Intoxicase iPhone Case Tracks How Many Beer Bottles You’ve Opened

Want to open beer bottles with your iPhone? There’s a case for that!

Spicebox launched new iPhone cases called Intoxicase that come with a metallic bottle opener welded at the back, letting you open bottles without carrying an extra accessory.

That’s not where the product’s main selling point lies though. In fact, there are a number of iPhone cases that let you open bottles. Intoxicase’s differentiating factor is its free companion iPhone app, that counts how many bottles you’ve opened and tells you how drunk you are.

The app uses the gyroscope in the iPhone to detect when a bottle is opened, and subsequently updates your “beer log.” It also comes with the standard set of social networking features that let you tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, how drunk you are. And in case you’ve had one too many, it also helps you to even call a cab.

Click on the image above to see the slideshow

Here’s a video which describes the design process of the case:

The narrator in the video says, “iPhone cases are prime real estate for everyday accessories,” and we couldn’t agree more. The fact that your phone is in your pocket everywhere, everytime, has fueled the popularity of apps, and would similarly bring up an vibrant ecosystem of  useful iPhone accessories.

The case is available for $35 on the company’s website.

[via Time]

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  • Jorge toro

    Totally useless. Enough said

  • Dwerg


  • Reeplay

    i love that they make it sound like the most breakthrough discovery of all time, when it’s actually a pretty useless idea

  • warbeast

    1.will this mean my wife can now track how much ive drunk aswell as tracking my phone at the pub
    2.will my screen be damaged if im that pissed i use it the wrong way around?

  • fas

    Haha, nowadays such things are becoming a joke.

  • Melvarius

    Can’t help but think that’s gonna crack the glass on the back of the iPhone eventually. I could be wrong but it just seems you’d be focusing a lot of pressure on a specific spot over a long period of time. (this is not an admission that I have a drink problem…. HIC!)

    As for telling Facefook bunnies how pissed I am. I usually rely on stating I’m out on the piss followed by the subsequent deterioration of spelling and total garbage in future posted messages. Which are quite funny to read back when sober hehehe. Another good indicator that I’m pissed is my total inability to roll a cigarette. As for calling a cab. I prefer to stagger home on auto-pilot. Nah I think I’ll spend the money on the obligatory kebab lol.