talking about the only ones that dont work well are the cheap fake ones people buy on ebay

      • There are knockoff gevey sims in the market. I got one from ebay and it sucked horribly. When I ordered a real one, it worked great. I was setting it up for a friend and needless to say, wasted some money on buying a knockoff in thinking I’d save him some money.

  • paulg

    I have 2 factory unlock 4s phones and 2 brand new ATT locked ones.
    Just sold one of the locked ATT phones 64gig for $620 and was going to sell the other 16gig for $500 but now that i know this unlock is out, i think i might hang on to it and sell once the unlock is confirmed to work fine.
    Most people were already selling their locked phones for close to nothing but i believe now that we have a hardware unlock, their value will skyrocket. Especially those still on the 5.0.1 fw after apple releases 5.1

  • Vincent

    $55? – fifty five dollars? might just go buy the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 or Samsung Galaxy Note. It will make your iPhone look like a toy for kiddos.

    • If they wanted a samsung, they’d be over at samsunghacks instead of here.

    • Pratik

      Kao is right….samsung is nothing in front of iphone….

  • Hope

    Will this work on Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4s? … Please reply..

    • mike


      • jaavchicaloca

        why it won’t work with sprint Iphone 4s?…So the new gevey will only work with AT&T Iphone 4s?

        • mike

          yes only works with gsm iphone 4s att

    • Michael

      Not at this time. ONLY AT&T GSM iPhone 4S.

  • jay

    unlocking solutions haven’t been very reliable.
    *** should be like this unlocking solutions been very reliable.*** never had a problem with gevey sims over 5 iphone 4.

  • Ollie

    Does this work outside US, Spain in my case?

  • Ankit

    Gevey sim has been reliable .. Provided you have the original one and not a copy.

    Can plan to get an ip4s from US now 🙂

  • Ollie

    Does this work outside US?

  • Jaymz

    Can someone explain why this or jailbreaking and going back to a different baseband is necessary to unlock an iPhone. I ask because my girlfriend bought an unlocked iPhone 4 in Hong Kong last year. Looking at her phone, it uses the same ipsw file as a locked phone. Because it uses the same ipsw it seems like there can’t be any major differences between a locked and unlocked phone, so why is it so hard to unlock an iPhone. Is there a hardware difference or is there some sort of firmware that isn’t updated with an OS update. If its not a hardware difference why is it so hard to port the firmware from an unlocked phone to a locked one?

  • ankit

    will this new release works on Iphone 4 and IOS5 and on 4.11.08 basebands….

  • Will this work in Canada – VIRGIN MOBILE (IPHONE 4S) BASEBAND {1.0.14} VERSION 5.0.1

  • zamo

    if i have sprint ip4s and i want to use it on GSM carrier outside US. Does it work?

  • zamo

    If Iphone 4s is both GSM and CDMA carrier, why sprint iphone 4s is not supporting GSM carrier by using Gevey?

  • moso mosu

    Will it work in Japan… Softbank iPhone 4S?

  • t0nyt0uch

    It works. I picked the Gevey up on Tuesday 3/6/12 when it was released. I have an iPhone 4S (AT&T), running iOS 5.0.1, BB 1.0.13 and it works like a charm. Works similar to a tethered jailbreak/unlock in the sense that every time you power down / power up, the Gevey Ultra S card unlocks the phone again. Automatically of course, so no need to do anything upon powering up. Just let the Gevey do it’s job. Works great !!

    • ilce

      My 4S is activated but i don’t have original sim card, can I unlock it with gevey without the original carrier sim card?

      • t0nyt0uch

        Yes, as long as it’s a GSM carrier in your region you should be fine. You’ll have to cut that sim card into a micro-sim though.

      • t0nyt0uch

        FYI – Your 4S has to be GSM not CDMA (Verizon or Sprint).. CDMA iPhones are not supported.

  • mike

    whoop whoop got my gevey ultra s today in the mall and im happy to say that i put my iphone 4 in its box and i am now using my iphone 4s so happy gevey is the best…… and this just proves all the people saying that gevey is not reliable….. whoop whoop

    • Bob

      Well its because you dont live in canada!!! Cause here its like a 55$ piece of sh***t.

      • mike

        well if u go and buy it right from applenberry then u should not have a problem iv been using my iphone 4s for ten days now and it works like a charm

  • Jamsy

    So how exactly does this thing work?
    Do you pop in the gevey, let it unlock and then stick in the sim of the carrier that you would like to use?

    • t0nyt0uch

      No, place the Gevey inside the sim tray with your micro sim on top. Then insert them both into the iPhone simultaneously. It will take about 4-5 seconds like the video above shows. You have to leave the Gevey Ultra S card inside the iPhone. Read my previous comments. It unlocks the phone every time you either remove and re-insert the card or restart the iPhone. So the iPhone will remain unlocked as long as you have the Gevey card installed. If you remove it, the iPhone will return to normal.

  • Rodrick420.

    Does gevey ultra s work with jailbroken iPhone 4s?

  • sunil

    NO ultra S and R-sim Or tPsim works. Its all fake

  • Guille

    I just got mine for my att 4s,i live in venezuela and even though the phone has been unblock the data does not work!!! Any body has had this problem with the givey ultra s?? Thanks

    • mike

      have you try ti go and turn data roaming on

      • guille

        Yes i ve tried,but keep telling me that i dont have a data plan!!! and i do have a data plan,i have an iphone factory unlocked and when i insert my sim on that phone data works perfect!!!

  • willtsuda

    Hi guys,
    I’m brazilian (living in Brazil) and I have a japanese iPhone 4S locked by Softbank.
    I bought a Gevey Ultra S, but I just can use my brazilian SIM Card when I insert the original SIM Card (Softbank) with Gevey SIM, before insert my brazilian SIM Card with Gevey SIM.
    So, when I power down / power up my iPhone I need to do the process again, in the other words IT’S NOT WORKING UNTETHERED.
    Apparently, this is because my iPhone is not an AT&T and must configure the carrier.

    Well, if anyone has an iPhone NON AT&T can help me, I would appreciate.

    p.s.: Sorry about my english, but I hope you understand.