How to Install iOS ’86 Theme on Your iPhone

Couple of weeks back, designer Anton Repponen had conceptualized what an iPhone would look like running iOS developed by Apple in 1986.

The retro theme had generated quite a bit of buzz in the blogosphere. The good news is that you can now give your iOS device that retro look thanks to a new theme available on Cydia.

Here’s how you can install the iOS 86 theme on your jailbroken iPhone:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Install WinterBoard if you haven’t installed it yet
  • Then tap Manage tab
  • Followed by Sources
  • Tap on the Edit button and then the Add button
  • Enter and then tap on Add Source button
  • After the repo is successfully installed, tap on the Search tab
  • Search for iOS 86, select iOS 86 from the search results
  • Then tap on the Install button, followed by the Confirm button
  • After the theme is successfully installed, launch the Settings app and navigate to WinterBoard
  • And select iOS 86 theme and tap on the Home button, which will automatically respring the SpringBaord.
  • And to give it a finish touch, save this image in your iPhone’s camera roll and set it as the Home screen wallpaper (for the white background).

That’s it, you should see the pixelated iPhone dock along with the retro white and black icons (note the theme only changes the look and feel of the pre-installed apps).

As always, let us know how it goes.

[via iSpazio]

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  • Pavliko

    Haha this ones is actualy nice,

    Now exuse me I must go nostalg on my new 86 theme Iphone

  • Why does this not work on my iphone 3gs? IOS 5.0.1. All it does is give me black icon names??

    • Slovakia

      Do you have some other themes installed and also allowed ? Maybe there is some interference with other themes.

    • bigfodee

      Does the same on my 3GS, just makes some of the icon/folder names black.
      I have no other themes installed.

      • Steve

        I’m with you… I’ve been scouring the net to figure out why this isn’t working but no luck

        • Michael Parry

          I think the 3gs has renamed some of the file types if a list is collected I’m sure the files can be corrected for the new names.
          I had this problem trying to adjust my slidebar none of the file names were what I was looking for but close enough that I could guess which ones to change.
          Unfortunately I haven’t got the skill or energy to correlate all the changed file names.

  • Hello,
    i have iPhone 3Gs, iOS 5.0 and same problems. Icons have black names only…

  • Samsung suck

    White bg ? What it does mean, explain please…

    • Thunderbolt294


  • fas

    Why would I want to go into black and white?

  • Dodger

    not so great theme

  • Dave

    Why would I want this?
    That’s like wanting to go back to a dos prompt. Stupid.

    • djman10

      Just because a “STYLE” does not appeal to you does not make it stupid. So your comment is more a reflection on your intelligence. And your comparison does not make sense. Going back to DOS is not just aesthetics, it also changes the way one operates the computer and what can be done with the computer. This theme just changes the looks of the interface.

      • Dave

        I have an opinion. I’m stating it. That’s what the comment section is for.

        • Cold Tzatziki

          Oh…i see… another “American”.
          “I am an American” and i have a right to

    • SeenDaLight

      GRINNND beep

    • ImadsMoon

      just to make it compatible with ur avatar 😉

  • Ty

    I think concept is great. I haven’t tried to install yet, but I love the look.

  • I was able to get the theme installed, but it doesn’t seem to include the Chicago font. It also doesn’t seem to modify the lock screen like this pic.

  • eXo

    Okay, how can I change back my dock?

  • bang

    pretty retro check this background instead only one small change

  • ImadsMoon

    i didn’t like it .

  • Reg

    Theme installed and working and making me feel nice and nostalgic for my Mac SE/30 running HyperCard!

    But how do I change the icon label font to Chicago as it is in the above screenshot?

    On my 4, it’s still the system standard high DPI Helvetica.

  • This is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, if you have ANY non-stock apps (or even folders) on your home page, it completely ruins the effect.