How to Quickly Send a Tweet From Your Jailbroken iPhone

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone then there is a number of ways to quickly send a tweet.

By using the options mentioned after the break, you can send a tweet without exiting the current application and launching your favorite Twitter application.


This is our favorite method. You can use the Activator jailbreak app to assign a gesture of your choice to compose a new tweet. You can configure it by following these steps:

  • Launch the Activator jailbreak app or launch the Settings app and tap on Activator (if you haven’t installed it, install it from Cydia).
  • Next tap on the “Anywhere” option so that you can invoke the action from anywhere in iOS.
  • Select the action control of your choice. We like the “Double tap” on the Status bar.
  • Next select Compose Tweet from the list of actions available. You can search for Compose Tweet in the search bar.

That’s it. Now when you double tap on the status bar it will open the built in iOS 5 composer to send a tweet.


Sireet is a jailbreak tweak, which allows you to send a tweet using Siri.


AssistantExtensions is  another jailbreak tweak, which allows you to send a tweet using Siri.

Hands-Free Tweeting:

iPhone 4S users can use Sireet and AssistantExtensions jailbreak tweak along with the Hands-free Control jailbreak tweak to send a tweet without picking up the iPhone – a dream come true if you are a heavy Twitter user.


This jailbreak tweak developed by Joseph Fabisevich adds a small tweet button at the bottom left corner of the Notification Center, which means that you can send a tweet from anywhere in iOS by swiping down on the status bar and clicking on the tweet button in Notification Center.


TwitkaFly is a $1.99 jailbreak app that not only allows you to send a tweet quickly by adding a tweet button in Notification Center like QuickTweet, it also allows you to quickly reply to a tweet from a banner notification or lock screen notifications as you can see in the video below.

Let us know which one is your preferred method.

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