Lifeproof Claims iPhone Case is Waterproof, Dirtproof, Snowproof & Shockproof

While we may have to wait for a year or two for our iPhones to be waterproof using technology from startups such as Hz0 or Liquidpel, Lifeproof claims that that their case will not only make your iPhone waterproof, but also dirtproof, snowproof, and shockproof.

Lifeproof achieves this by completely covering the iPhone, which means that the iPhone buttons are protected, an integrated screen protector covers the home button, a screw in cap protects the headphone jack, and a flip cover protects the dock connector.  The speakers are protected with Gore-Tex, which are designed to let sound pass through but prevent water from getting in. Lifeproof even claims that their case “improves the bass and mid-frequency speaker response by utilizing the back of the case as a sub-woofer for a richer, fuller sound.”

They also have also published videos to demonstrate that their iPhone case is waterproof and not just water-resistant like some of the iPhone cases.

Based on the reviews online, it seems to work as advertised. However, it’s not like a typical iPhone case. You need to go through the manual and test the iPhone case to ensure that it has been assembled correctly.

The thing that we like about the iPhone case is that it doesn’t seem to make the iPhone 4S look too bulky.

Lifeproof’s iPhone case is available on their website for $79.95 and comes in the following colors: black, white, pink and purple.

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  • statman

    Funny, I just spoke to someone that bought this, put it on their iPhone and proceeded to try and take some video of their saltwater fish in the tank…needless to say, it didn’t work and it fried their iPhone. beware.

    • Jared

      I bought one the first thing it tells you to do is put the case together with out the iPhone in it and leave under water for an hour to see if its working properly before trying your phone, mine works great. But I agree at your own risk I think it also said you could only open it about 50 times before the seal wears out. Also a little pricey

    • Paradox

      As jared said, you have to test the case first, and there are a lot of disclaimers in their instructions.

      If you drop the case or do anything to the case, you always are to inspect the integrity of the case and seals afterwards. You have to look for gaps etc…. They are not meant to be opened and closed numerous times, with exception to the access port for charging, and headphone jack.

      I “tested” mine without the phone per instructions, and it was dry as a bone inside.

      I reopened it and put the phone in, and it has been open since. I have not taken an opportunity to dunk it, but I have had it in the rain, dropped a glass if coke on it, and had it hit the ground once. So far no damage at all. A lot can go wrong with the seals if you mess with opening and closing it, especially the seals by the speaker ports. So it is a buyer beware, if you are not going to follow their instructions to a T.

      When I bought the 4S I bought the case the same day. There was a problem with the 4s and required removing it several times. I noticed immediately that those seals around the speaker port were getting damaged with repeated install of the phone. I got the case at best buy, so I returned the case and got a new one once the iPhone itself was working. So my guess is anyone having leaking issues basically are doing what they tell you not to do …

      Its not foolproof by any means, but properly installed, it is a case that definitely will give you better protection than otter box. It is a lot slimmer than otter box too. It adds very minimal thickness to the phone and still easily fits in the front pocket of my jeans.

      • Sarkas

        Sounds like you don’t need a smart phone…you are bit clumsy….maybe you should live in a bubble.

    • shane

      I have this case and it works good obviously I am still not comfortable putting it in in liguids but i do and it hasnt failed yet I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! if you have headphones you will need to use the adapter that comes with it

    • Teague Kelley

      I’ve placed my phone in the toilet, in the sink, I’ve taken showers with it, I’ve gone swimming with it, I’ve gone snowboarding with it, I’ve done it all. I love the case. I dropped it once out of my truck and it still works perfectly and even better, my phone doesn’t have a single scratch or crack.

  • cquili

    I have fried two iphones in two different lifeproof cases. they always leak a little. i’m on my second iPhone 4S. Even my first case was changed under warranty. Still the second one didn’t worked as advertised.

  • Josh

    I have had a lifeproof case for a while now and I can say that it does work as advertised. I shower with the iPhone every day (listening to Pandora and texting friends) and it works just fine. I have also dropped the phone several times on hard surfaces and the case worked perfectly, protected the iPhone. I have a friend who dropped their iPhone in the mud, broke the screen. Now she has a lifeproof case and won’t have that problem again. The big selling point is that it works in the pool, if you go swimming you can take video of your friends, and this case floats. Really great product, and excellent customer service.

