IconRotator: Jailbreak Tweak Rotates App Icons On Your iPhone’s Home Screen


Ryan Petrich – developer of many popular jailbreak tweaks such as Activator, recently released a cool new jailbreak tweak called IconRotator.

While the accelerometer kicks in when you rotate your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode so that whatever you’re watching, reading, or seeing adjusts to fit the display, it doesn’t work with icons on iPhone’s home screen.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the app icons on your iPhone’s home screen would also rotate when you rotated it to landscape mode? No worries, now there is a jailbreak tweak for that.

As the name suggests, IconRotator makes use of the built-in accelerometer and also rotates the app icons on your iPhone’s home screen when you rotate it in landscape mode or portrait mode. It’s pretty cool.

You can check out the demo of the jailbreak app in action below:

The only issue that we noticed is that it messes up Springtomize’s coverflow tweak (so we’re assuming it will have issues with Overflow [Cascade] jailbreak tweak as well).

The jailbreak tweak is available on Cydia for free. To install it, you need to add Ryan Petrich’s repo to Cydia using the following URL: http://rpetri.ch/repo

Let us know what you think of the jailbreak in the comments.

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