Teardrop-Shaped iPhone 5 Concept

Folks at Ciccarese Design, who had created the mockups of the rumored iPhone 5 based on the purported case design and also the iPhone Air concept are back.

They have created a teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 concept, which appears to be inspired by Apple’s Magic mouse.

While the sixth generation iPhone is widely speculated to feature an all-new design, we doubt Apple’s next iPhone will look like this. But it looks quite appealing.

Let us know what you think about this iPhone 5 (or iPhone 6) concept.

[Ciccarese Design via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • Petter Poppet

    defo cool

  • sanjay

    lol it looks like the mouse with a screen added to it:P:P:P lol..!!

    • Shrivatsa

      on the wrong side 😛

      but its pretty cool looking.

  • Yup

    At least it won’t rock back and forth when resting on a table.

    • be noyles

      only if u lay it on the screen……

      • Apple

        You don’t put you phone face down that stupid.

        There is no way apple would ever make this design. It looks ugly and not very practical, it would rock back and forth and it would be hard to do face time with the phone on the table.

  • Jyubei

    That’s sick but I don’t think it would feel natural in your hands. Taking pictures would be difficult. Love the design

  • Sako

    Nice design. I like it,but it’s just a concept version and I doubt we will get this in our hands.

  • Adi

    Its just not Apple’s Style….. Its Much More Better Than This…..

  • Moe

    Looks sick.

  • be noyles

    FUGLYEST THING EVER!!!!!! wow wut a piece of shiz

  • Mofo

    Can some one say palm pre

  • Jason

    Taste is subjective but in my humble opinion, it is high on novelty and low on dependability. In other words, no way I’d go for that. This does not seem Steve Job-esche. “A” for effort in creativity.

  • looks like a mighty mouse with a touch screen lol

    • SeenDaLight

      right! my thoughts exactly

  • TheDingoTookMyIphone

    ummmm, not too bad but I would prefer the corners to be less curved, maybe the same radius as the iphone4. Would it rock when it rings? 🙂

  • Andre

    Not cool. Maybe it would look less gay in black

  • Byron

    Copy Cat of the Galaxy Nexus

  • Pacomac

    I’ve bought every model of iPhone so far, but if this is the new design I won’t be buying this time round. I really hate the curves!

  • katsuboi

    Nice, but it can’t be made. Not enough space for the internal components at the top of the phone to put the forward facing camera and the back facing camera at the center, along with the speaker for your ear.

    And what about the USB connector? In this concept is syncing, charging, and everything else going to be wireless?

  • Squiggs

    Don’t lie it sucks. Yeah it looks cool but a curved shape is not ergonomic, the headphone jack should be on the top or bottom, it is also not tear drop designed, finally if battery life is bad on other I phones it will be worse if there is a limited space for everything.

  • cjshwee

    I don’t think Apple will ever use a design that is so close to that of the Galaxy Nexus. And when I read the headline, I expected a TEARDROP shape. Have the designers of the writers ever seen a teardrop?

  • GG

    Look like Apple Magic Mouse !!!!!

  • Joe

    Love it!!!!

  • ES


  • I’m in love with this new design of iPhone 5, I hope that this will be the actual iPhone 5 and not a rumor like the last time..

  • John

    Looks like a f*cking babyphone I got…….. well thats crap (in my eyes) 🙂

  • Paradox

    Not a bad concept … but one serious flaw even for a concept. We learned from the motorola Razor that the camera cannot be thinned out, hence the Razor was thicker where the camera was and incredibly thin everywhere else. If the camera in this concept was the required thickness, that would make that thicker area nearly a half inch thick.
    Of course its all concept … so in the world of concept artistry, I guess the artist redesigned the camera to be the thinest camera available yet …

  • My-i-Sack

    Very Nice Concept for the Next iPod Touch or make it a little bigger say 7.5/8 inch screen for the iPad Mini???

  • fas

    The iMouse!, which can be used both ways, the up side normally and the back side as a touch screen.

  • imobile

    Looks like one of those apple Bluetooth mouse. Don’t think the design would fly.

  • Bocaj7777

    I like I alot but wil it blend ??????

  • Daniel

    This is fatally flawed concept design. The headphone jack is at the side.

  • Dan Bradley

    C’mon people, it’s not real, some dude probably just found out how to design the magic mouse in photoshop and threw a screen on it. But I must say, it would rest easier in your pocket with that curve on the back. But I still hate it

  • Kyleigh

    It certainly looks cool but it won’t be a great seller if it was published it’s to weird but a great twist I prefer my iPhone I have now but I’m quite certain if this came out there would be alot of idiots and popular blondes who would have to have one therefor getting them to spread the word thus getting enough income to keep the projects going