    • Android Sucks

      you sound like a lifeproof salesman

      • Bwillz

        I have had iPhone life proof case apart 4 months always put it in water to show off and never have had a leak nor problem!

    • Sarkas

      You sound a bit OCD, who needs to shower with their phone? People have been showering for centuries without them. You probably live in your folks basement too.

      • TruthTeller

        You should probably just listen to the advice being given. Grow up.

      • Emily


        • Kylee

          Well, a lot of people who like to relax in a bath usually listen to music. But, if you dont have the case your phone gets wet. So who gives a flying F if noone showers with it. I have it and I use it when im relaxing in the tub. K thanks.

      • Lisa

        some of y’all are so rude. who cares if he takes a shower with his IPhone. and I have two friends have it and it works!

      • Swaggmassa

        Too bad phones havnt been out for centuries…

      • yournot

        Nope, I just like to listen to music in the shower, how is that OCD?

    • YOMAMA

      It actually doesn’t float with the phone inside…bit they have come out with ‘life jackets’ which allow the case to float with the phone inside

    • cxnmgtfrjum7hy xdv

      probably work for lifeproof

  • fas

    iPhones aesthetics go for a toss.

  • George

    I have been an iPhone owner for about a year and a half and have had an OtterBox Defender on my iPhone 4 since the day of purchase.

    Needless to say, other than the shock resistance, I was unimpressed. I remained using the otterbox however until last week. I am not the most safe person with a phone let alone one made of glass (gorilla glass or not) so going case-less was out of the question.

    I am now however, sporting my iPhone 4 with a black LifeProof case. Why did I wait, you may ask. Well one of my buddies purchased this case a few months back. The hour waterproof test was flawless, and on countless occasions I watched him “wash” his case (phone inside).
    I wanted to put it through the test without dropping the hefty $80 on what could-have been another “OtterBox”. This case however, has done nothing but impress me and that is what I was waiting for.

    The slim design and water tight seal is great. DO NOT remove your phone unless absolutely necessary! The more on/off the case does, the more bent the plastic becomes, thus rendering your case water welcoming.

    Also LifeProof recommends after any serious impact/fall/etc. you should disassemble and assess/inspect your case and “O Ring”. The O ring is the most important aspect of your case as that is what creates the water-tight seal.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have seen a LifeProof case leak on someone before. However there was unnoticed O ring damage. After contacting LifeProof support, the case was replaced entirely (FREE).

    All this said, I give the LifeProof case a 10 out of 10 review rating. Waterproof, Dirtproof, Snowproof & Shockproof all while retaining the sleek and slender design of the iPhone 4. Protection and style all in one.

    Don’t knock it until you try it.

    • Dom

      I have to agree with George. If you do have a problem, contact customer support. That’s what they are there for. This case has been around for a little while now, but they don’t sell it at BestBuy nationwide for no reason. It’s just as reliable as any other product. Anything you buy can have defects. If your uneasy about “defects” for any product don’t buy it.

      Furthermore, you can easily test the case before each time you put it on, just to make sure it’s still waterproof.

  • John E

    Lol you guys who say it doesn’t work are probably idiots that can’t put together something simple. Theres no long manual to read… It s a pretty cool case. and it does work as advertised.

  • Android Sucks

    what’s with all these life proof representatives posting long lengthy reviews, just say it works.. you’re looking like you work for the company

    • George

      listen buddy, I wish I was a LifeProof rep. rolling in the dough. I speak for what is right and good. Why would you waste your time posting if all you going to do is hate

    • Teague Kelley

      I agree with above. Theres a comment section for a reason. People like to know what they’re buying.

    • iPhone blows

      I plan on getting this for my iPad3 which functions as a work tool, I provide tech support for aircraft, aerospace and military grade vehicles and have dropped previous devices while I’ve been upside down, underneath, and other places I’ve been in these vehicles, I’ve seen the product used firsthand and it works if you install it right

  • cplus71

    For the money this case costs it feels like you have to take care of 2 things now. Your iphone and the precious case. I think I’ll keep my $8 case that I have and not go swimming with it.

  • شات يمني || دردشة يمنية || شات اليمن ||

    na i don’t wana risk ity
    i rather use my regular case

    • John

      I thinkbits funny you say, you don’t want to risk it. But even if the case has had an issue before, if you drop your phone in the water on accident losing your normal case it has ZERO chance of surviving lol.

  • Alfroggy

    Got the case. My phone wore it during vacations spent at the sea side. While it did make me more confident to take the iPhone out with us in my swim shorts while kayaking and on board a wave-swept catamaran care has to be taken in putting the case on.
    I hope it’ll last as long as my phone. The o-ring being huge it is a bit hard keeping it in the groove while fitting the iPhone in. There’s no question doing this at sea. Salt crystals are a concern.

  • Kiwiholden

    I love my lifeproof I’ve taken pics and videos underwater anxiety take it in the shower.
    If you go on there Facebook you’ll realise most of the people that have got a lifeproof are so impressed they just have to tell everyone “hey look I can drop my iPhone in my beer you can’t” type of stuff.
    It’s like lifeproof is a way of life no more stressing about wrecking your iPhone.
    But it does make us sound like fanboys and mode are

  • Kiwiholden

    If you watch the instructional videos on there website and follow them you get a free 1 year extended warranty by answering a quick Survey.
    Your you can do what my mate did and just wack it in like a tard and then wonder why it’s not 100%

  • DJScope

    I LOL @ all you idiots who actually drowned your phones because of crap like this!

  • osha 10

    Excellent post – Great, detailed information and engaging graphics. This is what an infographic post should be.

    • Kevin

      I have this life proof case and last Saturday I went mudding left my phone in my pocket on purpose to test it out the case works just fine and so does my iPhone best eBay purchase I ever did

  • Brandon86

    I have to agree with the guy saying “don’t knock it til you try it” I was skeptical, but I bought one and love it. I know 6 people who have switched from their Otterbox to Lifeproof case after seeing mine. 5 of those people love it still. (The other one had a leak and he asked for his money back) I have one a few free bar tabs off of dunking my phone in a beer a few times as well. I’m no spokesman, but I like leaving my phone in my boardshorts while I go surfing or swimming in the pool without worry. My favorite thing about it is being able to use the DirecTV Sunday Ticket app on Sundays while I take a shower, not missing any football… It’s worth the money, but I understand it may not be for everyone. The price tag is hefty.(Then again so is the iPhone4s I put in it) I just hate the otterbox with it’s tacky rubber and incredibly thick profile, it makes it annoying to pull out of your jeans pocket so I deferred to something new.

  • You

    The only reason why I haven’t bought one yet is because it seems like the plastic that goes over the screen would scratch easily.

    • KR

      the screen cover has held up better than my otter box did,but yes they do mark if abused

    • Paradox

      I don’t have any scratches on it yet, and primarily keep it in my front pocket…. I have had it about 2 months now. However, it smudges easily. I miss my smudge free zagg shield. Make the screen scratch err and smudge proof and it would be perfect.

    • Natalie

      How about the plastic on the screen doesn’t protect your screen from shattering…yep, happened about 4 hours ago & I’m still highly pissed about it. Have to live with the cracked screen until next year when I can afford to upgrade. Damn it.

      • Person

        How did it crack?

      • Evan Thomas Lightcap

        or…idk…get the screen replaced????????

  • Angie

    I’m a female klutz. Not sure how I came about the LifeProof online but was instantly sold based on comparison with Otterbox. Purchased the LP case few weeks ago for my iphone 4s, came home installed it by watching LifeProof’s very own youtube channel. Plain and simple instructions and now enjoy freaking my coworkers by dunking it into the sink filled water with no flaws whatsoever. I highly recommend this case to anyone who want to put their investments especially their iphones. Thanks.

  • Tru

    Absolutely love my life proof! I haven’t tried to drown my phone, but I have had several accidents, and my phone is unharmed. I have bought over 12 cases… This is my favorite!

  • Sandy

    Have lifeproof case, had phone in my hand and friend knocked our of my hand. Fell to ground and screen shattered! NOT HAPPY WITH THIS CASE AT ALL!

    • Natalie

      THANK YOU – I’m glad I am not the only one! I was SO optimistic – I’ve had the Otterbox for awhile and it was good, but I’m going to Jamaica in 11 days and thought hey – let’s swim in the ocean with our iPhones…yeah, screen shattered in less than 24 hours. BS.

  • Mike

    My life proof case worked well at first, I am a swimming coach and I did some underwater videoing of one of my teams, Then a couple months later, the case was closed and in my pocket while i walked in knee deep salt water to get on my boat. My phone is toast. Get it, use it, but don’t trust it. They will replace the case, but not the phone.

  • Brian

    Works great!!! Being a woodworker I’m exposed to a lot of fine dust that has wiped out all my other phones. Lifeproof handled it!! I also swim in salt water and fresh with phone and have had not one issue. Only time I open the case was to install phone, that’s it. Charger port latch is very durable!

  • meini

    dont buy!!!! used it on my new iphone 4s, did all the checks and tests then took it for a swim, worked fine for a while and then a small quantity of water leaked inside and fried my phone, thats 900 euros…..
    so do not buy

    • Natalie

      Agreed! I didn’t even have a chance to water test the damn thing, it didn’t stand the FIRST drop. :( VERY DISAPPOINTED.

      • Teague Kelley

        then return it to life proof. from my understanding they replace it after something like that happens

        • Fail Answer

          Do they replace the phone too?

  • Natalie

    I bought the Lifeproof case on their website about a week ago, got it yesterday, this morning my 2 year old dropped it from about 6 inches from the ground and the entire screen is smashed. Yeah, might be waterproof, but I guess I should have stayed with the Otterbox for the shockproof. It makes it difficult to type anyway, but now it’s really difficult with a broken screen. Guess I’m calling tomorrow when they reopen to get my $70 back…and no, I’m an not an idiot, the case was easy enough to put on, but the flimsy plastic on the front won’t protect it from drops…at least not directly onto the face of the phone anyway.

    • Teague

      let me get this straight… dropped it 6 inches? theres no way it shattered the screen from 6 inches off the ground. even without a case on the iPhone 6 inches will not shatter the glass. You’re high

      • rondude

        no you’re wrong because my screen shattered from a fall less than 6 inches without the case.

        • Euny

          My screen shattered in the LIFEPROOF case for no reason.
          I did not drop it. It was sitting on my work desk, it suddenly lighted up, so I grabbed it to see what I got then I noticed the lines, i thought my case got dirty then I felt the shattered glass while I was un-locking the phone.
          I do not know how this can happen. I am very confused. I do not know who to contact to appeal my case. If I dropped the phone, I would at least guess what could have caused it, but how can the screen shatter just by itself?

          • Jazzyj

            Ok iPhones don’t just crack for no reason… I’ve had my iPhone 5 for like a month and drop it 5-6 time a day without a case…. It’s not broken

      • natalieann39

        My phone was in a white lifeproof case, my second one actually. I liked my first one so much (except the color) that I decided to get another one just in a different color so I didn’t have to tote around a purple looking phone. In the purple lifeproof my phone survived being dropped out the window of a moving car yet in the white one that I just bought it didn’t survive a fall from my couch to my carpeted floor! It fell about a foot, and hit the corner (IN THE CASE) and I picked it up and saw my screen was shattered! Tiny falls WILL shatter the glass even in a lifeproof

  • What

    None of these shock complaints make any sense gorilla glass alone should handle most if these issues let alone with extra case protection

    • Terry

      So very true.

    • natalieann39

      That is why so many of us are angry, because it doesn’t make sense that this happened to our phones.

  • Tony

    I finally broke down and got my first iPhone & LifeProof case just a month ago! I have never dropped it or even wanted to submerge it in water. I am not one who is hard on phones as I had my last phone for nearly 8 yrs. Yesterday proved to me that the case it a piece of CRAP! My phone is smashed to pieces with no rhyme or reason! It looks like something was smashed into it or it was dropped when it was just in a side pocket of my purse! All the case did was keep the glass encased instead of scattered around in my purse! What the crap!? I think I would be more accepting of the situation if I had actually done something to my phone but the fact that I didn’t and the case obviously did not protect it at all is what bothers me!

  • Terry

    Lol , for those who had cracked screen so easily are probably just plain unlucky , i used the lifeproof case and i purposely submerged my case in water after testing the waterproof to test if its working with my phone in it and it worked. So no complains there. As for the cracked screen , its just unlucky as i said. i’ve dropped the phone from as high as 1.5M high and it did not crack every time i dropped it (rarely) cause it hits the corner only. Compared to 2 of my friends who bought the iphone 4s which is newer than my iphone 4s by a few months , they dropped their iphone for the 1st time and the screen cracked on them already. So if your screen cracked so easily you are probably just unlucky , At times i even place it on the top of the toilet bowl to play music while i bath without a case (i haven’t gotten the LP case yet) and the iphone slid to the corner of the toilet bowl’s top surface (where it stores water) and fell to the concrete ground right beside a drain. the phone was a little wet but totally no cracks , just a few scratches on the antennagate..

  • Donna

    Case is not totally waterproof, we had it 2 weeks when our phone go wet. Warranty replaces case NOT PHONE! Apple store says they are seeing more and more water damaged iphones coming in lifeproof cases. Beware


    I purchased this case with my new iPhone. Did everything as per instructional video and did the water test for two hours. Installed the phone and never opened it till yesterday. After a day on the beach, where I used the phone to take some videos and pictures returned to the hotel and discovered that the phone is not working. Carefully opened the case and discovered that there were some moisture inside and the phone is dead.
    I think the case is nice but it is not waterproof as advertised.
    It can handle a light splash of water or wet hands. But not more than that.

  • Overrated

    I purchased the lifeproof case six months ago, and am pretty dissapointed with it. This case is not durable! After a few months, the rubber membrane will break off from the gorilla glass, no longer making it waterproof. Lifeproofs website only boasts a 90 day warranty. For a product called “lifeproof”, and a $79.99 retail price, it’s just not worth it

    • Your daddy

      Yea I went through 3. They replaced each for free. Try being nice in your emails. Treat your case better. It’s still the best case. Its waterproof! Just don’t drop it.

  • Micrathena

    I got a LifeProof case last week. Did the waterproof test and then installed the iphone. I took some underwater video under about 2 feet of water in the pool yesterday and got some great video. I noticed the lens fogging up and figured it was the moisture in the air that was trapped inside the case. I opened it up and water poured out. I never dropped the case and it never got jostled or scratched. My iphone is dead now. I’m going to return the case and have to get a new phone. Not happy!

    • Your mom

      Because you left The top plug open.

  • Senterex

    I want buy one do to the fact that it is not shock prof enought for me ……. I have two cases … Griffen and otter box …… Those r the best ones out there …. With bothe of them l dropped my iPhone from six feet and nothing has happened to my phone …

  • Jessica Cook

    Does this case protect the screen? It looks like it isn’t even covering the screen

    • Mee

      Yes mine just came in and it works

    • Bob saget

      There is a screen cover built into the case.

  • Your daddy

    Just get it. If you have an iPhone without a lifeproof, your doing it wrong. Go buy a cheaper phone that doesn’t have waterproof cases.

  • bbruce12

    For those of you worried about the waterproof issue, I came across a process that is little known, but sounds like it really works. Google “Liquipel”. Sounds like very good insurance for accidents…and the price is reasonable.

  • Froggie9131

    It’s a piece of crap. I didnt drop mine. Did the water test. It was fine. My son put if in the tub and the case leaked. Now Lifeproof will not repair or replace my iPhone 4s which is brand new. I purchased both at the same time. My phone is broken. Only had it for 2 months. $199.99 for phone and $79.99 for case down the drain. For what??? A case that leaks and they have no responsibility for the phone inside THEIR product that is not going to leak. CRAP!!!!!!

  • Luc

    I use the case very carefully and never used for swimming. Just outside in the rain, I mean when it raining I was not a fright for damage. At home I cleaned very gentle with little water and dry it with coton from an T- shirt. I open the case since I’m use it maybe 4 times but for charge every or afther two days. To now I was think that it was completely waterproof …. Today… I put him with my phone inside completely in the water…. There is a leak…. Under the screen was water…. Ok… That is meaning… Afther using 7 month the case is just good enough for rain and protection…. Note…. As I said… I was very clean with the phone and case…. He still looks as new….. Pity…. Waterproof was it in the first test when new…. The rubber ring is also good… You know friends, I don’t know where is the leak… I goanna test him again…. And try to find solution…. As I read here in the forum is there no warranty…. So this is my experience … Luc from Belgium

  • Sarah

    got my lifeproof 4 months ago and was absolutely in love; however, i just dropped my phone on the ground and the screen shattered! it still functions but i will need to get the screen repaired. extremely surprised that even with the case it broke.

  • Harpyr

    I can’t get the charge proof latch open no matter how hard I try and I followed the instructions on how to open it and it looks easy but I can’t. I can’t charge.

  • nmatzatc

    Has anyone had any issues with the latch on the charge port door and getting that fixed? Mine banged against the charge cable when I placed it down and the latch snapped off. No longer waterproof since the port wont close. Any advice?

  • Potterboy

    I had a lifeproof case and I would just like to tell all of you that this case is a piece of CRAP! I did all the tests and everything and my phone has water damage beyond repair and lifeproof will not do anything to help.

  • Molly

    My classmate said that Lifeproofs don’t actually work underwater.

  • Pissed

    I have 2 lifeproof cases! One, the lens cover popped off. Two, it leaked somewhere and I lost my 64 gig!
    Yes I tested the case under water with tissue inside and it was fine. I blew out and dust. I worked with waterproof cameras before so I know the precautions. This item failed with my $900 phone and I am pissed!

  • Iliana

    My lifeproof cracked on the plastic towards my back side camera and I won’t shut at the top and I don’t know what to do

  • iphone user

    This case is NOT WATERPROOF!! I did the tests as I was supposed to, took it in the water all of the time, and one day it leaked. This leak ruined my phone, and lifeproof won’t do anything about it. DO NOT BUY THIS CASE. It is a waste of money and will eventually ruin your phone.

  • ProPhone

    Its a good case, but seriously guys… You don’t swim with your phone just if you can… Obviously its a risk, and the lifeproof case is just security IF you drop your phone in water…

  • gsbstyle

    my LifeProof case leaked. Ruined a new Iphone. They wont even respond. Dont buy this case!

  • ck99

    I bought the case. Did the test. Took it to a pool party and took some pics underwater. Submerged it less than 2 feet for sure. Brand new iphone is now fried because the case leaked.

  • Anna

    The $80.00 case does nothing a $1.00 case wont. I purchased the 200.00 iPhone5 and LIFEPROOF case the same day. After three months I noticed the plastic would stick to the screen, opened the case to find dirt and water on my cel.Called LIFEPROOF and they replaced the defective case.
    Today I dropped my LIFEPROOF protected iPhone; it simply slid out of my hand to the floor. The touch screen COMPLETELY chattered. Now I have to keep the phone inside the piece of $^%*(+ LifePoop case to proof it does’nt work and keep from slicing my fingers until I can afford another phone.
    I feel stupid for not reading LIFEPROOF reviews before I wasted my money.

  • Ric

    Mine fell in the shallow end of my pool for less than 20 seconds. Phone quit working. Apple store opened it, full of water!

  • buck33

    I bought a life case for a trip to Florida so I could take some underwater pictures while snorkeling. I did the test in the water for 1/2 hour with the mock phone. No water in the trial. Put my new I-phone 5S in the life case, double checked every mm of the case twice. Jumped in the water 5 minutes later I went to take a picture and could not turn on the phone. Its dead. What a POS. I am so pissed at myself for believing that it would work as advertised. Buyer be ware!!!

  • disappointed

    Does anyone else have a problem with the number? When i tried to call it said the line has been disconnected. My case leaked and I now have a broken iPhone 5. I really just want to get ahold of them and see what they’ll do about it.

  • sam

    lifeproof does not work!! i have used it with an I4 and I5S. both cases leaked and ruined my phone after passing the initial water test.